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Where to eat on road trip: Detroit through Windsor to Niagara

The only food-related thing I remember about that trip is that there are no biscuits at McDonald's in Canada! So if you have a tradition of eating McD's breakfast on roadtrips, do it State-side, or suffer the muffin.;)

Cheetos Pasta...experiment success.

I'm dying to see this recipe! Is it top secret?

Gluten-Free Grapefruit Cake

In the interest of not purchasing a bunch of new pantry items, does this work with regular flour? Also, what does the xanthan gum contribute? Thanks!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon, Pecans, and Maple-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Why throw out the original aluminum foil just to pour the bacon grease onto a new sheet?

Dinner around Denver airport

If you're stuck eating at the airport, your best bet is the ChopHouse.

Boulder CO - suggestions/advice

Shop at Sunflower Market. They take their motto "Serious food, silly prices" seriously. Prices for most organic foods are the same as for conventional foods at Safeway. They have a pretty decent meat dept (although I've never been to the store in Boulder); mostly shrink wrapped stuff but you can make requests and the butchers typically know what they're doing. They have excellent fresh turkeys at Thanksgiving.
If you're down in Denver, visit Marzyck's on 17th for some excellent (and unfortunately expensive) meat, cheeses and fancy stuff.

What food/cooking items did you get for Christmas?

A beautiful hand-hammered wok. Much more than I asked for! Of course now I need a wok ring because it doesn't quite balance on my burners.

Christmas Day Chinese Feast

We don't keep Kosher but thanks for the tip!

Mock Bread, Mock Cheese, Mock Food?

One of my favorite lunches in elementary school was 'mock chicken leg' . Apparently the school thought fried pork would go over better with the kids when shaped like a chicken leg. Definitely grosses me out to think about it now.

If McDs breakfast was served all day

If McDs served breakfast all day, I would actually eat there more than twice a year. Breakfast is the only good thing at that place.

Cooking steps you've seen but don't really get

Funny, I was just thinking about this as I made my pasta and veggies for dinner tonight. I do not get the adding pasta water to olive oil etc. to make "sauce". Conceptually, I understand how it works, but in reality it just waters down my food. I'd rather just have real sauce.

Mine is Better Than Yours

Brownies. They taste just as good when someone else makes them, it's really all in the recipe. There are just so many terrible brownie recipes and mixes out there, I don't even bother with other people's any more.

Oyster Rockefeller, Crepes Suzette...Favorite retro foods?

Tuna noodle casserole with cornflakes on top! Okay, definitely not classy, but totally retro. Still make it 2-3 time a winter.

must eat Boulder

The Kitchen is a fantastic Farm to table place... a bit higher end ($30ish entrees) but really delicious.

healthy cookies

Try the smart balance sticks instead. I had alot of success when I bought their "50/50" sticks in the past; unfortunately they seem to have either discontinued these or changed the name. I recently bought a package of their new sticks but haven't had a chance to bake with them yet. Still, one would hope that a product which is designed for baking would work better than one designed for spreading on toast.

The Longest F***ing Bake Sale - Help!

Puppy Chow!! Beloved adults and children alike.
I no longer have the recipe (Mom has the book), but I used to make these bar cookies called Jaffa sqaures (inspired by the British snack) that went over like gangbusters. Just bake a sheet pan of shortbread, spread it with orange marmalade or raspberry jam, then sprinkle on chocolate chips. Pop it back in the oven for 5 minutes or so to melt the chips, then spread them over the top. Cool before transporting!!

What discontinued foods do you miss?

Quaker had a "simple" line of products recently that didn't last long, but I loved their granola bars. They were tasty, had only 5 or 6 ingredients, and much cheaper than the Cascadian Farm ones I buy now.

Heinz-like Ketchup

@mcWolfe, would you care to post your tomato paste recipe as well? Is it freezer friendly? I've always been interested in making tomato paste, since I never seem to use a whole can and the tubes seem overpriced to me.

Dinner Tonight: Huasteca-Style Chicken in Mole

@marylouh67 canela is cinnamon. I'm guessing that since Nick referred to it using the spanish name, he means some special kind of Mexican cinnamon, but I'm sure a regular old cinnamon stick will work too.

I *did* eat it as a kid...and I never stopped!

Grape nuts with Dannon Coffee yogurt. Had it for breakfast this morning. Definitely a weird thing for a kid to like, but it was (and still is) my fave!!

What would you do with $50/week?

Make your own granola! If you do it without maple syrup, it's crazy cheap. I can't even buy granola anymore now that I know what a rip-off it is at the store.


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