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Ummm...too many to pick! But if I have to choose one, it'd be Xi'an Famous Foods.

manhattan dinner, <$15

There's a sushi place on st. mark's and avenue A call Sushi Lounge - all the sushi is 50% off, but the quality is still really good. A group of friends and I went last night, and we got dinner and drinks for 4 people for $56.

Another good option is Yaffa Cafe, which is spacious and delicious and affordable on St. Mark's and A.

And Klong on St. Mark's and 3rd is affordable and delicious and good with groups too.

Best Foodie Moment?

@Tupper Cooks! - a donut slide is a slider with donuts as the buns. These were fresh fried cinnamon sugar donuts, and so delicious!

Where to eat in/near Nashville?

Thanks for all the tips! I began making a list as soon as we booked our trip, and it's looking a tad long, for a 48 hour visit, but we're going to do our absolute best, and are counting down the minutes until we leave.

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I really love "Refrigerator Running", but the "Inside You" burger is a close second.

Birthday Party for 15 in NYC?

This weekend I went to La Palapa on 6th Ave. for a birthday dinner for with 13 people and it was great! The 6th Ave. location is a little quieter than the E. Vill one, but the food was excellent and reasonably priced. And the restaurant even gave us all a free glass of chamagne with the birthday cake. Highly recommended.

Jersey City Recos

So, after 7 years in the East Village, I'm taking the plunge and moving to Jersey City. a serious eater - where do I need to eat?

I'm going to be living near Grove Street, but am always happy to travel for food. And I love a good ethnic restaurant (best Indian near Journal Sq, what Filipino restaurants do I need to hit up, etc.??)

Thank you in advance!!


Haven't seen any posts about randwiches, so I felt like I had to share with the SE community. It's a lunch service (stands for Random Sandwich) where you sign up, choose a day, pay $7, and have lunch delivered to you. The catch is that other than outlining dietary restrictions at the outset, what you get is a complete surprise...

Today I got my randwich, and it is pulled pork, slaw and arugula on a roll. And it's really tasty...esp for $7. Has anyone else tried randwiches (or would you be willing to eat a mystery sandwich)? If you have, what did you get?

Best Foodie Moment?

I have been a serious eater my entire life, but this weekend I had a foodie moment that tops all my others.

Some friends and I were eating brunch at Shopsin's and debating what to get for our third item. We decided to embrace the location and instead of getting regular sliders, we got donut sliders. When we ordered, the waiter had to ask us to point them out on the menu. We were the first people to ever order them from which I exclaimed "yes!!!" (much to the amusement of my friends). And they were the first time Shopin's made them, and they were gooood.

Is there a moment that was your best "foodie" moment? Something that was amazing to you, but that others would not find notable.

Where to eat in/near Nashville?

My best friend and I take a food-centric trip every year. We generally leave planning until last minute, and this year is no exception. Thanks to a last minute fare, we JUST booked a trip to Nashville for this weekend. Neither of us have been to Tennessee ever before, and so far, our only plan is to visit a friend in Huntsville, AL.

We have rented a car, and are more than happy to travel for food. Please Serious us figure out where we should eat.

Thanks, in advance!

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