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Upgrade Your Shrimp and Grits With Mushrooms, Bacon, and Gruyère

Anson Mills recommends soaking their grits overnight, which I've found helps with the texture.

I really like this recipe, and can't wait to try it. I expect there to be some "Stop messing with our recipes, northerners!" sentiment, but basing it on a classic Southern recipe will put a stop to that. Reusing the shrimp shells and mushroom trimmings also speaks to me as something done in the spirit of soul food.

Take it With You: The Best Culinary Souvenirs

I try to buy honey wherever I travel. It lasts basically forever, it small, and is generally inexpensive. Mind you, this is often car travel, I'd be more cautious about putting honey in a checked bag.

Down South: Southern Rock Star Jason Isbell on Cracker Barrel, Cornbread Poetry, and More

Truly one of the best songwriters working today. A gem from his newest, off "Tour of Duty"

"I've been eatin' like I'm out on bail,
Collard greens, and chicken wings, and oysters by the pail."

And Outfit may be my favorite song ever.


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