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Cook the Book: 'Tacos'

Fish tacos, made at home the Rick Bayless way

Announcing the Great American Food & Music Fest

Wow! This is a veritable cornucopia of most the important American foods of the 6 most important states, covering everything from ice cream to hot dogs! Two delis? I'm in heaven. Um, what about anything Greek, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, French, Asian, South American, Mexican, or Caribbean? Surely, some of these things have made their way into American food? Pizza? Gyros? Barbecue (yes, there is one)? Nachos? Tacos? General "your name here"'s chicken?

Bread Flour vs All-Purpose Flour?

If you can only buy one flour, buy AP flour. You can always add vital wheat gluten to make you own bread flour (sort of).

Which Pasta Shape Goes with Which Sauce?

I guess this is not obvious to people who are not of Italian decent. Wine paring? The red you made last fall.

Italian entertaining music

Sound track from "Big Night", anything Louis Prima or Jimmy Roselli.

Food Neologisms...

buffalo or bull testicles -> Rocky Mountain oysters (or prairie oysters)

Food Neologisms...

Patagonian toothfish -> Chilean sea bass

Serious Eats? Really?

When you say "Checking the boards", whatever that may mean (and it certainly doesn't mean trolling) it belies your age. Here's a site that talks about trolling. I'm sure that there are still "message boards", but most of us post on "blogs" now.

Please take a look, and stop SHOUTING.

I don't have an itsy bitsy X in the corner of the page; I don't use Microsoft products. No sane person does (for the more sensitive, I'm kidding).

Many here say "go somewhere else." Do you assume that I don't look at other food sites? I do. All the time. And I'd like SE to live up to some of those other sites.

When you say "3 of him of Mario's washed up fat ass", I'm guessing you mean "three of him over Mario's washed up fat ass". To me, that's the issue. Guy is a hyped-up, Food Network husker. He can't be washed up: he has never been. Mario is a talented chef, known the world over. He's certainly done some questionably commercial stuff, but he's a proven chef.

Personally, I wouldn't do illegal stuff with either of them. That would be illegal.

Serious Eats? Really?

@mich23: "I am, however, sure, Don Luis that any country that you reside in, is indeed poorer having you as an inhabitant."

I could not, however, have said that, any better, myself. Well, perhaps I could: Don Luis, I'm sure that any country in which you live is poorer as a result.

@shipwreck: Hint: if you want to ignore a post, don't respond to it.

Where are you from? I don't recognize the accent. Perhaps you should write in your native language; you are not much good at English.

Um, sail on dude. Whatever.

@Teachertalk: sometimes I make pizza from scratch, and sometimes I make hot dogs and Kraft mac and cheese. Costco sells a frozen French onion soup that I love: I always have it in the freezer for when I need it. I cook several time a week for an extended family of six. It's always a challenge to find food that everyone will like, food we can afford, and food we have the time to make.

I was trying to be playful, and I regret that many people took it the wrong way. I am serious about food, perhaps too serious. Thank you for your post.

I joined Serious Eats at the beginning, and I'd just hate to see it go the way of the Food Network. I'm just not willing to follow their lead in trading Mario Batali for Guy Fieri. I'm a long time Serious Eats reader and sometimes contributor; if I didn't care, I wouldn't comment.

@ those of you who pointed out that I must be a man, because my screen name is "Don Luis", and I wrote "I'm a bitter old man":

Newsflash: you can lie in the Internet. Were it not for the anonymity, I doubt that some of you would have had the courage to post what you did. (BTW, I'm actually a 19-year old Swedish super model named Inga.)

Serious Eats? Really?

@ zatryt: too true; is it too late to retract?

I want to be strong enough to know that I am strong.

Serious Eats? Really?

@annien: congratulations. You didn't actually call me an idiot, you just
said "... everyone has his or her own reason to think you're an idiot."
Sue me: I misspelled the name of a completely irrelevant patch of land. I'm up to any intellectual challenge you'd care to make. I'm willing to bet that I'm much smarter that you are.

Perhaps I am an idiot. Doesn't everyone also have his or her own reason to think I'm a misguided genius?

@LunaPierCook: I implied nothing: I asked if there was a way to cancel an account. I went on to say that I didn't want to cancel mine. Was this too complex for you? I love you anyway, and I mean no disrespect.

Topics I'd like to see? Bread. Simple, but daunting to the average person. I've been doing it for years, and it's not that difficult. Bread is the stuff of life.

Serious Eats? Really?

@simon: may I ask what that means?

Serious Eats? Really?

I must say, I've enjoyed the reactions to my post, from the "get out" to the "lighten up", it's all good. Makes me think.

Serious Eats? Really?

@juliebugsmama: yes, I am man enough to expect and accept the reactions to my posts. I would not post otherwise. How did you know that I'm a man?

I respect your opinion.

Serious Eats? Really?

@juliebugsmama: that site says that there are 71 million (I rounded up) web sites. Food sites account for far less than 1% (unless I'm doing the math wrong). That means that there are only 700,000 food web sites. I've only looked at a few dozen.

I'm always up to talk about something silly. I like your attitude. Good, bad. or ugly, it's all worth reading.

Serious Eats? Really?

I think Serious Eats could be more than what it is. Why is that a problem?

Serious Eats? Really?

Actually, I would love to see some bread baked in a flower pot. It sounds like a great idea.

I don't want to harsh anyone's vibe; just as I can go to other web sites (and pardon me, but I doubt that there are 6 billion), you can also ignore my post. Can't I read this site and not be happy with it?

@Embackus: "Go somewhere else" sounds like a command. Do you have any right to be that stupid or arrogant? I think not. I live in a democracy, and I'm guessing you do as well.

Elitist? Far from it. I'm an old school, slow food kind of guy. I live in a small town in a poor country.

I'm surprised at the immediate and negative response to my post. Is it wrong to be critical? I didn't say "death to Serious Eats", I just asked some questions. If I didn't like Serious Eats, I wouldn't read it.

Adam, by the way, is my hero.

Velveeta Cheese Bait

There is no such thing as "Velveeta cheese". Kraft cannot even call this abomination "cheese food", since it does not contain at least 51% cheese. Now they call it "cheese product", which means that the manufacturer was thinking of cheese when the product was made. The FDA is now considering "cheese nightmare" to describe such a product.

Surely, PITA has something to say about feeding a fish fake cheese as its last meal?

You live where?

Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, Transplant from Newton Massachusetts.

How to Reduce Your Water Consumption

Actually, the equation is not that difficult.

For the low-flow toilet that uses 1.3 gallons per flush, we can calculate
what two flushes use like this:

1.3 * 2 = 2.6

2.6 is far less than 6 for a standard toilet.

I tried filling my mid-sized passenger car with water, and it held only 750 gallons, so I doubt the veracity of this piece (perhaps if I let the passengers out?).

Finally, the article fails to point out that water footprints are a lot easier to clean up than carbon footprints.

Cook the Book: 'Osteria'

I don't have a cold-weather comfort food. I don't have cold weather.


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