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What would you do with grape jelly?

I know this might sound odd,but my sister made a baked chicken(cut up)with grape,and apple jelly and it was Awesome! She just seasoned it with salt,pepper,and garlic powder,added both jelly's on top and baked !

A Sandwich a Day: Pork Chop Sandwich at Cafe Hong Kong

I have had fried chicken sandwiches,and fried pork chop sandwiches like this in a small restaurant and they were really good.Oh,they still had the bones in the meat!

More on the Fast Food Workers Strike in New York City

I Was a server for years,and made a good living off of it! 2.25 per hour(ten years ago) plus tips. You go into this job knowing what you will make,then you wine!If you are a good server you will make more then back to work,and be glad you have a job!

How Close to Closing Can You Start a Meal At A Restaurant?

If it is open-It is open! Don't worry about it.The servers will be there at least a half hour or more doing their side work any way.Don't let them make you feel unwelcome. If the owner was there they wouldn't act like that !

Why do grocery store cashiers 'throw' my food?

I don't have a problem with how they bag . It is not getting ALL bags off that thing they hang them on.

My Pie Monday: Peperonata, Caul-eppo, Onion Marmalade, and More!

It's working now,and it all looks yummy. I will have one of each,lol

5 Incredible Tacos in Columbus, Ohio

There must be quite a few good places to eat in Ohio.Have you ever noticed how my restaurants from Ohio are on the food network station?I live in Pa. and Plan to spend a couple days in Ohio just to visit some of them.I will get back to you when we return.

Fast Food French Fry Fray: McDonald's vs. Burger King vs. Wendy's

I love Mc Donalds fries because--they taste just like they have for years! I am 61 years old and Have been going there since I was little and they still taste the same. Wendys are good to but you have to ask them
to cook them a little longer then usual,and they will.Burger King fries are nasty to me.

A Question of Honesty

I know how to get them from gifting you with that wine--Make a fruit cake using the wine as the liquid(be sure to tell them it was their wine) and gift it to them! Lol.Maybe they will quit giving you their if they don't like the cake!

Foodisphere Erupts Over Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement

Paula was raised in the south,and that's how allot of them eat! I am from the north east and I married a boy from the south.His mother had to teach me how to cook southern food.Allot of deep frying,and bacon grease in every thing!Give her a break!

The Worst Thing I Ever Found in My Food

A used band aid in my french fries!I should of sued them!

Quick's Darth Vader Burger

Yes I would! As long as it tasted good,why not? May the force be with you!!