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  • Location: UK
  • Favorite foods: Sugar and anything with it in - I have a pretty strong sweet tooth especially fond of macarons, cupcakes and cookies . Lover of peanut flavored things as well. My favourite meal is my dads Thai curry
  • Last bite on earth: I have absolutely no idea what I would choose

How to Temper Chocolate

Great piece, ive tried tempering before and whilst my temperatures were all spot on it never had the desired shine so its very useful to hear agitation is probably my problem, thanks.

Celebrate Macaron Day with Free Macarons Around New York City

This is awesome i would love spending a day traveling around the city grabbing macarons at all the different bakeries

Cakespy's Guide to the 13 Best Sweets in Paris

I had just about decided not to go to Laduree when I go in april but that religieuse is just so picture perfect I may just have to add it back to my ever growing list

Photo of the Day: Macarons at McDonald's in Paris

@Robyn: I've heard that for a mass produced chain they are not too bad so long as you are not expecting anything amazing. Out of curiosity im definitely going to be trying them in April

Cakespy: An Educaketion

Battenburg always reminds of being a kid, it was always my mums favourite at the time and we always seemed to have some around, an is definitely one of those foods that has a lot of sentimentality about it for me

Photo of the Day: Macarons at McDonald's in Paris

Interestingly Mcdonalds macarons are actually made by the parent company of laduree, although not to the same recipe

Photo of the Day: Cat Balancing Cherry Tomatoes

so cute he looks like he is concentrating so hard to keep them in place

Apparently We Caused a Cookie Run...

Well I went to my local location here in the UK and big disappointment no cookie and according to their website the UK stores dont even sell a choc chip cookie!! Not Fair :(

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Midtown(ish) Edition

Thats me off to Pret on my lunch break tomorrow, I would never think to go there for a cookie lets just hope its the same here in the UK as in NYC

Sugar Rush: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Lulu & Mooky's

Always loved the theatre of nitro ice cream would love to try this

Macaron Glacé = Ice Cream Sandwich with Macarons and Gelato

oooh these look so good

Video: Mr. Bean Makes a Sandwich

I grew up with Mr Bean and I haven't seen this in years still so funny, love it

Snapshots from the UK: Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, a Caramel Apple-Flavored Beverage

Kerry where did you get it from ive not noticed it around

Video: Improv Everywhere's Grocery Store Musical

Love it, best part - the old guy walking through ignoring everything around him

Snapshots from London: The Real Food Market at Covent Garden

Dont know if you noticed but every week 1 stall is run by a member of the UK Food Bloggers association, selling there own cooked foods

Photo of the Day: 28-Layer Rainbow Cake

Im expecting nothing less for my next birthday now!

Are You a Night Baker?

I often bake well into the night most times by design but sometimes because I under-estimate the time ill need, like recently making a triple layer Boston Cream pie and ended up in the kitchen till past midnight but I actually enjoy the calmness that the evening has, less pressured

Top Five Fancy-Pants Doughnuts in New York City

Oh my these look divine need to find some doughnuts i think

The Biggest Full English Breakfast in the World

Seriously gross and at that price I really don't want to know where they bought the food

Gadgets: Pure Komachi 2 Knives

when I read this I was intrigued enough to look into buying one but whilst they are only $10 in the US they are £30 in the UK (about $50) so im going to do a little searching first see if I cant find it cheaper somewhere else

Eating Out Alone in New York

One of the places I went to on a trip to NYC recently was Ssam Bar at lunch, obviously wasn't busy, food was great and the staff were too

Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Renamed 'Hubby Hubby' in Support of Gay Marriage

Love it, and the flavour sounds awesome too never seen it here in the UK

Anyone heard of this?

@betteirene thats definitely along the lines of what I remembered not exactly the same but thanks

Gizmodo to have video of Grant Achatz prepping dinner tonight!

would be interesting to watch but as its showing at 2.45am over here I guess that isnt going to happen

Out of the Box: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Frozen Pizza

When I was at University I lived of these pizzas for quite a while

Pierre Herme coming to London

I thought the other UK Serious Eaters would like to know it was announced today that Pierre Herme is officially coming to the UK. From feb 2nd we can cant get his macarons and chocolates from Selfridges in London and then in the spring he is opening a store in Knightsbridge, which im hoping will sell his full range.
This is the link to the announcement

Anyone heard of this?

Ive been trying to remember where I read/saw about a recipe for a chocolate cake where you make one batter but it is cooked in two stages, baking half first then taking it out of the oven pouring in the rest and putting it back in the oven. Does anyone else know of this method of cooking or where I may have come across it

Chocolate Chips/Feves/Discs in the UK

Im finally going to get around to making the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe but am having trouble finding the chocolate in the right form. I know its not a big issue I could just use the bar form but was hoping someone can point me in the direction of a UK stockist of good quality chips/feves/discs.

Spicy Rice Cakes Recipe?


Im looking to try and recreate the spicy rice cake dish served at Momofuku Ssam Bar, which I know is basically a spin on the korean dish dduk bok ki, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of recipes or places I can start. Am also wondering if anyone knows if this dish is going to be in the cookbook

Eating alone in NYC

Hi everyone, I am coming to NYC 18-25th May and it will be my first trip traveling alone (im 23). I want to eat in some good restaurants but have never done so alone. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that are laid back and comfortable for a lone diner

Photo of the Day: Pac-Man Wedding Cake

Photograph from hello_naomi on Flickr Newcastle, Australia-based baker Naomi, creator of many cute and unique cupcake designs, made this awesome Pac-Man wedding cake out of 80 cupcakes. (Whether or not the rest of the wedding was Pac-Man themed is unknown.) To order your own cupcakes, visit hello naomi. [via Unique Daily] Related Photo of the Day: Robot Cupcakes Super Mario Cupcakes Photo of the Day: Sweet Cupcakes... More

The Icecreamator T-Shirt

The Icecreamator is another great food-related t-shirt design available at Threadless for $18. If only ice cream treats were made in giant machines manned by snowmen and powered by rainbows. Sigh. Related Fried Egg T-Shirt 'Playin' in the Sprinkler' T-Shirt Cute T-Shirt Alert: 'This Is How I Roll'... More

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

While men cooking at home frequently raise an eyebrow, restaurant chefs are, if anything, considered more masculine for what they do. Who’s gruffer than Anthony Bourdain? Who’s more brazen than Mario Batali? And look at how those Japanese Iron Chefs wield their knives like action stars. More