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Toasted Angel Food Cake

Sounds good to me - when I lived in NYC I would sometimes get a toasted corn muffin with butter - same concept, different bread. :)

Do You Remember Hojo's?

Wow! @TupperCooks, I grew up skating in Lake Placid every summer at their summer competition, and for 2 1/2 summers I lived there and trained. Every Saturday in the summer we had an ice show, and after we would all (I mean all - like 15-20 of us) go over to the HoJo's and get ice cream. It's one of my favorite memories from there. The other thing I remember most is the salt water taffy you could buy. Pretty awful tasting stuff in some ways, but it was my introduction to taffy and I would still buy a box today from them. :)

Cook the Book: 'River Cottage Every Day'

What my mom used to call Hot Pot - basically a de-constructed lasagna. Made with homemade sauce and good ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and served with a salad and garlic bread - yum!

The pantry of no return...

We moved from NJ to Indiana in November of 2004 and I believe I still have a bottle of some Nestea concentrate in my fridge that made the move with us. It's still there because it was awful and I won't drink it, but somehow it hasn't gotten thrown out yet. . .

Serious Eats Potluck- What would you bring?

Hoisin marinated flat iron steak, cooked medium-rare, sliced thin, and placed on garlic croutons with just a touch of creme fraiche and chives.

And lots of containers - I might have to travel back to the east coast for this party!

What's Your Manna From Heaven?

A Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar and a jar of creamy peanut butter. . .
yum. :)

What are your favourite restaurant appetizers?

breaded fried pickles - don't know why but I just love them.

Runny yolk, way or no way?

definitely yes way! Especially if they are farm fresh. . .

Can you explain the Success of Little Debbie snacks?

Now I'm not feeling nearly as guilty about that box of swiss rolls that I demolished last week. :)

Drink the Book: 'Punch' by David Wondrich

Gotta be a mimosa - orange sherbert, orange juice and champagne. mmmm

What to cook with Pie crust?

empanadas! Anything can become a filling for an empanada, and pie crust is a quick time saver.

the great egg freakout '10

I buy my eggs from a co-worker. They come from her chickens. And I only pay $1.25/dozen for them (I pay her back by giving her jars of my jam). So I am feeling just fine and dandy. Most of our stores here in northeast Indiana don't carry those brands either.

The Canning Season is Upon Us! What stories do you have?

I haven't yet moved beyond jams and jellies. Currently in my basement from the summer I have Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Mixed Berry (yep, all 3 mixed!). Waiting on the Peach season to really get going here in Northeastern Indiana to can some of those.

I would like to start pickling - like cucumbers, and green beans. Just haven't worked up the nerve yet. :)

Cook the Book: 'The New Portuguese Table'

Indian, South American (broad, I know), Cuban - because where I live in the midwest they do NOT exist, and I would like to make them at home. I used to live by NYC so was spoiled with food choices that no longer exist. :(

What Was The Best Thing You Ate This Weekend?

Flat Iron steak on Sunday night with steamed green beans and roasted red potato wedges. We finished it off with Lime bars (from America's Test Kitchen recipe - yum!).

Also made sugar cookies with icing, banana bread, and I'm prepped to make chicken enchiladas tonight.

It was a cooking weekend. :)

Bummer city--pantry moths!

My mom would get these every couple of years, and I've had a few infestations too - hate them! I always take pasta, flour, grains, and (believe it or not) jello pudding and put them in plastic bags. Keeps the moths away!

How to Make Crème Fraîche

Oh, I know what I'm doing this weekend now. I love creme fraiche, but am unwilling to pay the price for it. :)

Anyone Guilty of Buying a Food Infomercial Gadjet?

Guilty of buying a Wilton Cookie Press years ago, and yes, I got the extra free one and gave it as a gift. I actually do like it and use it; but it doesn't work any better than one you would buy at a store.

Restaurant Nicknames

Another one my husband had:

A1-Ranch (NYC chain) = Liquid Ranch


Poll: How Would You Deal With Restaurant Error?

I have certain expectations when I am eating out in regards to the food. A big one is that it have no foreign matter in it. Plastic today - glass tomorrow? I would expect a visit from the Manager and the soup comped. Smaller issues like mis-cooked food do not bother me so much. However, the attitude of the server and restaurant over issues like this factor quite a bit in how much tip I'll leave.

Weird Foods to Eat Together

Cottage Cheese with potato chips - I don't think it's strange, but my family does.

Ho/w do I make a good steak?

I am a new lover of the Flat Iron cut - it is a lot like a flank steak. Marinate it in a Hoisin based marinade for 4-8 hours, then cook for about 8-10 minutes a side on the grill (depending on how big the cut is). Let rest 10 minutes and slice crosswise against the grain. It just melts in your mouth.

Every Kitchen Should have one -Kitchen tools we can't be without

- digital scale; I don't know how I baked without it.
- 10" cast iron skillet. It comes out for almost every meal.
- microplane. I no longer dread zesting fruit.

Back When You Were Stupid About Food

- eating the boxed mac&cheese with the powdered cheese. My mom made it from scratch when I was growing up, so I always wanted the boxed stuff since that's what my friends were eating. Silly me.
- using italian salad dressing as a marinade for EVERYTHING.

What did you eat for dinner tonight?

Hmmm - easy night last night - hot dogs, chips and sliced cucumber - it's what my daughter wanted. Then I made mixed berry jam and chocolate ice cream after dinner.

Tonight it's homemade pizza - we're thinking of trying to make a calzone with some of the dough.