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Bleeding Kansas

Holy cripes! Did they have an Orginal Pizza in Metcalf South mall, also? Little E-Rock used to go all the time after skateboarding and pot smoking to load up on the two-slice special. We also got something we called the "Killer K": Fruit punch mixed with lemonade. Ahhh...the days. If that's the same place, it was pretty damn good, but E-Rock was probably 14 at the time, so my feelings on it nowadays might be different. Maybe Oringal Pizza is some mall phenomenon in KC? I'll do some reasearch on that when I get back there. Thanks for the reminder.

Liverpool Calling

What in the hell is a gobshite?

Power Pizza

Screw the laptop.
I'd try to steal the pizza.

Um, You Don't?! (Gratuitous Chicago Bashing)

I lived in Chicago. Logan Square.
Those people wear fuckin' sweat pants and eat shit that's, like, Das Boot deep!

Benedict Manero

I think his brain is just totally fucked up.
It's obviously the Scientology.
Battlefield Earth.
Me need to say more?


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