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It would be shrimp! I could eat them every day, and if any of them floated away they would look kind of cute (I think).

Cook the Book: Quinoa with Chimichurri Herbs

Oh thanks guys, I've added that to my recipe list. I'm going to try the chimichurri one tonight and will try the black bean one next week. Yum!

Cook the Book: 'Ten'

I'm originally from Hawaii and now, living in Washington, miss the abundance of Hawaiian food. My absolute favorite food is ahi poke, which is made from raw tuna. It's not so easy to find in Washington but I searched high and low until I found a store that actually gets their tuna overnighted from Hawaii. I found a company in Hawaii that sent me some inamona (roasted kukui nuts) and found some limu seaweed. Of course I already had an entire gallon of aloha shoyu on hand. The poke ends up costing about 30 times what it does in Hawaii, but it's worth it!

Cook the Book: Quinoa with Chimichurri Herbs

Ooooh I love chimichurri sauce and I just bought some quinoa because I've never had it before. I will have to give this recipe a try.