pizza horror story at Garlic NY Pizza Bar

Man, that's a real shady thing to do. And there is no way some server or counter guy was fired over this, unless he was fired for failing management's directive to make sure the reheated pizza was out of the oven before the customer showed up.

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

Black pepper chicken at a local Thai place. So good

Sugar cookie making

My advice is after you roll out and cut the shapes, make sure to put the cookies in the fridge for at least 10 min before baking otherwise they'll spread out and not keep their shape

HELP with pizza dough recipe

Without knowing any details of your dough, I'd say problems are either not enough yeast, your yeast is dead or you didn't knead/mix enough.

As far as sticking to the peel and stuff, that just needs practice. My suggestion is to stretch the dough on the counter and not on the peel. You should stretch and top on the counter and then add to the peel right before launching it onto the stone. The longer its on the peel, the more likely it is to stick

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

I'm curious what you would think of the frozen burgers sold at Costco. My parents always have a few floating around in the freezer and my dad claims they aren't bad but for the life of me, I can't make myself try one.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

The only thing appealing about the sandwich is that is doesn't have a usual, superfluous tomatoes and lettuce. Besides that, instead of 1+1+1=4, this seems to be to be 1+1+1=2.5

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

@Burger365 - if the first pick made you throw up in your mouth, I don't what to know what that nasty cross section shot did to you...

Ask the Food Lab: What's the Point of Bay Leaves?

The description of a bay leaf flavor on its own is all well and good but I would love to see a blind taste test of a variety of dishes with and without bay leaves to see if the taste is discernible in a/all finished dish(es). My own biases lead me to believe one bay lead won't make much of a difference, if at all, in a highly seasoned stew but can see it being more noticeable in a bechamel

How much do you tip for online food delivery?

If I'm paying online with a credit card (like on seamless) I will also tip via credit card. I probably do 15%-20%. Since I'm in manhattan I won't order from a place that isn't reasonably close to me. Maybe 10-15 blocks at most.

If it's an unusually expensive order for only 1-2 dishes than id probably go under 15%, an example being an expensive Italian place near me where two dishes may total $40. I would most likely tip $5-6 for that one.

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

@aliceanne - Emmett, is that you????

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

The pic with the sausage chucks... are those the pizza bones on the plate? If so, it looks like the dessicated remains of the "italian" bread you get free with baked ziti at a pizzeria. No wonder it was terrible.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Cooking Measurements Tea Towel'

Deciding to halve a recipe but instead of writing down the new measurements doing it in my head which resulted in half of some ingredients but not in others.... not the best pie I ever made

How to Find and Order Great Pizza in New York

@mepm231 - have you eaten there in the past 10 years because it is one of the worst, overly doughy, pasty slices I have eaten. Just flat out terrible

Gadgets: Swissmar Cheese Holder

Gotta love products that sell a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

How to Find and Order Great Pizza in New York

I actually would never say "one plain slice" just "one slice". Unless you specify a topping, it is understood to a plain slice. the only time I order a "plain" is if I get at least one other slice that has a topping or is a sicilian slice, Like "two plain, one sicilian" but if I ordered just two it would be "two slices."

Same thing if I called to order a pie, I'd say "a large pie" never a "large plain pie"

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

as a kid it was always Yodels. The worst would be when my mom would accidentally buy Devil Dogs which are just flat nasty. Without the chocolate coating it was a dry mess

Who's Who in Organics, Soda Warnings, and More in Food Policy This Week

@SlideSF - nice straw man.

need NYC foodstuffs to take back home & food recs

Can't say I've ever had a cronut (or would even wait in those lines) but I would imagine they wouldn't keep well. If I ever left the city and moved rural, the top two things on my list would be bagels (Ess-a-bagel) and pastrami (Katz's). Both keep reasonably well but naturally won't be as good as fresh.

Poll: Do You Send Your Burger Back if It's Not Cooked to Your Requested Doneness?

And to answer the question, if its slightly off, say medium instead of medium rare I generally won't send it back but if it is raw or cold in the middle or cooked through instead of medium rare I most likely would send it back.

Poll: Do You Send Your Burger Back if It's Not Cooked to Your Requested Doneness?

@ajchafe - because we believe that well done burgers suffer in taste and texture compared to medium rare burgers. And not everyone has an irrational fear of eating things cooked to less than 180 degrees.

Zabar's Introduces a Cronut Knockoff of its Own

Man, I'm not sure there could be a more unflattering picture than that cross-section shot (nothing against the actual picture taken!)

Beanless Chili - love or hate it?

This question is false... it implies there is something called chili with beans in.

Petition for McDonald's to Add a Healthy, Meatless Item Reaches 90,000+ Signatures

Man, I really hate petition people. McDonald's is a business, not a government entity involved in goodwill. It will offer food that sells. Period. Obviously there aren't enough people like Kathy Freston to make this worthwhile. Move on and eat somewhere good.

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

@masaman - I'm not so sure about that. I don't go all detective trying to see if someone who chose beer or a cocktail over wine had one or four cocktails. The letter writer also said her other friends shared wine and appetizers, so that would make it extra hard to really pay attention as opposed to everyone getting one appetizer and one entree and seeing your friend didn't order anything or drinking water only (vs. the one beer Molly had). Then again, I usually drink more than my friends so if we are at a place where we have beer or cocktails instead of wine, I always offer to pay more or cover the entire tip, etc. but that more because I know I drank more rather than figuring out who only got one cocktail or didn't order a side dish, etc.

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

Not so sure I'd consider it secretly hate but I cannot for the life of me understand why tomatoes, onion and lettuce have become standard toppings. They bring nothing to the party and actually take a away from it. Adding cold (or worse, warm and wilted) veggies to a burger just ruin it.

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