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Interesting comments! It was my first post as I had just found this website prior to putting my comments on it. I capitalized "Eating Out" as that was the name of the column and I was trying to relate to it, no BIG conspiracy here.

I have a shellfish allergy, but I am afraid to eat all seafood/fish as I have had severe allergic reactions to eating grilled cod, and walleye in restaurants. I do not think I am allergic to those fish per se, but I think restaurants treat, or treated, all fish and seafood in common contaminating the fish.

So today I do not eat any fish or seafood/shellfish in fear of anaphylactic shock, whether at home from purchased fresh or frozen. I will eat fresh caught local/Great Lakes fresh water fish.

What I was attempting to do by my first posting was requesting that restaurants clearly label foods with known allergy causing ingredients; shellfish, nuts, eggs, milk, etc. I recently purchased a frozen dinner called Mongolian Beef with vegetables. It contained 'oyster sauce' added to it as a minor ingredient, I do not think that the tiny amount flavor added by the oyster sauce was worth the possible allergic reaction it could cause. I wished that the label that clearly said: "contains shellfish."

My spouse can not eat mushrooms because of the fiber; it is not an allergy, it causes blockages, even tiny pieces. It would be good if menus in restaurants and prepared food recipes stated the ingredients clearly in print large enough to read, especially in dim lights.

Growing up in the 1950's 'PegLegPete' was a name applied to me by 'friends' in a teasing manner. I hated being called it; but 60 years later it strikes me as a funny name so I used it!


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