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The Rise of Awesome Milk Chocolate

I hated milk chocolate all my life until I tried Dagoba's milk chocolate sometime around 2006. I haven't had it in recent years but during college, our on campus convenience store sold it. Not sure what inspired me to try it given my general dislike but it was fantastic. Definitely add it to your list to try.

Where to Buy the Best Macaroons in New York City

Danny Macaroons are definitely the best macaroons I've ever had. I love the consistency from the condensed milk. Also the photo above under Russ & Daughters shows macaroons from Danny's.

What Makes a Good New York Black & White Cookie? Thoughts on the Best

I've had an obsession with black and white cookies ever since I had my first one at Sal Anthony's Bakery on Irving and 19th in the 90s. They were excellent and absurdly cheap. The bakery is sadly long-gone. I now go to 9th Street Bakery on 9th and 1st Ave for my black and white fix. You should check it out. I haven't had one in a while but the last one I had had a little bit of lemon in the white as mentioned in some of the comments.

Cambridge, MA: All Star Pizza Bar

They soon will have some desserts similar to ASSB's. Johnny has been making cheesecake-pizzas once a week that are going to be offered more often. Also, I've heard that the pizza is getting better with time. I tried it on the second day they were open. I enjoyed it but the crust in your picture does look far better than the one I had.

Sugar Rush: Fruit Crumbles and Kanten Parfaits at Angelica Kitchen

I love the kanten parfaits, particularly the spelt crumble

Food for Change: 5 Food Groups Doing Great Work

Wow, three Boston area/MA groups in one post! Hooray for CitySprouts, they are AWESOME.

8 New Cupcake Shops (and Cupcakes) We Love in NYC

@neverending appetite: Georgetown has a gluten-free, just one variety that I've seen, chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

Searching for Hamentashen on Avenue J and Beyond

Another vote for Moishe's. Sara, you mentioned Pomegranate's are pareve, do you know which of these are definitely made with butter/dairy?

A 12-Course Vegan Feast at Craigie On Main in Cambridge, MA

This is fabulous. I did the Vegetarian Ultimate Craigie Experience a few months ago. I daresay this tasting looks even better. I would have loved that green garbanzo puree and those two last bites. The palate cleansers are really outstanding. Mine was a green apple sorbet with candied celery.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots: Who Wins the Super Bowl of Food?

FYI, Steve Herrell is not associate with Steve's ice cream. The new New York-based company was started by David Stein, who purchased the original trademark. He is playing up the Steve Herrell connection, much to Herrell's chagrin.

Waltham, MA: Tacos Especiales at Taqueria El Amigo

Brandeis!! Woooo!!!
I think I only learned about Taqueria El Amigo after I graduated and started food blogging. It's relatively far considering all the options on and around Moody Street (though friends and I did venture out to Paisanos on High Street once and had excellent food there).
Not Mexican, but have you ever been to Mi Tierra on Moody St? If you haven't, you must go the next time you're in Waltham. Wonderful pupusas, homemade tortillas, plantains and more.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Recchiuti Chocolate Bars

Right now, brownies. The chocolate tarte in Somerville makes excellent ones.

Which is the Best Local Eggnog in Boston?

What about Shaw Dairy in Dracut? They sell it at the Dairy Bar and the Somerville Winter Market.

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Who Is Pulcinella?

Fascinating. The farm where I worked in Italy had names for all of its houses. The one I lived in was called Pulcinelli. The farm was in Siena though, nowhere near Naples. I'll have to find out how it got that name.