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Where a NYC foodie should eat on a trip to San Francisco?

Flour + Water
Swans Oyster Depot
Brown Sugar Kitchen (in Oakland)

Prepping Nettles for Pizza?

Blanche, wring out, chop, saute...

Dinner Tonight: Kale with Chorizo and Poached Eggs

I made up a recipe tonight that was essentially this: kale and dandelion greens, sautéed with garlic, pancetta and anchovy - served over pasta and topped with an egg. Yummy...

Dinner Tonight: Black Pepper Tofu

And I cut pepper in 1/2 too. But the bones of the recipe are good.

Dinner Tonight: Black Pepper Tofu

I've made this a couple of times, and it is even better with lots of bean sprouts added. Throw into stir fry at last minute.

Can I still use these frozen berries?

I used almost year old berries in a cobbler - mixed with new-ish apples. It was grand.

Vegetarian St Pat's Dish

Colcannon - it's Irish and green.

Suvir Saran's Black-Eyed Pea Curry

No - I use yogurt in curries all the time with no issues. Whole milk yogurt doesn't break easily. the non-fat stuff is terrible and will break if you look at it.

Bakery Reality Check

Oh - yeah - and another thing. Jerzee's suggestion about going in on as a partner in an EXISTING bakery is great for many reasons, but the cost and delays in building out a food facility is certainly one. I am a construction project manager and I've built a number of spaces with commercial kitchens. You want an experienced project manager to lead you though that process. The health code and construction requirements aren't trivial. Is it impossible to do? Not at all, and businesses like this open every day. But it's not straightforward either.

If you have small scale baking in mind (artisanal products sold at farmers markets or the like) then renting space in a commercial kitchen might not be a bad idea. Maybe that would be a good place to start in any case. You'd get an idea of ingredient cost, market demand, time involved, without a full-on commitment. I have friends who do this for other food products and it seems to work fine.

Bakery Reality Check

I'm not a baker, but I understand it to be a very capital/equipment-intensive business. If you just took a year off - if it were me - I'd think about rebuilding a solid emergency fund before even thinking of doing anything of this sort. A business needs a solid investment cushion on its books, and not just debt.

Chicken sat in kosher salt based dry rub for 2 days,ruined?

My turkey receipt calls for it to be salt-dry-rubbed for 3 days. I only did it for 1. Should be OK.

What am I doing wrong with my rice?

Too much water. And new crop rice (which this might be, depending on when you bought it) needs less water than aged rice.

The Vegan Experience Day 28: Final Thoughts As a Part-Time Vegan

Nice series of posts, Kenji! It's been very interesting following it. I eat where you landed - vegan most of the time, with small amounts of cheese as an accent occasionally (risotto, or something like that). Meat or fish in small amounts maybe once a week, but often I go long stretches without them. Anything at all socially. I prefer this as it just makes me feel better. I don't make an effort to be vegan, but I generally like less rather than more meat, and dairy disagrees with me.

Favorite Indian food cookbook (or blog)?

Another vote for Mahanandi. Simply amazing, and every recipe works brilliantly.

As far as cookbooks - my favorites (and I have over 100 of them) are Iyer's "660 Curries" and Padmanabhan's "Dakshin."

Grace/prayer at a dinner party

I don't say grace, but if someone wanted to, and I was in their house, that would be totally cool. I don't see it's an issue.

The Vegan Experience, Day 13: The Halfway Mark

I'm not a vegan, but I live in Berkeley...'nuff said.

It's super, super easy to be vegan in the San Francisco Bay Area. Aside from the large community of vegetarians and vegans here who expect offerings on all menus that will work for them, there's a robust east and south Asian community here, and so many restaurants that have totally OK vegan options.

I went out to a restaurant last night famed for its meat selections (I got goat for dinner there!). On the menu they had one vegan option. So even places that you think you won't be welcomed generally make an effort.

How long can I keep a dead lobster in the fridge?

No - can't do's not like fish. Needs to be cooked right away. I would cook it now and deal with the cold meat tomorrow.

Diversity Through Restriction

RJ: It's way cheaper to eat meatless. I eat some meat and fish, but mostly vegetarian. I don't buy any weirdo processed specialized foods. I cook a lot of East Asian and South Asian cuisine. I eat meat 1 to 2x a week. My budget - all-in for everything , including my meat, fish and a HUGE variety of vegetables - is $40/week, excluding wine.

I don't think a heavy meat eater could do the same. And I eat very well. I eat a lot, great variety and complex and interesting things.

The Vegetable Index: How Much Do They Cost?

@diane2001v: I grew up in State College - every time I go back I'm surprised at the high cost of food, but those prices look pretty good.

Gluten over Tofu?

I've been eating seitan stews with root vegetables lately, and I quite like it. It's very "meaty" and I think it's tastier than tofu. Although, obviously for those with wheat issues it's not a good idea.

Surprise! 7 Foods You Thought Were Vegan!

This is an exercise in diet. Many (obviously not all) people are vegan because they perceive it to be healthier. So wallet, comforter, etc don't matter for you for this exercise. But it is interesting to hear your observations.

A note - where I live (northern CA), I can buy evaporated cane juice as my white sugar. It isn't very "white" - kind of a caramel color, but I don't believe it uses bone char as it isn't refined the same way. I buy it because it's rockingly great in terms of taste. Although it doe make simple sugar for drinks like lemongrass/lime cocktails murky and scary-looking.

Winter Greens

Chard stems are awesome. In fact there are some varieties that are grown in Europe only for the stems. I use both leaves and stems when I make chard.

This is a great recipe:


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