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Raw Carrot Cake "Muffins"

I should also note that these do NOT come out of the pan easily. It would be better to just roll them into balls and call them "muffin bites" or something.

Raw Carrot Cake "Muffins"

These came out fantastically!! I am an adventurous eater, but usually stop cold at the mention of "raw" anything. I was really pleased with the taste and texture of these. They have a lot going on, nutritionally, and they don't feel like a carb-bomb. I did do half pecans and half walnuts, because that's what I had on hand.
The only thing I felt went wrong was that it was a touch too sweet. With all those dates, it did NOT need the honey. Also, too many raisins - I like raisins, but they ended up feeling a little much. I would reduce them by half next time.
Anyway, my sister and I stood there and ate spoonfuls of the batter before even putting it in the fridge.
Next time I'll be curious to add some flax seed, or wheat bran, or something like that, to see what happens.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

Oh, easy! I love some good pancetta crisped up and strewn over some greens, with a poached egg on top. Sweet lord, I'm hungry!

Crisp-Skinned Butterflied Roast Turkey With Gravy

Do I need the rack in the pan like you have in the photo? Or can I place the turkey directly on the vegetables? Thanks!!!

Why Nacho Cheese Doritos Taste Like Heaven

Oh man do I love Doritos. My favorite? Putting them in a Cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese. I can't even describe how amazing it is. Also, a roast beef sandwich. Though when I eat enough of them, holy god, it's like a cruise missile straight for my colon.

Do you have food allergies?

These are so interesting to read! I'm going in to an allergist in 2 weeks for testing. About 4 times a week I have reactions to food - hives on upper lip, chin, rashing on my neck, mega gastro distress. I am really underweight, too. I had never even thought that the hives and rashes could be linked to food (why didn't I? It seems so obvious!!!), until recently a doctor figured out that I'm obviously allergic to something I'm eating. I have a sneaking suspicion its dairy or wheat - something that I eat a lot of, because I am constantly sick and am constantly malnourished.

Five Great Toppings You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

The other day, I had a portobello and asparagus pizza with a roasted shallot sauce base - HOLY moly that was some good stuff. A little Gruyere on top? perfection...

My Favorite Japanese Meal: Yudofu, or 'Hot Water Tofu'

That sounds awesome, though "Hot Water Tofu" makes me think of "Hot Ham Water"....
"MmmmMmm...soooo watery....yet with a smack of ham to it!"

Super Bowl Help - need some creative suggestions....

Guys, these are SO great!!!!! Baked potato bar is such a good idea - I can't stomach cheese too well yet, but I can do a little sour cream, and broccoli and whatnot - and everyone else can load them up however they want. I might do that and make some chicken meatballs, or maybe the grilled chicken kabobs...either way, I will now have a bunch of stuff that I can make and actually eat, and SB won't be depressing! YAY!

SEers, you all are the best.

Super Bowl Help - need some creative suggestions....

Oh! Carrie, roasted chicken and potatoes - it's such a simple, elegant idea, why hadn't I thought of that? I will definitely put that on my short list. just totally made my day. I'm not ashamed to admit that is a favorite movie of mine.

ESNY - hahaha, not super sure about that combo....

The Best Basic Guacamole

Kenji, you have officially guaced my world (bad pun!). The salting and pounding of the onions, chili, garlic, etc - WOW. I eat guacamole every week, and this is easily my favorite guac I've ever made. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Spot of Tea: Yogi Ginger Tea

I really love the Yogi tea ginger. However, I tend to steep it for a loooooong time. It reaches a firey, gingery intensity pretty quickly - about a 10 minute steep. The ginger quickly eclipses the other additions to the tea, but doesn't get too bitter.

What's your favorite vegetarian burger on the market?

If you're up for cooking your own, these are the ones I SWEAR by. I'm a meat-eater and so is my husband, but I like experimenting in the kitchen and trying new things. This recipe was the closest I've tasted to meaty (just look at the pictures! it even looks awesome!)

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

Ron111 - I will definitely have to try that onion trick, that's brilliant! I love white onion in guac, but sometimes the sharpness of it does unbalance the whole thing. Thanks!

The Vegan Experience, Days 1 and 2: What's For Breakfast?

Oh, also a few more ideas for breakfast: speaking of guacamole, smashing guac on toast with basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper is awesome.
Another favorite breakfast of mine is sweet potato curry (made with coconut milk for lots of creaminess), and daal, all swept up with good garlic naan. It's balanced and filling and hearty, perfect for winter, and great if you're not a sweets person.

The Vegan Experience, Days 1 and 2: What's For Breakfast?

One of my FAVORITE vegan breakfasts is good ol' baked beans on whole-grain toast, with a layer of garlic and red-pepper sauteed spinach on top. It is super healthy, slow-burning, economical, and keeps me full all morning.

Ever ruined something by trying to turn it healthy?

Ughhh, God. How very many baked goods I have RUINED with my healthy "experiments". I don't even know why I have this drive to make baked goods healthy, I cook with butter and bacon fat the rest of the time. Maybe because you see all the fats and flour up front when you bake, and it seems like it's just SO much.
I've made hockey puck-strength cookies, salt-bricks of bread, biscuits that crumble like sand, the list goes on, trust me. I need to just stop the madness and use the butter!

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

ANYTHING advertising pancakes...oh, how badly I then want pancakes. I seriously won't stop thinking about them until I make some.

Cookbook Recs for Mediterranean food...

Kdroste, WOW. How do I not have cookbooks by those authors? How have I missed those? I feel like I scour the internet constantly for gems like those, and yet there they are, having passed my notice. Even better, my library has all of them, so I can check them out today! Thanks!

Finsbigfan - that website is totally killer. I can't believe I haven't seen it before...thanks so much!

Cookbook Recs for Mediterranean food...

Carrie - that book looks absolutely fantastic. I am ordering it now!

Gargupie - both of those links look exactly like what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

Easy - the first time I ever had thick-cut, long-smoked, amish-made bacon. It was like the gates of heaven opened into my mouth.

Sunday Supper: Turkey Tamale Pie

This seriously looks PERFECT for tonight. I have SO much leftover turkey, and have a terrible cold today so I don't feel like doing anything too fancy.

Infusion Corner: All About Rooibos

I make Rooibos chai all the time, as I can't have any caffeine. It is also just perfect on a rainy day with a splash of milk...

A Sandwich A Day: 'Italian Hot Dog' at Jimmy Buff's in West Orange, NJ

This brings back some amazing memories...I used to go to church down the street from Jimmy Buff's. As a teenager, I would sneak out of the sunday service for one of those glorious, magical grease-laden dogs, lick my fingers, smooth down my skirt, and sneak back in through the sunday school room window, all in time to waltz up the aisle for communion. Ahh, the good old days...


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