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The Best Egg Salad

Egg salad one of my fav's even on toast for breakfast. I frequent a tea house in town often and they spread the mini croissants with a light layer (or heavier if you like) of cream cheese, not butter, then the egg salad. When I make Egg salad mixture at home for sandwiches or on top of a salad, use a grater!

Debbie North Van Bc Canada

no buttermilk powder, how do I substitute?

Thank you all for your informed comments and suggestions I will have to look in my baking sections for the b milk powder. I was wrong about water(yes I re-read the 1c was for the peel) but the cake recipe does call for 3/4 c. water, so I went ahead and substituted with butter milk instead of the water and the cake turned out perfect. Just put a regular icing sugar(powdered sugar) glaze on it and enjoyed by all!

no buttermilk powder, how do I substitute?

Trying your lemon loaf in the segment on l6 lemon desserts. I know how to make buttermilk using lemon juice, vinegar etc, but I don;t have nor seen buttermilk powder. In the recipe for the lemon loaf there is 1 cup of water, do I use buttermilk instead? Thanks Debbie North Van BC Canada

The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

We Brits love little squares of things on bone china plates served of an afternoon following a game of cribbage. We love puddings that steam like a behemoth emerging from a sauna, made from beef fat, treacle, and shrivelled fruit. We love sugared, crunchy things from packets. It's no overstatement to say tea and biscuits are our actual lifeblood. More