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  • Favorite foods: Grillos Pickles.
  • Last bite on earth: My mum's smoked lamb and mint curry, a fresh naan bread and cup of earl grey.

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Where to Eat Turkish Food in NYC

Just come to London! We have the best Turkish food in Europe (after the obvious #1!)

Around the World in Pancakes

know there's not alot of space, but Gozelme deserved to be in this list for sure.

How to Make Menemen, the Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs That Haunt My Dreams

Menemen is the greatest breakfast dish of all time - especially served with fresh warm turkish bread (the type you get for 75p in any decent grocers on Green Lanes in London).

Kenji, I don't know how easy it is to come by in SF, but you should also try this with Sucuk - I very finely dice it and sautee with the oil initially to crisp it up and add flavour to the fat the onions and peppers cook with, then take it off the heat and add in around the same time you add your cooler mix - adds amazing texture, spice, and a whole level of garlic-y goodness.

7 Nut and Seed Butters for Your Pantry

Walnut Butter is also great for alot of Iranian dishes like Fesenjan... Stewed Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate...

A Beginner's Guide to British Beer Styles

I'd take a pint of Harvest Pale Ale (Castle Rock) over any Micro-brewed 6.8% American IPA. The heritage of UK ales are exactly what makes it taste so much better.

Life choices based on food?

Definitely missed a train here because I wanted to eat a Burrito once.

Perfect Banh Mi Baguette?

Unfortunately her recipe isn't quite right - the interior ends up more like a french loaf - a little heavier...

Snapshots From Thailand: The Markets of Krabi

Looks more like kao mun gai than any biriyani i've seen

The Lamb's the Thing at Taci's Beyti, Brooklyn

I like this place a lot, but it is very expensive for what is more or less an Ocakbasi!

Open Thread: What's the Quintissential New York Sandwich Shop?

My personal thought on this is that the Graham Ave Deli, in Williamsburg, pretty much sums up the perfect NYC Sandwich joint. A) It's the best italian sub in the city and it's enormous B) The place is a longstanding feature of the neighborhood C) it's family run by second and third generation Italian families and D) There are no frills, no tables and no fuss. Straight to the point, just like NYC.

Ask The Food Lab: Is It Okay to Probe My Meat?

Kenji, really, stop being such an excellent dude with all these logical answers.

First Look: MP Taverna, a New Spin on Greek Food from Michael Psilakis in Astoria

I would still devour all of this food in a heartbeat. Looks delicious!!

First Look: MP Taverna, a New Spin on Greek Food from Michael Psilakis in Astoria

On a similar level why feel the need to write Mirepoix? It's such a basic ingredient combo i feel people just drop it because it sounds fancy to reference...

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

The best burger I've ever eaten was a bacon cheeseburger from a cart in East London, called the Meat Wagon. Not only was it incredibly delicious thanks to the broiled and fried bacon patty (ala Hodad's in San Diego) but it was made particularly wonderful by the fact it resulted in meeting my future fiancee... As i bought the burger I handed my telephone number to the lady behind the truck counter, who was dressed as a nurse, with the words 'baby I'm sick, and your loving is the only cure' written on it - and 2 years later, we're engaged, a relationship forged over fatty beef and brioche buns is always destined to last!

Ask a Cicerone: What's Your Favorite Session Beer?

Harvest Pale Ale - Castle Rock Brewery, Nottingham.

First Look: Lafayette, Andrew Carmellini's French Bistro and Bakery

I just had a Pain au Chocolat for breakfast from Lafayette. So perfect.

We Chat Amari with Maialino's Bar Manager, Erik Lombardo

A little snifter of Mirto or Montenegro post a hearty 5 hour italian lunch never goes amiss!

Lunch in the Loop: Pret A Manger

ccbweb - I totally disagree, as a former Londoner that lives in NYC pricing generally evens out at the exchange rate, with certain food products coming in cheaper, but the average NYC bar is probably $6 a beer plus tip, and the average London pub 3.50-4GBP.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely think Pret is over priced, but you pay 4GBP in the UK for a baguette and $7 in the US, to me, that's not too dis-similar when it comes to ROE. I seriously doubt you'd find an equivalent 'quality' sandwich in NYC at $4 or $5 that isn't falafel or in kaiser roll...

Lunch in the Loop: Pret A Manger

Hassouni, are you crazy? 1 GBP = 1.55 USD.