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The Chicago Food Glossary: A Guide to the Unique Dishes of the Windy City

I was having pepper and egg sandwiches in the '70s in my college years in Boston. Can't say I'd consider them a uniquely Chicago item. Some places in then-predominantly Italian East Boston would add potatoes on request, which was a great and filling addition.

Soda: 'Pompelmo' and 'Aranciata Rossa' from San Pellegrino

Grumblekitty, I don't know where you are in the midwest, but if you're around Chicago, L'Appetito sells both of the new flavors. The small one is at Huron and Wabash, I think, while the large one's on the lowest level of the Hancock Tower.

I was also disappointed by the blood orange flavor. Flat-out disappointing compared to the blood orange sodas I've gotten from Cost Plus World Market and other sources.

Participate in the Serious Eats Usability Study!

I'm not in NYC, but I would love it if you dropped the stupid conceit of the "older" link being on the left.

Knead the Book: Kneadlessly Simple

Caraway rye, sadly almost unknown in Chicago.

Knockout Noodles: The Southern Mac & Cheese Store

I agree with chieatta11 -- although I haven't been to the store, only the truck. Even at a lower price, it isn't really good eats.

Poll: Cornmeal on Pizza Crust, Way or No Way?

I used it when I started making pizza for the ball bearing effect Garvey mentions. I've switched to prepping my crusts on parchment paper, so cornmeal would be redundant.

Toaster Pizza: A Retrospective

I've never had a toaster or a toaster oven. Honestly, I couldn't tell you what year I last bought a loaf of bread, although I've baked four or five loaves of Lahey's no-knead since the recipe appeared. (And I buy rolls and buns for burgers and brats.)

What Are Your Soda Alternatives?

Add me to the Sodastream club -- along with Jo Snow, Torani, P&S, and just about any other syrup that seems worth trying. I'm looking forward to trying the Isi Twist and Sparkle. I don't think I've ever not spat out any diet soda I've tried. Wretched.

Food Truck Crossroads: What's Next After Matt Maroni's Gaztro-Wagon Goes on Hiatus

Well, yeah, I admit I don't understand that attitude at all. Is their mere existence really that irksome?

That said, where trucks here fail is that they all picked out five spots and each of them goes to one of those spots each day. Aon, 600 W Chicago, Harpo, Willis, either Streeterville or Leo Burnett -- this is hardly the mobile industry they claim it is.

And trucks were around long before Maroni came along, from generic crappy pizza like Connie's to ethnic options like Bolat. (There's nothing like having a coworker say, "Wow, that smells good -- what is it?" and telling them it's goat.) I'm sure they'll still be around and just as ignored by the foodie press when the trendy ones finish folding up.

The Magnificent Mile Survival Guide: Where to Eat Along Michigan Avenue

If the two M Burgers you mention are the original and Water Tower Place, note that there's a third on Ontario, just west of State -- still more convenient to the lower half of the Mile than either of the others.

And although it bizarrely no longer has pastrami, e.leaven is still a great stop.

Serious Streets: Western Avenue from Cortland to Belden

Perhaps 18th from Halsted to Damen? And I remember reading (some years ago) on LTHforum about a trek some of them took down 47th, I think from the Halsted-Racine area to Western or so? Might be interesting to update.

Pizza suggestions for a trip to Chicago this weekend

I like Crust and Coalfire way better than anyplace mentioned so far. They're a couple of miles west of where your boyfriend is staying -- Crust a couple of blocks south on Grand and Coalfire a couple of blocks north on Division.

The Billy Goat's Bun Problem: Would Another Bun Work Better Than the Kaiser Roll?

I work in the building that has the Billy Goat in the basement and, as an East Coast transplant, I'm ecstatic that this is the one joint I've found in Chicago that has actual kaiser rolls. Never found anything else in this city that comes close -- supermarket or sandwich shop. If you aren't as joyful about their presence as I am, do what you want.

Survey: What Topping Combination Repulses You the Most?

Whatever the Boston-area Houses of Pizza use.

I'm fine with dessert pizza, pineapple, chicken, bacon, seafood, whatever, don't care. But those godawful Greek Houses of Pizza will suck the love of pizza out of anyone.

Homemade sodas

I won't debate Sodastream's cost, although it's very worth it for me, but just a word on returning the carbonator tanks: When you order refills, the tanks are packaged in a prepaid shipping box. You drop 'em in, tape it up, and either call UPS for a pickup or drop 'em off at a UPS Store or any other location UPS hits. I've had a Sodastream Fountain Jet for four years now and haven't had anything resembling a bad experience, let alone a nightmare.

Book Giveaway: Pastry Paris, Because Everything in Paris Looks Like Dessert

A bakery near me makes wonderful pear danish. I can tell because although I like pears and I like danish, I don't particularly crave either, except for the pear danish that this bakery makes.

The Burger Lab: An Even Better Way To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (This Time in Slices!)

I guess the buried headline here is that Ruperti has left ATK/CI -- Serious Eats' gain, but I'll miss her there, especially since her appearances on ATK tended to be more interesting than some of the regulars.

Poll: Which Way Do You Slice It?

I've lived here in Chicago since '97 and I've never seen a pizza cut into squares as large as the one in the photo. But then, being from the northeast, I know that cutting pizza into squares is an abomination.

The Pizza Lab: How To Make New England Greek-style Pizza At Home

Admirable that you replicated Greek pizza, Kenji, I guess,, but I'm going to assume your interest in it is pure Stockholm Syndrome: You fell in love with your tormentor.

Chicago: 5 Milkshakes We Love

I like the shakes at Burger Philosophy, but I can't promise they're a destination shake. But if you're in the neighborhood anyway, they're good.

Poll: Ranch Dressing on Pizza - Way or No Way?

I've had a visceral "ew" reaction to many of the pizza toppings poll here, but fundamentally I think people can put anything they damn well please on pizza. If someone offers me a slice and the topping disgusts me, like clams, I'll politely vomi... I mean decline.

Best Thing I Ate Over July 4th Weekend

I'll be immodest: I made three ice creams -- honey mint, cherry cheesecake (ricotta rather than cream cheese), and strawberry and crushed black pepper. Very happy with all of them.

Served: A Few Ways to be a Bad Restaurant Customer

Exactly, klw07. And even if Howard tells me first that it's an "early closing town" and then in the next breath tells me that there are tons of places that are open at 9:30, there's a disconnect there.

While many hotel restaurants are destination spots for the community and Howard's may or may not be one of them, this notion about an out-of-towner "respecting the restaurant" doesn't go very far when the restaurant clearly doesn't respect the customer.


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