I am dining at Jean-George tonight.

Oh my, it was good!! I had the sea scallops, the frog's legs and the black bass -- each with its own glass of wine to compliment the flavors. I chose the chocolate dessert plate. After four hours of dining, I felt pampered and content -- a spa for the palate. Great fun!

Thank you again for your suggestions.


I am dining at Jean-George tonight.

Frog's Legs!!!

Thanks Ed.


The Southfield Store-Cafe & Fine Foods, Mass.

Oh thank you Fred!! I am always looking for nifty places up that way. I will definitely check it out and get back to you. B.

Vermont Butter

I just saw a clip on the news about Diane Sinclair, a woman in Vermont who makes hand churned butter. It costs $15 per pound, and is apparently well worth the buck. Have you tried it? Do you know where we can buy it in New York City?


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