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Want the Best Thanksgiving Stuffing? Consider the Oyster

Made this and it's been my favorite stuffing so far. I omitted the sausage though and went with 1/2 lb pancetta and 1/2 lb chicken liver. The flavor was incredible. This will now be my go to stuffing. Thank you!

The Food Lab: How to Make a Turkey Porchetta

Kenji, technique-wise, is this a stuffing-less galantine without the legs? I'd like to make this but am trying to figure out a way to incorporate the legs, as I only have access to whole birds. Also for the initial skin removal, is it necessary to remove the skin in totality to begin or can I go with the slit down the back, traditional method of deboning? Thanks

Steakcraft International: The Dexter Rib Steak from Pitt Cue Co., London

That is a thing of beauty for sure. I love how chefs are respecting the meat but still elevating it.

Poll: Burgers with Two Proteins: Way or No Way?

Only bacon is acceptable, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. And if it's really good beef (dry-aged) then only onion.


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