the things i love: my family, tennis, swimming, jogging, hiking, photography, my family, camping, COOKING of course (especially with my parents), picnics, and watching a good baseball game i just love to keep healthy, happy, fit, and active!

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  • Location: california
  • Favorite foods: oatmeal, grilled corn on the cob, raw nuts, apples, all berries, peaches, carrots, snap peas, hummus, bell pepper, anything pumpkin Guilty pleasure: smores and mint chocolate ice cream sandwiches
  • Last bite on earth: a perfectly ripe peach picked right off the tree

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

Thanks for all the help and support you guys! It is comforting to know not everyone thinks I am some kinda of foodie-freak. Hopefully this years meal will go down a little differently! I have high hopes.

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

I had NEVER thought about that before! I will make enough of my entree to go around, and just pass it off as a side dish .. genius! Thank you!

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

Very interesting insights ecca31 and smsingram! I can't imagine what would make them feel like I am silently judging them though. I never make any comments about it because I do believe it is extremely personal. There is no sense in arguing over something that is such a personal choice. I do acknowledge people will reprieve situations however they choose though.

My parents have more or less accepted my veganism, but my extended family .. I just think it is too "different" for them to accept. I has been many years, and they still don't seem to get it.

Maybe this year I will sub out butter for a vegan buttery spread and just hope no one notices. That way I can eat a few of the sides, and just hope I don't get too much flack for not eating the turkey.

Man Vs. Food: Gluttony or just good TV?

you want to talk about wasteful?? I just watched gordon ramsey toss out 20 fillets because they were not warm enough ...

why pick on this ONE GUY. the show might be a little glutinous, okay VERY, but it is certainly not the most WASTEFUL show

Man Vs. Food: Gluttony or just good TV?

i think it is gross, but i still watch it with my dad. it is entertaining.
i am SO sick of people pulling the "there are starving people in -insert 3rd world country here-" bull honkey. like people not eating stuff here will do anything for those people. It is sad, but food gets tossed at the end of the day in most restaurants and buffets whether people eat it or not.

we are a wasteful country overall, and that sucks. but no more contrived comparison tactics PLEASE

Subway Fiery Footlongs: Hot Stuff?

i hate subway. so much bread, so little veg

Cakespy: Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

this is like a 650 calorie sugar bomb. No thanks. I want to keep my teeth / figure

What's Your Favorite Topping for Ice Cream?

ice cream? nothing.
for froyo though, I love a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and honey

Cinco de Mayo Poll: Mild, Medium, or Hot Salsa?

most mediums you buy in the store are SUPER WEAK SAUCE! they taste like tomato paste and sugar. GOTTA GO for the FIRE! Though, flavor is more important than scorch value of course.

homemade salsa is best. mmmm cilantro and habenaros ... garlic, onions tomatoes, sweet peppers ... and the secret, a little enchilada sauce ... mmm mmm MMMM

The Best and Worst of Dean & Deluca's 15 Licorice Varieties

the original kookaburra is my favorite. I love "relieving" people of the black jelly bellies (they think they are the gross ones, I think they are the only good ones!)

double salt is pretty bad. Tastes like a hard disc of salt. Like something you would feed a horse.

flavored licorice / "red" licorice doesn't even count as licorice in my opinion. Licorice is black, and tastes of anise or fennel. Nothing else

Mother's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Bonbons

Are There Foods You Can't Keep In The House?

oh man, cereal is the culprit for me too. and dried fruit. but i keep both around anyways haha. but I go through AT LEAST 5 boxes of cereal a week. I eat it for breakfast, snack by the handfuls, and for dessert or with lunch everyday. It is quite sad. I just never get sick of it. There are so many different kinds, and the combo of the cold milk with crunchy cereal just cannot be beat.

Also I am addicted to apples. Eat at least 2 a day.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 116: A Bite-by-Bite Rundown of My Calorie Intake

I volunteer as a nutritional consultant and I help people to loose weight and stay active for fun. I can tell you right now you need a diet REVAMP. Bigger breakfasts, more variety in your lunches. You seem to eat very heavy, fat laden items for lunch .. lots of salt too. Would definitely explain the weight gain.

The Pillsbury Bake-Off makes me sad...

i think it is a REQUIREMENT to use a pre made pilsbury product in the recipes developed.

Macadamia Nut Butter

PB is my fav, when I eat almond butter, I just end up wanting it to taste like peanut butter haha. It is hard to look at other nut butters as something completely separate from PB. With that being said, I have tried TONS of nut butters.

Walnut, macadamia, almond, hazelnut, brazilnut, etc.

I always just go back to PB. I think it is because I use it on bread mostly, and the other nut butters just taste weird on bread.

I would say mac butter is not worth the calories. The kind I tried was not very flavorful, and it is tons more caloric than PB

My preference goes: Peanut Butter, Walnut butter, Almond butter.

Walmart's Exclusive Ben & Jerry's Flavor: Flourless Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

Eh, I don't like chocolate ice cream, no matter how chocolaty it is. It always ends up tasting like chalky chocolate milk to me bleh. I would much rather have vanilla with chocolate chunks on the inside.

And also...

15 miles? Big whoop. The closest grocery store to me is 20 miles away, the closest DECENT grocery, about 55 ... your 15 mile trip seems not so bad ... haha sorry. No sympathy.

What is your processed/junk food weakness?

black jelly beans, pretzels, brown rice crackers, and gold fish.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Hits America

love the idea, love the show, and gotta love jamie for taking this on. he is one brave man. the ONLY thing that bugged me is that he was on their case for serving foods with additives and unnatural stuff, and milk with crap added to it, then in his "better" lunch, he served light and fit yogurt, which contains artificial sweeteners and other crap I would never feed a child. The rest of it looked 100x better, but to me, that yogurt is no different than their colored milks ...

Yoplait Greek: Not Fage, But Not Bad At All

are you kidding me? this stuff isnt even real greek yogurt. they use gelatin to thicken it up and then have to add in additional protien to give it some of the same nutrition as REAL greek yogurt. this stuff is like jello pudding yogurt .... product. and the strawberry was no flavor what so ever

What Are Your Favorite Matzo Recipes for Passover?

i like making peanut butter and jam sandwiches out of the matzo crackers haha. not my "best recipe" but I really enjoy it for some reason. I don't really eat matzo in any other way. Maybe this year I will have to try something with it :)

Dreyer's/Edy's Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Flavors

yeah. i was way too excited for these. the ice cream just mellows any cookie flavor that might be hidden in there. After eating a bowl of the thin mint, I just wanted some cookies. Seemed like a massive waste of calories. But now i know to just go for the cookies!

Kombucha: The Acquired Taste for Funky-Tasting Fermented Tea

first time I tasted it I spat it out, and within a few minutes, I found myself wanting more. Spat it out again. What was I thinking. 5 minutes later, another sip ... okay not so bad ... now I CRAVE it maybe once a month. It is different. Takes getting used to.

Cook the Book: 'My New Orleans'

apples and fresh corn - always taste best fresh from the farm

Attention Peeps Haters: You May Actually Like the New Chocolate-Covered Peeps

If I hate something, why would I want it covered in calories and fat, just to make it palatable? NO THANKS to chocolate covered hate.

Cook the Book: Veal and Peppers

Sounds good, but I could NEVER eat veal. Too cruel.
Maybe I could sub it out with some local grass fed bison meat? Wonder if that would work ...

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

Hey everyone!
So, Thanksgiving is a rough time of the year for me. I love to cook and be in the kitchen with my family, but the meal itself is never very enjoyable.

I am vegan, but I am not a ... try to make everyone think and eat just like me kind of vegan. I cook meat for my loved ones because A) I love to cook, B) sharing food is how I show people I care, and C) if meat is what they enjoy eating, that is what I want o give to them. Of course, I try to sneak in a veggie meal or two hear and there (like indian type meals and falafel - things they still enjoy). I don't judge or bother people about how they eat, and I would hope I would be extended the same courtesy.

This is the usual drill for me:
I spend all day long helping prepare that traditional meal, and some small meal for myself (usually a bean and veggie stew or something). When it comes time to sit down with everyone, I am always barraged with comments like "why do you have your own meal", "why can't you eat what everyone else is eating", "your mother worked hard to prepare this food, you are being disrespectful". And when I explain, for the hundredth time "I don't eat animal products" I am always met with comments like "give me a break, yes you do" and "Here just eat a little piece of the turkey then". This goes on throughout the entire meal. Needless to say, this isn't my favorite holiday. I always feel really singled out and like I am some kind of weirdo for not wanting to eat traditionally. I don't understand why it seems to bother everyone SO MUCH how I choose to eat. I go out of my way to make sure it doesn't interfere with anyone else's plans. I never want to put any out over my dietary choices. I really don't feel like it effects them ...

Any insights from other meat-eaters? I just want to understand why it might offend people.

Reccomendations for Las Vegas Eats

I am going to las vegas soon and wanted to know if anyone has any insider tips for good eats! I know there HAVE to be wonderful places off the strip no one makes it out to.

I dont have a lot of dough, and I like to eat fresh and clean

Also, the person I am going with wants to hit a buffet at least once, any opinions for the best vegas buffet? (on or off the strip)

Food that brings you to your KNEES

This recently happened to me when I was at a farm eating the best breakfast I have ever had. Everything was fresh off the land, made from scratch. It was all super SUPER rich in flavor and amazingly, beautifully pure, fresh, and simple. (just the way nature intended) It was definitely something to sit back and REALLY appreciate. Momma Nature knows what the heck she is doing!

I almost had a break down, Paula Deen Style (some of y'all will know what I am talking about). Food, will you marry me?

Isn't it the best feeling when food can almost bring tears to your eyes?

Have you ever had a food or special dish that has knocked you out? Brought you to your knees it was so damn good?

needed: simple veggie burger recipe

anyone have any yummy veggie burger recipes? I am a recently turned vegetarian and those store bought burgers are breaking the bank. I want to make my own, but I cant find a SIMPLE recipe. all i can find so far have like 40 ingredients!

my favorite store bought kind are the doctor pragers ones, so i like the VEGGIE burger type burgers, not the ... trying to taste like meat burgers.

any suggestions would be SUPER helpful!

humanely raised meat brands in california ??

i just finished reading a book about factory farms, and lets just say, i will never eat a factory produced animal product again. I know it is not for everyone, but my (self imposed) sweet blissful ignorance is over. I was wondering if anyone knows of any brands you can find in safeway or raleys that are NOT from factory type situations. Meats, eggs, and dairy.

Food Processor Recommendations ?

I recently bought a food processor and it died after 4 uses (and it was not a cheap one either). It just started spewing liquid everywhere and does a shotty job at pureeing. I am going to purchase a new one, but I want to consult yall first, as I should have done in the first place.

I just want one for normal, everyday use. Any recommendations?

Favorite Fall Foods?

for me, october means the true beginning of fall. Now until december is my favorite time of the year, full of friends, family, and of course ... FOOD

what are your favorite fall foods ?

i am a pumpkin addict, i love pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, pumpkin soup, etc

but i am also looking forward to pannetone, ginger bread, and just baking up a storm!

horray for fall and the holiday season, and of course, the lovely cuisine that accompanies it

Ideas for stale/leftover cereal ?

i have some cereals in the good old cabinet, mostly sugary kind that no one will eat now that my little sis is gone (apple jacks, cocopuffs, etc)

any ideas about what to do with this stuff? i hate to be wasteful, so i dont want to toss it out. i was hoping to make something to take to work, that others might enjoy. And i am tired of the same old cereal + marshmallow fluff shtick.

Forever Searching: the perfect pizza crust

for years and years i have tired out different recipes, all of which have never met what i deem to be a perfect crust

i am looking for a crust that is thin and bubbley, super crispy on the outside, but chewy and pillowy on the inside.

anyone have a recipe that might fit the bill?

IDEAS? quick, CHEAP, healthy item for a lunch potluck

my moms work is having a lunch potluck on friday, and she is super busy, so i told her i would help her out and make her a dish to take.

im fresh out of college, dont have much time or ... funding

any ideas for a quick cheap dish ? i was thinking along the lines of a stew, but its still quite hot out

Needed: dinner roll / biscuit recipe! (flakey layers)

i have never had much luck baking dinner rolls or biscuits for some reason. i want to be able to make tender, flakey rolls that come apart in layers! i dont know why something that seems so simple is so hard for me to do right!

does anyone have a (semi) fool proof recipe ?

What are you? Recipe Follower or Recipe Deviant

my GOAL is to always follow the recipe exactly the first time, so that i know what its meant to be like, and then make alterations to my taste the next time i make it.

this NEVER happens .. i cannot seem to follow a recipe for the life of me.

what about you guys?

SERIOUS help: convincing someone to change their eating habits

Hey serious eaters, I need advice again

If there is someone you care deeply about, and you know they are putting themselves at risk because of the foods they eat, is it better to keep on bugging them about it (to no avail, as of yet) or to just lay off?

My father has eaten the same way his whole life, and now that he is older, it is starting to affect him. I am growing more and more concerned for him as time goes on, and I try to give him advice, and offer alternatives, and try to get him to try new things, but he usually just smiles and nods and ignores me, or gets upset. He is just set in his ways, and I don’t know what to do anymore. It is obvious how he eats makes him happy, but it is not the best thing for someone his age, and I am really starting to see it affect him.

should i just lay of? i understand this is a choice everyone needs to make for themselves, i just don't think he ever will.

Any advice or suggestions?

An old obsession finally bites the dust ..

Good morning foodie friends!

Something very strange happened to me the other morning, and I thought I’d share. My whole life I have been obsessed with cereal. I couldn’t get enough! The combo of cold refreshing milk with crunchy cereal is addicting.

I was having my morning bowl the other day and the truth gave me a dull, uninvited nudge … ah, this realization has been looming for months … and I have been ignoring it like a I just don’t enjoy cereal anymore. I realized eating it in the morning was becoming almost a chore. I love food; I don’t want any meal to feel like a chore. It’s just habit I guess, and denial.

(full story HERE)

its been happening a lot to me lately. I guess my tastes are just changing. Tons of stuff I loved as I kid I wont touch now, and tons of stuff I hated I am finding to be quite nice!

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience. Realizing something you loved all your life, or as child just isn’t doing it for you anymore, or loving something that once produced a gag reflex upon sight.

Mint Ice Cream Recommendations?

Hello serious eaters! I have come to you today seeking guidance from you all, the only people I trust for food advice haha.

I am a HUGE mint fan, and I have been in search of a good mint chocolate ice cream for a long while now. I can’t seem to find one I like. The mint chip ice creams I have come across so far have all had weird candy “chocolate” pieces in them that I find to be to chalky, or I find the mint flavor is too washed out and sugary.

Anyone have a favorite mint (or mint chocolate) ice cream?

Thanks serious eaters!

-Dee (the apple hill adventurer)

needed: knock your socks off chocolate recipe for DAD

I am going to be home for father's day for the first time in 4 years, so i want to do something special for my dad.

he LOVES chocolate, i am talking ... a deep love, like .. i think he would give away our dog for a good chocolate cake.

fudge, brownies, cakes (especially German chocolate)

he also loves neapolitan (chocolate, coconut, and strawberry) stuff

anyways, i need a fool proof recipe that will KNOCK HIS SOCKS OFF. anyone have any suggestions ?

Reluctant Indifference: Scones

Whenever i see scones in a breakfast spread, i get super excited and reach for one immediately, while exclaiming "oooooo scones!" .. only to be immediately slapped in the face with disappointment... oh yeah, i forgot i dont really like these

is it just me, or are scones kind of ... mehhh in the realm of breakfast foods ...

maybe i have just never had a good one. (usually dry and lacking in flavor, even thought they always looks so buttery and appealing, choc full of goodies)

anyone have any thoughts or opinion changing recipes ?

Needed: a meal that would win a man's heart!

I have recently decided i am ready to start dating.

I figure i need to be equipt with a heart winning meal that i can bust out at any given occasion!

I am pretty old fashion, and i just LOVE cooking for people and sharing my love through food, so i would love to hear from
A) ladies that have stolen someones heart with a meal
B) men, what kind of meal would win your hearts!

disclaimer: I am only having a little fun with this, i mean no disrespect and I apologize if this comes off sexist. I am just a girl that loves to cook, and truly believes food can make every tummy happy. I also believe that cooking for someone is an a great way to show them you care :)

your opinion: calorie free / sugar free products

have y'all seen these products?

they completely weird me out, but to the point where i had to try one ... just for the heck of it!

i tried a calorie free pancake syrup
i did a review you can see here: Review

i am just wondering if anyone else has tried any of these products, or if they just sound too sketchy. And also if y'all even believe their claims ...

i see the appeal in these products (for weight loss / diabetics) but i generally feel apprehensive due to the nature of the products, i assume they are very artificial and perhaps not so great for health over the long haul. I think i would rather just splurge on the real thing every once in a while.

what do you all think ?

help: great eats near pismo beach ?

My parents are coming to pick me up after my graduation from college in June (finnaalllyyy woo hoo!). We are staying a night in pismo beach, california, on our way back home.

anyone have any suggestions on where to eat around the pismo/arroyo grande area?

Thanks so much!

Gluten Free?

i recently found out i might be allergic to gluten, so starting Monday i am cutting it out of my diet for a week to see if my health improves.

the problem: Gluten is amazing .. i'm pretty sure half of what i eat has gluten in it, and the thought of not being able to eat it makes me shutter!

my first priority is getting through breakfast ... i usually have cereal or oatmeal and fruit .. most of which i will not be able to eat starting next week (and lets pray its only for a week)

my question for you all is, does anyone know of any yummy gluten free foods - products - or recipes for a college students budget?

Favorite Camping Food / Recipes ?

Hey everybody! I am in charge of planning an upcoming camping trip and i am curious to hear if anyone has any camping food favorites. I have some ideas of my own, but i would love to hear what y'all think!

May 6th - International No Diet Day!

May 6th is international no diet day! it is all about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin! I think you should eat what you enjoy, and makes your body feel good. You should never deprive yourself of good quality fresh foods! Food is something that is meant to be experienced and enjoyed, not something to be shoveled down your throat between thoughts.

take some time, and really ENJOY your food on this day, and every day!

Any ideas about how you will celebrate ?

Baked Goods Blues: butter does make it better

good afternoon food fanatics! (and i use that word in only the most positive light)

so, i have an ongoing dilemma, and i am afraid there is no solution, actually, there probably isn't, i just thought id ask anyways.

i have problems digesting oil and butter, but i loooove muffins and stuff like pumpkin bread and apple fritters, but i cant enjoy them because i get ridiculously sick after consuming them (yes, it is a hard life i lead haha)

is there any recipes out there for sweet baked deliciousness that contains no oil or butter ?

btw - i know the old swap apple sauce or yogurt for oil or butter, but all the recipes i have tried with the substitution have been not so great ...

thanks my fellow food lovers!

Taste Test: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

This was by far one of the most violent taste tests we've had at Serious Eats world headquarters—we butchered off ears, cottontails, and hind legs, trying not to think too hard about former fluffy pets or Thumper. But hey, we needed to find the best of the hippity-hoppity chocolate Easter rabbits (and carving matzo wouldn't have been as fun). More