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Sweaty chefs.

I agree! Grosses me out! Also just knowing there are some cooks who stick their finger in the food to taste it...then do it again... blah

Eat out or stay in and cook, which do you prefer?

Stay in and cook all the way!

But when we lived in NYC, it was wonderful to have all those options right outside the's what inspired me to get serious about cooking when we moved out of the city.

What makes a food blog successful?

Great advice here. So without repeating what EVERYONE said, I place an emphasis on the pictures...people like to look at "pretty" or things that "look freaking delicious!"

I always find small mistakes in my posts after I have submitted - it drives me nuts - but I try to tell myself I'm only human... I need proof-reader software big time!

Good luck...have fun!

I love my kitchen because _____

When I lived in NYC it was hands down the 1990 mini dishwasher in my 4th floor walk-up rental! Felt fancy.

Today...mostly the sun it gets all day long and the view to the back of the yard. Also...its 4 special knives.

New Le Creuset, now what to do with it...

Spoon it. Caress it. Love it. By God respect it!

My 6 qt. cobalt blue is almost 10 years old and it's the hardest working pot there ever was. Just tonight I was wondering if it needed...(I can hardly say it but here it goes)..."replacing" ...or least a buddy.

I'll just send your parents my address and we can work out all the details, OK? ;)

Splurge-worthy ingredients

White Truffle Oil
Meyer Lemons
Prime Beef
Jumbo Lump Crab Meat
Haricot vert

I know I can think of more...

Quinoa Recipes

You're all going to hate me for posting this link to my blog - but I have been loving/experimenting with "the mother of all grains" and have come up with a few recipes. Hope if anything it gives you ideas/inspiration...

cooking rice in a microwave

Not sure what brand of rice you use but CAROLINA brand (sold in many grocery stores..Jasmine, Basmati, etc) has excellent directions on the back of its bags for microwave cooking. Comes out perfect every time!

Sorry, I don't have any right now so can't give you the exact directions but thought I would share anyway... :)

When you're all alone...

I order sushi OR make a grilled cheese sandwich with loads of chips on the side!

Andrew Zimmern crossed that line on Bizarre Foods

I'm not a vegetarian...I eat and love meat. After seeing the episode last night, I am still not a vegetarian - BUT - I thought the episode was sad and gross (just all around weird really)...that's all.

Do you midnight snack?

@jedd63 so gross, it's funny. I thought people agreed not to talk about that anymore... ;)

Make Vegetables Interesting

Lots of great ideas here..yes dips are for sure!!!

@Kitchener ~ Sounds awesome! How do you make avocado fries? Just cut into strips and grill???

Would You Eat Human Cheese?

this is all making me laugh! I love the comments and opinions :)

Oh and for for me, I'll pass.

Why don't American's coook

Here are some reasons my "American non-cooking friends" give:

- Cooking makes them nervous
- They hate grocery shopping and are intimidated in food stores
- They hate cleaning up or don't want to dirty their kitchens, "cooking is too messy"
- They could care less about food, rather spend time doing other things
(I don't hang much with that last group, lol!)
- They have no idea where to begin in the kitchen

Starting a Food related Blog

True, the world does not need another food blog, but that's not to say you shouldn't start one. Do it for you, your friends, your family and anyone else who might care to read and see what you have to say.

Starting ANY kind of blog is a constructive hobby/use of time if it's something you enjoy that helps you grow and learn. is a good start... Good Luck!

Poll: Do You Do 'Salad' on Your Pizza?

I love it if done right!

One of my favorites is a Garlicky White Grilled Shrimp Pizza w/a nice mix of greens dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette with just a few: roasted red peppers, tomatoes & olives --- basil and fresh mozzarella!

Thank You dinner suggestions

If she likes Mexican food you could do chicken fajitas with onions and peppers. Make a homemade pico de gallo and fresh guacamole. Mexican rice and beans if you want to go crazy. Hot corn bread? Grab some tortilla chips, Negro Modelo with limes perhaps?! YUM!

Aprons: yea or nay?

A million .....zillion...... percent ....yea

Christmas Eve Veggie Side Dish

One more..or Haricot Verts w/a mustard shallot dressing! So good! Just google it! :)

Christmas Eve Veggie Side Dish

I keep telling people this but I love Ina Garten's Spinach Gratin side dish, it's just such a crowd pleaser! Here's the link to

Good luck with whatever you make!

Do-it-yourself Taco/Fajita seasoning

Definitely Chili Powder, Cumin, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, salt and pepper (Mexican Oregano & paprika too perhaps)

In that order of {most to least} too I would think


I have one on my blog - it's an Irish Whisky Cake and does taste like whiskey! I won't attach a link becasue I don't want people to make anyone mad but you can get to my blog via my profile if you're interested.

Have Fun!!!

Restaurant icon Elaine Kaufman dies at 81...

In the late 90's we used to live on 88th St between 1st and 2nd Avenues. My sister and I would go to Elaine's late night sometimes to drink wine at the bar. We were always being hit on by older men ~ harmless though.

One time I saw Paul Newman eating dinner there - he said hello. I have such fond memories of those years and my time in New York.

The Billy Joel song where he mentions Elaine's always makes me smile :)