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How do you get eggs to peel perfectly?

Did you ever find the best way to peel the hot eggs so you could put them in the molds?

black truffle honey = oily burnt tire smell?

I appreciate the help.
The honey is not the exact brand I had eaten before, this is from France, the first from Italy. Only ingredients are accacia honey and black truffles.
I shall try again and hope for the best.

black truffle honey = oily burnt tire smell?

Recently received a jar of accacia honey with black truffles. Aroma of oily burnt tires filled the kitchen when opened, undeterred, tasted it and stung my tongue.
Previous experience not like this at all, slightly sweet earthy smell and taste. Would love to know which one was the aberration.

Can this type of honey go bad? What is it supposed to smell and taste like?

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