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Super Bowl Giveaway: Wings and More from Rack and Soul

Let's go PACKERS!!!! Aaron Rodgers for the win! This win will elevate him as a premiere quarterback!

Cooking for a Girl at school

I know that she likes pasta (as general as that sounds.) And who doesn't like chicken? So I was thinking along those lines. She mentioned that she'll "try the pasta" next time we have lunch in school. A short-noodle pasta is probably the way I'll want to go. I DID NOT KNOW THAT ABOUT ASPARAGUS. Wow! Haha.

Cooking for a Girl at school

What's wrong with asparagus? Why is it too early?

Cooking for a Girl at school

I'm not sure of her likes and dislikes. I'll have a better idea next week when I see her (tentative). Thanks for the input!

Cooking for a Girl at school

@ag3208 thank you

@jennitee thank! im big on planning

@CJ McD I have pots pans and will buy baking equipment because I plan to cook a lot more this semester. I live in an apartment.


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