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Cook the Book: 'Jerusalem: A Cookbook'

My very favorite is fattoush. Anything with sumac is a winner in my book!

Cook the Book: 'Beyond the Great Wall'

One of the most memorable meals I've had while traveling was in 1999 when my mom and I went to the Galapagos Islands. We were traveling on a 105' sailboat with eight other lovely, friendly passengers and a crew of five. When not hiking the islands, viewing wildlife or snorkeling, I'd sit on the bow of the ship for hours scanning the blue Pacific for whales. It was magical.

The crew fished off the back of the boat when we sailed from island to island; one afternoon they hooked a yellowfin tuna and pressed Mom and another passenger into service to reel it in. Fifteen minutes later the ship's chef presented us with a large platter of sushi complete with all the appropriate condiments. It was the freshest fish I've ever eaten and a gorgeous lesson in the flavor and sublime pleasure that results from truly "local" food -- from really knowing the origin of your meal.

Dinner Tonight: Channa Masala

I love Orangette's (actually, Orangette's husband's) recipe for chana masala. It is incredibly delicious and easy to make -- we make it once a week, it seems.

I don't have a ___ in my kitchen and I don't want one.

Onion goggles.

Seriously, onion goggles. They make me excessively mad. Suck it up and chop your onions! I really feel that no self-respecting cook would have a pair of those in her/his kitchen.

I have actually received TWO pairs of these as gifts at different points in my life -- one from a friend and one from my mother-in-law. Thankfully, I was able to return them for things I could actually use.

Good eats in Akron, Ohio?

Definitely eat at Luigi's. Definitely, definitely.

I'd also recommend Diamond Grille, an old-fashioned steakhouse on W. Market St. The restaurant's plain exterior belies the wonderful (and filling!) food to be enjoyed inside.

Ten to 15 miles north of Akron is a small town called Hudson. Downtown 140, located at 140 N. Main St. in Hudson, is spectacular. Delicious, creative meals and a marvelous wine list, along with an intimate and cozy atmosphere, make this restaurant a worthwhile destination.

Have fun!


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