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Pumpkin Cheesecake With Gingersnap Crust

How log would you recommend baking these for muffin-size cheesecakes?

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

After posting my comment I looked back through the recipe for the 10th time to see what I could have possible screwed up. And I realized that I forgot the baking soda! What a big difference that one ingredient must make, and I'm sure that is why I ended up with my odd consistency. Not sure if I can go back and delete that comment, so I'm posting a 5-star rating to balance it out. Sorry, Alexandra.

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

I followed this recipe exactly and it had the most strange consistency I've ever seen in a quick bread. I actually doubled the recipe to give one loaf away, and I'm not even sure I can do that now. I think it must have come from melting the butter. I baked the loaves for about an hour and 5 minutes. When I turned them out of the pans I could tell how dense they were because they were so heavy. When I sliced into one, at first I thought it might be raw in the middle, but it wasn't. It just had this smooth, shiny, dense look to it, kind of like a store-bought fruit cake. The taste is okay- though too many chocolate chips which takes over from the pumpkin flavor. But it's hard to get past the strange texture. I'll be looking for a different pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe.

No-Churn Lime Ice Cream Pie (No Ice Cream Maker Required)

I made this exactly to the recipe, and it turned out fantastic! I actually really liked the saltiness in the crust and I felt like it helped to ignite my taste buds and show the contrast in flavors. Overall this was super easy to make and I'll definitely keep the recipe around. I'm also interested in trying different flavors... such as adding some jam to the filling.

Easy Beef Carpaccio with Arugula

Having never made this before, how do you know the beef is "good enough" to serve raw? Are there any specific markings to look for on the packaging?

Black Bottom Chai Cream Pie

Has the recipe been updated if the above comment is correct? Just want to check before I make this!

Ethiopian Spice Mystery

I know it's not Grains of Paradise, because we actually got that too! They are a bit darker and not perfectly round like the mystery seed....

Great Corporate Food Gift?

We always love getting spices or peppercorns. Olive oil and/or flavored vinegars would be good too.

Quick and Easy 1-Hour Pho

Wow... and this is the easy version! I think I'll just keep paying my $10 for a bowl of pho minus all the hard work :)

Tagliatelle with Red Proven├žal Pistou

@hat19 My guess is no, but you may use slightly less oil in the pesto of your tomatoes are already soaked in it.

Breakfast Black Rice Porridge With Coconut Cream

Why don't you put salt in the water while the rice is cooking? Wouldn't that bring out the flavor better than adding it after?

Blog name for Cooking

or maybe "Work to Live, Live to Cook"

Blog name for Cooking

I don't think it matters what the name is, as long as you like it. I started a food blog mainly to keep track of my own recipes and I don't care if it's not unique or witty because I'm not looking for 10000 followers or paid ads. Something as simple as "(Your Name)'s Family Cooking" would be just fine, unless you have a more specific focus.

Annoying TV Product Placement

I don't see it as Walmart "sponsoring" a competition, because they have been featured all season long! I didn't mind it that much the first time, but it is kind of annoying now. And really... Walmart sells cactus in their produce section?? Anyway, the way they do the product placement and editing makes it so obvious which I guess is what bothers me. (Pretty sure they told the cowboy to say "I can't believe this is all from Walmart")

While annoyed, I can't be mad at the show. Most of their viewers probably don't shop at Walmart and seeing this might convince them to do so. Do I think Joe, Graham, or Gordon would actually shop there? NOPE!

Oh and I have a Boos block, it's great!

recipes with non-animal protein

Try making recipes with quinoa- super healthy and full of protein!

Butter Crust recipe for Pizza

@TheWeirdGirl, OMG! Thanks for posting! I was just in Chicago last week for the first time and had Lou Malnati's butter crust which was amazing! Think the recipe would work in a cast iron pan?

Which Star Would You Watch??

Yay Justin fans!

@wadejay26, I don't watch it regularly (except for this show and Chopped) but every once and a while when I'm flipping through channels I'll watch Ina Garten. She makes simple but delicious dishes and always inspires me to try her recipes.

@msecondo, you are right that they don't have much food expertise (except for Justin in my opinion!) but I think the average viewer doesn't care as much about that as they do about personality and uniqueness.

Ed Levine on Food Network Star

Caught up with this episode last night... I'm dying to know what he thought of the contestants!! Justin would make a great Serious Eats guest blogger :)

Corn Som Tam with Shrimp

Made this last night and it was delicious! We sauteed the shrimp instead of poaching. All of the ingredients tasted so fresh together, it was a great summer meal.

Hearty Tortellini Pasta e Fagioli

I'm pretty certain you drain the beans first. If you can't find a prosciutto tortellini, sausage would probably be good too.

Avocado Pound Cake

Just made this the other night, and it was good but VERY sweet. I couldn't really taste any avocado. It is a pound cake however, so I shouldn't have been surprised. Next time I'll go for more of a cake-bread recipe so it isn't so sweet. Something along the lines of a banana bread but with avocado.

Shrimp Scampi with Artichokes

My guess is you add them in with the garlic in step 3... Looks so yummy I might have to make this for dinner tonight!


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