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  • Favorite foods: Dark chocolate, really good cheese, almost anything Italian, and always anything enjoyed in the company of family and good friends.
  • Last bite on earth: A heaping plate of pasta with delicious homemade tomato sauce and a big glass of a deep, dry red wine. A hunk of crusty bread with a drizzle of good olive oil. For dessert, some bacio gelato or zabaglione.

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Dim Sum Goes Deutsch: Pretzel Bao With Hot Mustard Pork Filling

I saw this posted on SE's facebook page and knew right away the brain that created it. This looks crazy delicious. Nice job Morgan.

Upgrade Your Potato Skins With Beer-Cooked Onions, Beer-Simmered Brats, Beer Cheese, and Bacon

These look amazingly delicious Morgan! I might have to surprise my fiance with these for Super Bowl Sunday...or Valentine's Day. It combines all of his favorite things! Can't wait to read more!

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

I'm going to try some of these suggestions, but I've got the double whammy: an SO that's picky and a 5 year old daughter who is picky as well. We're learning as we go. Thanks for the tips.

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

I've never been a huge fan of corned beef and cabbage, but my boyfriend's Mom has made me a convert! Hers is delicious! We had my ultimate St. Patrick's Day meal last night! We raised a toast of Irish Whiskey to family before dinner. She made her Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes and we had Stout Chocolate Cake with Bailey's Buttercream Frosting and Irish Coffee for dessert. This was followed up with a last round of Guinness. Enjoying this meal around the table with the family was absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to do it again next year!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Han Dynasty is awesome! I'm glad you guys got to check out their new NYC spot.

Bake the Book: Balaboosta

It's a tie between galaktoboureko, kataifi and baklava. Actually...who am I kidding...I haven't met a Mediterranean sweet I don't like!

Where to Eat Near Penn Station, NYC (Our Updated Guide)

Hangawi is the best. Used to head there for celebration meals with coworkers when I worked in the Garment District on 5th.

How to Make Gloriously Fatty Pork Roll Rachel Sandwiches

Love Rachels. I prefer them to Reubens actually. Never tried it with pork roll though. Btw Case's > Taylor Ham.

Open Thread: What Oreo Flavor Do You Wish Existed?

@UnfussyEpicure The Ginger Cookie/Lemon Creme filling combo already exists. It's a Carr's cookie called Ginger Lemon Cremes, and yes, they're delicious. Cookies n' Cream Oreos also already exist and are labeled as Ice Cream Oreo Cookies n' Cream.

And as far as the Oreo goes, the original is the best. An Oreo should taste like an Oreo.

Essential Beers for Summer

I've been digging Southern Tier's Live a lot this summer. It's not a "Summer release" but it's a great beer for a hot day. Very crisp and refreshing.

Taste Test: Potato Chips

Gibble's were always the best. I'm sad they're not being made anymore. Thin, crisp and fried in lard - they were the ultimate potato chip.

10 Delicious Irish Products You Should Get to Know

Redbreast is superb. Definitely my favorite Irish whiskey

Cook the Book: 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

I'd really like to win this book so I could make my Mom up a batch of Devil Dogs. They too have been discontinued over the past year, and this is the only sweet she actually likes. I've poured over the internet for a dupe recipe, but none of them have come up to scratch. Please pick me!

Can You Cook A Steak By Dropping It From Space?

@Mr. Nick Why did I just picture Bender as your robot companion in this scenario?

Drinking Downton Abbey: The Drinks in Britain's Most Popular Drama

I thought this article would be a more in-depth look at the libations of Downton, which would've been interesting given the current trends in mixology and general interest in craft spirits. I have to say I'm disappointed. It simply mentions the liquids shown in a single episode but doesn't seem to have any real substance. There's no actual reference of common cocktails aside from the martini (or recipes for said cocktails) common to the era. The title is "Drinking Downton Abbey" after reviews of scotch or sherry at least? Seems more like a review of the show and less like an actual article about the drinks. Also, for reference, the "Traditions" conversation did not take place in the same scene as when Lord Grantham offered his mother a cocktail. The scenes took place in two different parts of the house.

If you win Powerball today...

I'd follow my dream and finally open my own restaurant.

Cook the Book: 'The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook'

The most blog-worthy meal I've eaten in the past week would have to be the Irish Oatmeal we made after the storm. So yummy, so comforting, so filling!

Which Is The Best Pumpkin Beer?

I've gotta add another rec for the Weyerbacher. Best I've had yet.

Taste Test: The Best Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

My family loved the Velveeta Shells, but I was the rebel. I liked Kraft Mac and Cheese, but my favorite was the cheapo IGA store brand. It would go on sale for a dollar a box and I was in cheesy heaven. If I'm reaching for the boxed stuff now, I tend to go for Annie's Shells with White Cheddar (a college staple) or the Kraft.

Serious Entertaining: A Dorm Room Dinner

This is just plain awesome. I was the cook in my group of friend in college, and would make big pots of tomato sauce for pasta dinners for the whole crowd. My favorite culinary college memory has to be the time a friend made me Rice Krispy treats in our caf. He snagged butter and the krispies from the breakfast bar, and mini marshmallows from the Sundae bar. Zapped it all together in a bowl in the microwave then ran the bowl outside and set it in the snow to cool it off to shape it. In less than five minutes I had Rice Krispy Treats.

We Try Every Kind of Pepperidge Farm Cookie

Just fyi, the last time I checked, ALL of the Soft Baked cookies have raisins in them. My guess is that they are added to keep the cookies soft? Either way, I hate raisins in my cookies, so that was the deal breaker for me.

5 Hudson Valley Wines to Taste This Fall

I was fortunate enough to visit Benmarl for a field trip for a course I took in college. No, seriously. It's a beautiful little place and the wines were really excellent back then. I'll have to stop in for a visit the next time I'm up there.

Bake the Book: The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking

I so wish that I could make a GF/SF version of my Mom's Hungarian kifli. But between the dough and the filling, I'm not sure it's possible.