Hot Chocolate in Florence Italy

You should go to Hemingway where you can order hot chocolate by the percentage of cocoa.

Alton Brown's Roast Turkey

@Mike T: We double-checked the recipe in the book and it definitely says 155 so maybe FN is taking the more cautious route?

What Is a California Burrito?

There are burritos, and then there are California Burritos. The San Diego staple is not trying to be authentic Mexican cuisine—it's basically meat and potatoes stuffed into a flour tortilla for hungry, sand-crusted surfers. The beast of a thing usually involves carne asada, french fries, a bunch of cheese, salsa fresca and of course guacamole. More

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

A few weeks ago, my friend sent around an email asking for help naming her new dog. Some names that were tossed around: Pork chop...Burrito...Kumquat. My vote went to Burrito, hands down (paws down?). But they decided to go with another name—a name that's not even a food, but a food critic. Bruni, as in Frank Bruni. I knew they read the former New York Times critic's reviews every Wednesday morning, religiously, but wow. Anyone else have a pet with a food-related name? More