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Seriously Asian: Naengmyeon, Korean Cold Noodles

The vinegar is key to enjoying naengmyun in my opinion -- so many people forget to add some vinegar, and it's critical! And naengmyeon, which delicious on its own, is just the most logical (and tasty!) accompaniment to bulgogi. I promise. Follow up some BBQ with some noodles and it is awesome.

Also, for anyone who goes to Seoul, you should try both the Pyongyang (North Korean) style and the Seoul version. I personally prefer Pyongyang naengmyun -- it's less sweet, and has a cleaner taste. Pyongyang Myeon-ok in Seoul is THE best...

Seriously Asian: Natto

This is similar to a Korean dish called cheonggukjang, although the whiff of natto in that is MUCH more, uh, pungent than your regular box of natto, as a warning. (But delicious if you love it!)

Oh natto, let me count the ways I love [to eat] you! My current obsession is slicing thick circles of daikon and putting some natto on top. Yum.

Connecticut pizza recs needed

Carminuccio's in Newtown! Haven't been there in a couple of years but it's pretty good in my memory.

Taste Test: Store-Bought Tofu

Someone mentioned Otokomae Tofu up at the top, and I HAVE to give it a second shout out. It's pricey, as it's imported from Japan, and even here in Japan, it's not as cheap as your standard tofu... but it is totally worth it. Incredibly creamy and edible completely on its own (or with a dribble of soy sauce, if you'd like).

New Yorkers can find it at Japanese groceries; I didn't see it at general Asian supermarkets. I know for sure Sunrise Mart on St. Mark's carries it. Definitely worth trying.

What Are Your Best Vending Machine Memories?

Some of the ones in the Seoul subway stations are awesome: full boxes of Chocopies, cookies and other treats in addition to gum.

What's Your Favorite Bagel In New York?

I second David's Bagels. Ess-A-Bagel's bagels are frickin' mammoths.

Video: Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino on Japanese Cooking Show

Just a correction: "Bistro SMAP" is actually just a weekly segment on the variety show, "SMAPxSMAP." (The teams and host are all part of a too-old boy band that really should... just not sing. Ever. Heck, they do this cooking gig better!)

Sugar Rush: Smoothies at Taim in the West Village

I'll also vouch for their smoothies. In fact, I stopped going to Taïm for their falafel and instead for the date-lime banana smoothie! Delicious.

Taste Test: Sasebo Burger Drops, Japanese Burger-Flavored Candy

If you're interested in doing any more candy drop taste tests, let me know. In addition to discovering the Sasebo Burger candy drops in downtown Nagasaki, I also found a HUGE variety of candy drops in Nagasaki's Chinatown, including... pork bun candy drops. Huh?!

Off the Beaten Path: Naeng Myun at Han Song Ting’s New Digs

Just a note: naengmyun noodles are usually a mixture of buckwheat AND potato starch to give it its chewy texture (it's not the same as regular buckwheat you would buy for soba—if you want to make it at home, there are separate noodles specifically sold for naengmyun).

Not using the usual noodles totally throws it out of the naengmyun category for me, since the noodles are what makes the dish, but this sounds intriguing. Maybe more like reimen, though?

Sujebi and Seafood Pancakes at Arirang in Koreatown

@gargupie: They have an anchovy, seafood, kimchi, and kimchi seafood broths for the noodle/sujebi/kaljebi selections.

Also, reading the menu, there were a few non-translated Korean items like naengmyun (cold noodles), bibinaengmyun (broth-less cold spicy noodles), ddeok gguk (dumpling soup). Hopefully Arirang will translate these for the non-Korean reading masses... or everyone will just have to go with Korean readers to try these out!

Sugar Rush: Soft Serve at Baoguette

The pandan was incredibly rich, and even with the generous helping I got, it didn't sit heavy on my stomach. Really good, probably my favorite soft service in the city right now! I got to sample a bit of the jasmine as well, and I loved that it wasn't too sweet, with a touch of "flowery" aftertaste. Yum!

Grocery Ninja: Dried Persimmons Are a Taste of Honeyed Sunshine

Does anyone know where I can get these in NYC? I am OBSESSED with these after eating some hoshigaki/gotgam while in Korea, but I can't seem to find them at all in Manhattan. I know the season is over, but I still crave these...

Chinese food in the Union Square area

Hands down, Young Chow on 4th Ave and 13th. Ridiculously good prices, solid food, and BIG PORTIONS, enough for 2-3 rounds of leftovers if done well.

Korean Pear?! What to do?

Are Korean pears different from Asian pears? I was under the impression they were the same, but when I stopped by the Korean grocery store on 32nd St. in Manhattan, they were being sold separately (and the Korean pears were a little more expensive). They LOOK the same...

Union Square Falafel Battle: Maoz, Pita Joe, Moshe's, and Rainbow

Chickpea still bakes their falafel? I thought they switched back... is the one by St. Mark's Place still considered a Chickpea chain even with the different name?

Great falafel round-up post. For a chain, Maoz is surprisingly delicious all the time. Would be nice to see more falafel comparisons from other spots around in the city!

Mark Bittman's Savory Oatmeal with Scallions and Soy Sauce

I have yet to try soy sauce, but when I don't want a traditional breakfasty oatmeal, I add dashi to the water when I cook the oatmeal to give it more of a savory flavor. After it's cooked, I'll add a bit of miso paste, some greens and a poached egg. I feel like you can get away with whatever savory mix-ins anyway -- I've put in chicken, Chinese sausage, etc. I think the breakfast association makes people balk at it at first, but as someone said earlier, it's really no different from gruel.

NYC East Village Recommendations?

Best Burger: Veselka
Best Thai: Zabb City
Best Korean: Gama
Best Sushi: Kanoyama

And I don't know what category this would go under, but the EV location of Westville is always a reliably tasty standby.

Happy Birthday to Us: Serious Eats Is 2

Happy birthday, Serious Eats! For some reason, I feel like SE is much older... I guess that's a testament to what a presence it's become!

What Pizzerias the Gossip Girls and Boys Would Frequent

Why am I not surprised Adam watches this show? (AND WHY NOT? Guilty pleasure of '08, man...) Spot on with Vanessa and Dan, and the Rufus bit cracked me up because it's so true. :)

Sugar Rush: Hot Sesame Milk Bubble Tea at Green Tea Cafe

How's the bubble tea here compared to Saint's Alps, or about the same? I've been meaning to check out Green Tea Cafe since I saw your posts on it (and of course, I'm a TOTAL sucker for anything black sesame too!)... I'm not a huge bubble tea fan either, but I love the warmer milk teas.