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  • Favorite foods: Eggs. Oats. Kale. Tahini. Sumac. Lemons. Brussel Sprouts.Ceviche. Dried Figs.
  • Last bite on earth: Something from northern Africa.

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Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

Sauteed eggplant with sumac and za'atar with a yogurt tahini sauce!

Knife Skills: How to Clean Shiitake, Portobello, and Oyster Mushrooms

What are thoughts on *not cleaning mushrooms? I often eat the stems to save time. Am I an oddball?

Manner Matters: In Praise of Place Cards

I just wanted to add that if using place cards, I would really appreciate if others would make the effort to write actual names on them. I was once given a place card with "guest of ____" to an occasion held by the sister of that person who I was a "guest of" and had been dating for a year. I would be lying if my feelings weren't hurt quite a bit, especially when I spent a good fifteen minutes walking around looking for my name on a table.

Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Eggplant with lots of sumac, lemon zest, and sesame seeds is a tradition I'M starting : )

Win a Copy of 'Salad Samurai'

Kale + Shredded carrots + tahini, apple cider vinegar + nutritional yeast

What You Should Know About Eating Out With Allergies

@sdfishtaco2: I really want to respond to your comment as briefly as I can. First and foremost, please do browse around PubMed or any other published medical article repository and just do some general searching on the topic of food allergies, particularly gluten. Basically, I hope you will find out that the "allergy issue" is something that is truly being followed and documented closely. Why are diagnoses up? Yes, they're up because science is better at detecting them and individuals feel more empowered to be seen for then. But also, it's incredibly complex. For me, I do not have an "allergy" (an autoimmune response) to gluten, but I do have an "intolerance" - meaning that my digestive system is too weak in several ways to handle it (for some its due to enzymes, other due to lack of "good bacteria, for me, I simply have slow colon transit and the gluten sits there forever and ferments and my body is hellacious for weeks and I get bad acne, headaches, a whole myriad of "fun" stuff). But I will still say I have an "allergy" in public and to my family because most don't care to understand and if I don't use the "allergy" word, they'll throw gluten in whatever because it's so hard to avoid it when cooking. Back to the issue of why gluten intolerances are up - one reason (there's many) that I'll least take the time to note, is that it works sort of like the way latex allergies develop. If you work in a field where you were latex gloves all the time, the repeated exposure can lead to an allergy over time (lots of archivists have this occur). The high processed foods in the american diet in particular have led to the same effect. What did I grow up on? Hamburger helper, bread, crackers, chex mix, cereal.... My mother also took a lot of antibiotics during pregnancy that likely contributed to my weakened digestive system (you literally swallow the digestive flora from your mother while in womb before being ejected, hey i swallowed a bunch of antibiotics, cool!).

I hope others find this information helpful. Please be willing to open up to more information on this matter! It's a real issue for way more people than any of us realize.

What You Should Know About Eating Out With Allergies

I'll admit to using "I have an allergy" as an excuse to have a sandwich without the bun. I never feel like I'll be taken seriously if I use the "guten" word. It really is a real issue for a lot of people who like to take normal poops most days.

Silken Tofu With Spicy Sausage

@NovaChild, I purchase those, too. I usually use scissors to cut as much off the package as I can without cutting into the tofu and then just tip it slowly onto a plate to get the tofu to slide out. I often lose a piece of a corner here or there, but only tiny amounts.

I want to make my own to-go dry oatmeal as good as Umpqua Oats

Looking at their ingredients, they use oat groats - not rolled oats. These are the same as steel cut oats and/or similar to "Irish oatmeal." I would say, toast the groats, and go with the Kitchn for techniques :)

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Christmas Cookie?

I absolutely love the textures and tastes of oats, cinnamon, cardamon, molasses, ginger...anything with spice.

However, even though I stopped including grains of any kind of my diet years ago, I still crave plain Pillsbury roll and cut sugar cookies (the one with the picture of a christmas tree in the middle was the favorite)

Dinner Tonight: Fried Eggs with Mustard-Creamed Spinach and Breadcrumbs

Im tempted to use chopped mustard-flavored pretzels instead of breadcrumbs and mustard seeds

Prefered brand of yogurt?

SIGGIS SIGGIS SIGGIS. Icelandic skyr. so good. so much protein for so little calories.

Oif en Gougère???!

Wow! Thank you so much, means a lot!

What odd foods does your pet love?

My cat LOVES adhesive. We find her hoarding stolen scraps of tape and stickers all the time just to sit and lick them.

Weekend Giveaway: Vienna Beef Hot Dog Kit for Your Memorial Day Party

mustard, spicy mustard, and zucchini relish, usually not together though : )

Dear Restaurants: I am so sick of seeing ******* on your menus!

healthy selections that are advertised or titled as such on the menu. i appreciate nutritional information being available if I want to see it, but I would prefer it not be on the menu itself. nothing is more embarrassing than ordering the "fit n delicious!" anything while all your friends point and do the whole "you and your healthy food again. pssh." seriously. i know what's good for me, i know what's not, don't draw attention to it.

Video: The Horseshoe Sandwich Is a Springfield, Illinois, Specialty

I'm from the Springfield area, and honestly, I think people make a way bigger deal out of the horseshoe than it really deserves. I see it as something that any American pubescent person would have come up with given cheese, bread, fries, etc. (The usual stuff laying around in diners)

Must find boiled peanuts!

Thank you for all the comments, I need them by this weekend so that is why Im not buying them offline and we are not allowed to have crockpots etc, due to the fire hazard.