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Eating at Someone Else's House

While eating dinner at MIL's, she brought to the table a stick of butter with a dent in it. Before proceeding with buttering my roll I asked about the source of said dent. She told me it came from their cat who "just loves to lick the butter stick."

Sunday Brunch: St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake

I just made this. I thought about how wonderful it would be for hours and hours. Took one bite and realized immediately that I accidentally wrote down "1 Tbsp salt" instead of a "pinch." >

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

My husband and I met in Istanbul so we named our cat "Efes" after a local beer.

How to Judge a Mexican Restaurant: The Chile Relleno Test

The worst chile relleno I ever had was a bowl filled with soggy green bell pepper, salty ground beef, and some shredded cheddar. There was a greasy red film floating around the edge. I was so pissed.

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

Pioneer Woman, hands down. I read it everyday.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Tomatoes

Sliced tomato still warm from outside + two pieces of white bread smeared with mayo. Eat over the sink.

where/what should we eat in turkey?

In Taksim Square there is a little burger place (it's packed at night) on the corner. You just walk up to the window and order. We always called them Taksim Burgers, but they were also featured on "A Hamburger Today." Try stuffed mussels from a street vendor if you come across them.
In Ortakoy, make sure to make time for dinner outside with a view of the Bosphorus. They have great fish - my favorites were a plate of fried Istavrit and Levrek (seabass). Mackerel is wonderful and sold under the bridge between old town and new town.
Most places you go in Istanbul, even if it's just a stall on a street, you will be served with great hospitality. Just try everything!!

And if you have even a few extra hours, please please PLEASE go on a ferry ride all the way up the Bosphorus. I think it cost the equivalent of $8, they leave from under the Bridge (Galata, maybe?) At the end you land in a beautiful fishing village off the Black Sea for lunch and can climb up to an old castle on the Asian side for the best views of your life. I did it on a whim and it is my fondest memory of my trip. Also, you get a good feel of the stark differences b/t the European and Asian sides.

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Lemon Aid

I start with crystal light and add more lemons, sugar, and mint.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Sandwiches!

Today I made: Baguette, swiss, bacon, avocado, swiss, turkey, dijon, baguette. Toasted it, added tomato and lettuce. It was amazing.

do you remember elementary school cafeteria food?

I remember something called Beagle Bagle Salad. It was iceberg salad with a mini bagel on top, but I was always afraid there was really dog meat in it.

Nashville Eats?

For an awesome Southern style breakfast or dinner, try Monell's in historic Germantown.
A Nashville favorite is Pancake Pantry on Hillsboro
Loveless cafe is famous, but quite a ways off the beaten path if you're downtown.
And my personal favorite is the J. Alexander's on West End Ave.
Whatever you do, do NOT go to Chappy's. It's supposed to be authentic cajun food, but it's horrible. Everything is overcooked and smothered in the same sh***y sauce.
For no frills good food, here are some other good ones:
King Fish on Monroe downtown.
Bolton's Spicy Chicken 624 Main St
Prince Hot Chicken Shack 123 Ewing Dr # 3
Hog Heaven (in Centennial Park) 115 27th Ave N

Enjoy your stay! Let us know where you decided to go.

Worst cooking experience ever?

1. Made an Alton Brown concoction of clams which required putting hot clams and broth in blender. Didn't hold the lid on. Hot liquefied clams shot all over the kitchen, dining room, and living room.
2. Newly married trying to work and make dinners, I was searching for some easy things to make for my husband. Saw a "lemon chicken" recipe in Kraft magazine that called for lemon jello. It sounded terrible, but I thought it was so weird that it was intriguing and deserved at least a try. Not even our dogs would eat it.
3. Caught a microwave on fire while reheating cashew chicken. When I ran out the back door with it to get the smokey mass out of the house, little cashew fireballs rained down on the lawn.
4. Forgot that I was boiling hard boiled eggs and ended up burning them to the bottom of the pot. Smelled like the worst fart you've ever smelled.

Favorite Food from the '90s?

Does anyone remember drinking Zima with Jolly Ranchers dropped in it?

Dear AHT: Kizilkayalar Hamburger in Istanbul, Turkey

I've had this! We called them Taksim-burgers and ate them after long nights out at the bars.

Cream of Wheat: Way or No Way?

Faycat, I totally agree. I actually love the lumpiness and purposelly try not to mix too much while I'm cooking. WAY!

In Videos: Susan Powter Eats a Pear

She sounded/acted like she was on more than an organic pear, if you know what I mean.


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