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Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

@Digestives Dude - the only reason it would be overcooked is if you are taking too long to brown it. Use a hot enough temp and it should take only a few minutes total and should only cook the very outer layer.

You can always wait a few minutes after you take the pork out of the sous vide to let the center cool slightly as an extra amount of protection.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Extra-Juicy Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

@dashofginger - and if i was served pork cooked to 160 deg at a restaurant, i'd go home sad. I'm not quite into the texture of medium rare pork tenderloin but medium is spot on for me

The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin

Sausage McMuffins with egg were always better than regular egg McMuffins. Sub out that canadian bacon with a sausage patty and you have the ultimate breakfast sandwich

The Food Lab's Step-by-Step Guide to Smoking a Turkey

Love smoked turkey but have yet to get a skin on a smoked turkey worth eating... No matter what I've tried it never turned out good and I just have to throw it out.

Why Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Is the Best Deal In Booze

Unfortunately in the last few years the price of Rittenhouse has gone up (along with the fancy new label). Used to be around $19 per bottle. And I swear it used to come in 1L bottles instead of 750ml but I could be making that up.

Charcoal Versus Gas Grills: The Definitive Guide

@wilburpan - I'm curious about the 12 minutes on a kamado. Do you light the charcoal using a chimney starter? It takes 15 minutes or more to light the charcoal in a full chimney, so how do you light the charcoal, transfer it to the grill and then let the kamado and grill get to the right temp in less time than that?

Charcoal Versus Gas Grills: The Definitive Guide

Great write-up. I have a gas grill for my daily grill and a Weber Smokey Mountain for my smoking (plus a mini-kettle grill if I ever tailgate again). Most of my grill work is for quick cooking things (and half the time during the week) and this works perfectly. I can be eating my burger 20 minutes after I get home from work. Sometimes I dream of also getting a big kettle but can't really come up with that much use for it that I couldn't just use the smoker for.

Crispy Sous-Vide Chicken Thighs With Mustard-Wine Pan Sauce

@Brian Basiaga - It's always recommended to use an ice bath to cool down the chicken (or any meat) as fast as possible to avoid the amount of time in the danger zone. Pretty much any sous vide recipe that has you refrigerating it in the bag has you do that.

Like Mushroom Pizza? We're Gonna Take You to Funghitown

Sottocenere on a pizza is fantastic. I've used it before at home and its great and very fragrant. The whole kitchen smells amazing while its baking

Order a Sloppy Joe in Jersey and You Won't Find Ground Beef

@punchjc - a Monte Cristo is a completely different sandwich. Turkey, ham and cheese that is dipped in french toast batter and fried.

Growing up, it wouldn't be a family gathering without a huge platter of Sloppy Joes. Would kill for one right now.

More Than Just Peat and Smoke: The Best Islay Single Malts

@Meg O/Shrub - I usually see Lagavulin around $80-90 at most stores in NY. The one exception is at Astor Wine where it is usually around $65-70, then again I think they have the best prices and selection in the city.

More Than Just Peat and Smoke: The Best Islay Single Malts

Love Islay whiskeys and Lagavulin is my ultimate whiskey. Takes quite a bit of willpower not to drink it daily cause I love it that much. Bowmore Legend is my daily drinker but Lagavulin comes out quite often.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

You are so right on so many points except caraway seeds on an everything bagel. Everything should consist of the toppings available for all other bagels in the store. I don't ever remember seeing a caraway bagel. And before you try to tell me that pumpernickel bagels have caraway seeds, I saw that is not relevant, its toppings not anything that could be mixed in. You don't see cinnamon or raisins on an everything, so keep your awful caraway seeds away from me. Salt, onion/garlic, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. These rules are simple and finite.

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak

Love me some grilled flanken short ribs. Pretty much all I ate throughout Argentina. Cook it over direct, super high heat and it gets a great crust and takes just a few minutes

To Reach Jalapeño Popper Perfection, Add Pulled Pork and Bacon

@Morgan Eisenberg - yes, I cut it in half. By doing it lengthwise, the pieces don't overlap under the pepper. Maybe it was just my fault since the first time I wrapped, the overlapped part stayed flabby. I've been going lengthwise since and never looked back

To Reach Jalapeño Popper Perfection, Add Pulled Pork and Bacon

Looks good. I make something similar but have settled on wrapping bacon around the jalapeno lengthwise instead of across. I find that this way minimizes the pale, flappy overlapped part of the bacon underneath the pepper.

Forget Totchos, Nugchos, and Spamchos; Steakchos are The Ultimate Nacho Hybrid

Hells no. Sausagchos. Like totchos but meater. The perfect size, shape and the casing is what makes the difference. Won't buckle underneath all that weight.

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

@plazmaorb - And consider me among those that can't figure out why anyone would recommend Five Guys. Greasy, tasteless burgers. I consider In n Out a top notch fast food burger but nothing worth going out of the way for and think Five Guys hides mediocre, overpriced burgers with their myriad of toppings

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

Appreciate the shout-out to the underrated McNugget. It is a feat of engineering and pretty much the only thing I'll eat at McDonald's. Wish you also gave some love to Hot Mustard as the best dipping sauce.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Pork Dumplings

would be curious how the results would change, if at all, because I would almost never eat them just boiled or steamed

How to Make the Best Italian-American Meatball Sandwich

Looks damn fine. I recently started slicing my meatballs in half for a sandwich. Never really wanted to but its the best solution. The only difference I would make is that I'd go broiler to melt the cheese. Love it when its gooey, bubbly and just a tiny bit spotted brown. I also like when the outer edges of the uncovered bottom bread gets toasty brown too.

And the end pieces of the loaves, aka the tushee, are for snacking on while making the dish. Growing up, whoever was home when my mom was making garlic bread got to feast on those

The Secrets of the Juiciest, Most Tender and Flavorful Italian-American Meatballs

@lrobinl - so let me get this straight... you don't use egg, breadcrumbs or cheese? So you just ground meat plus seasonings? That is not a meatball.

The Ethics of Foie Gras: New Fire for an Old Debate

@ The True Adonis - No needs for multiple links to the same "research" article. An article that certainly reads like a conclusion in search of supporting research rather than a conclusion based on research.

Digging Into Chicken Fried Steak, A Texas Icon

@Jersey Mike - they use to have a fancied up version at Blue Smoke that was pretty good but not sure if it's still on the menu. Dukes near Union Sq has it too and was tasty if memory serves me correctly.


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