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  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: Favorite restaurants: Spotted Pig, Craft, Jewel Bako, Momofuku, Casa Mono, Bond Street, Fatty Crab, Shake Shack, General Greene, Market Table, Mas Farmhouse, Blue Ribbon joints, Wichcraft, Clinton Street Baking, Grand Sichuan, Diner, Shabu Tatsu
  • Last bite on earth: Dante Fried Chicken

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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Leah Cohen's Lower East Side

Who actively PROMOTES 7-11? The bland, faceless, mega chain that is working to close the classic NY bodega with aggressive expansion plans to Bostonize NY? Look around, its happening. Leah, come on. Wow. serioiusly?

Lunch spots: Flatiron District

Eataly, Shake Shack, Hill Country, Hillstone, City Bakery, Taralucce e Vino, Rosa Mexicano...

Apps Only: Tree

Tree is the quintessential hidden neighborhood gem. Feels super tucked away and secret and the food is solid, reliable and great. Its not going to wow you but sometimes you just want a comfy satisfying place you can shuffle over to without much thought. The patio is really great too.

Lunch for One: Peels

Happy this place is here. biscuits are great. I also love the buckwheat scones. And it almost has sort of has a nice California fresh vibe to the food. Ingredients like buckwheat and quinoa and some other elements might almost seem hippy for many NYers, but its done in a great way. Nice trade off for that awful Kelly and Pings.

Blue Bottle Coffee Runs Out of Half and Half

@djwackfriz - isn't Serious Eats ALL ABOUT elitist, yuppie, fussing about food, restaurants etc. War or no war, you too are on here reading about gluten free muffins just like the rest of us. :) Agreed, all very trivial, but at the same time, this is NY and I think that places that are riding the wave of the current state of hyper-fuss gotta to keep dem standards high.

Blue Bottle Coffee Runs Out of Half and Half

Ok, ok you are probably all right. Not a big deal. Its just annoying that you get to the end of that process of waiting in line and for coffee, and then you are told that the milk is expensive like yer lucky if they do have it. And the refund only came after another customer overhearing this said "yer out of half and half?"

Lunch for One: Luzzo's

Try their deep dish pizza too. I know that may seem sacrilege in NYC, but its seriously good.

Ma Peche?

@simon is right on with his comments. Great restaurant.
The only thing I would add is that I hope it DOES get a bit more hyped so it can survive. It has been pretty slow on my recent visits.

First Look: Tully's Gluten-Free Bakery

@charm city cupcake --why knock it til you try it

First Look: Tully's Gluten-Free Bakery

Bklyn foodster -- your comment is about as meaningless as it gets.

Book Giveaway: Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide to NYC

Kamui Den on Ave A between 12th and 13 --Its a super casual and unassuming Japanese restaurant with great ultra-fresh food, presented beautifully, yet in a casual atmosphere with mismatched chairs and tables and spare, bohemian charm. Love this spot.

What Was Your Favorite School Cafeteria Food?

LIL SMOKIES & TATER TOTS!!! -- Those mini sausages. Yum!

NYC's Burger of the Month Club (BOTM)

The Shake Shack verdict seemed to be motivated by what they perceived as "trendiness". Trendy or not, its damn good.

Banning fast food near schools? Your take.


In Videos: 'Tom Colicchio on Taste' Diet Coke Commercial

Come on @wunami, you know what I meant. The natural chemical make up of a fruit such as an orange, grown from the earth, is completely different than the manufactured "natural flavoring" in an "orange drink". Same goes for Diet Coke, yo!

Banning fast food near schools? Your take.

SHAKE SHACK IN MADISON PARK MUST CLOSE!!!! Its only a few short blocks from our babies at 5 NY Public Schools!!!! If it reopens elsewhere, it needs to be in a remote area of the city zoned for warehouses, heavy industry or PORN! It MUST TAX its customer's purchases HEAVILY plus give 20% of its overall profits back to the babies!!! Save our babies!!!

Colicchio's Halfsteak Is Half Good

@chisai, Whichcraft has awesome sandwiches. The bodega you are comparing them to must be in Paris or something because Wichcraft is amazing.

'Top Chef' Season 5, Finale: All Bets Are Off

@Full On-- I Agree with you 100% .

All of these folks seem like good chefs, but none great. Carla's heart and passion wins in my book and if they were to all open restaurants, her's would be top on my list. And, while Stefan may have had the best technical skill, he showed no soul and his smugness was ridiculous since he definitely didn't demonstrate genius or that he was a truly gifted chefs on par with the greats.

Hopefuly future seasons will turn-out some truly great folks & until then, I want to eat at Carla's house!!!

In Videos: 'Tom Colicchio on Taste' Diet Coke Commercial

Anyone with an elevated appreciation of food know that Diet Coke tastes artificial. You can taste the chemicals and its just plain bad, citrus or no citrus. It doesn't fit with Tom's philosophy of letting food speak for itself, because the drink is BAD. Tom MUST know this and, so we all have to come to the conclusion that - HE IS LYING - LYING = SELL OUT. No excuses. I like the guy too, but lets call a spade a spade!!!!


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