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  • Favorite foods: Korean, Japanese, Xinjian.
  • Last bite on earth: Lanzhou La Mian.

Why You Should Visit Singapore's Little India Now

Personally, I really like the Indian food in the Arab Street area. Also, the Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre has some real treasures (although it is mostly Indonesian, with heavy Indian influences).

Sweet or Savory, Martabak is the King of Indonesian Street Food

The sweet martabak is called "peanut pancake" in Singapore. The cakes are the same, but the filling is crushed peanuts and sugar. In Singapore, there are some places that do legit murtabak (that's what Singaporeans call it), with nutella and bananas. YUM.

The New Anova Precision Cooker Promises to Be the Best, Most Cost-Effective Sous-Vide Solution on the Market

@Kenji Lopez-Alt What is the best vessel for sous vide cooking? I notice a lot of restaurants use Cambro containers, but they have no insulation. What setup do you think would be ideal for use with the Anova Precision cooker?

Ask A Bartender: Good Substitutes for Expensive Spirits

Tito's Handmade is great stuff.

The New Anova Precision Cooker Promises to Be the Best, Most Cost-Effective Sous-Vide Solution on the Market

OMG!!! Look how fast they are selling!!! the first 1,000 will be gone within hours!!! So happy for them. Let's see what this thing can do!

Flushing's Excellent Fried Chicken and Fried Rice

I want to eat that so bad I am angry.

Amali's Dark Chocolate Beet Cake is Not What You Expect

That cake looks 'black hole' black.

Ask a Coffee Roaster: What's Your Favorite Coffee-Growing Country?

I too would have to agree on Ethiopa, particularly the Sidamo region. Fantastic, fantastic beans. I used to buy them from a little Japanese coffee back at home, and now living in South Korea, I can still find Sidamo beans at another tiny coffee shop. Coffee is a small world.

Ask a Cicerone: Which is Better, Draft or Bottled Beer?

I think the best of both worlds is bottle/can conditioned beer. The Fat Tire can is a world's apart from the bottle/draft. At least in my own experience. +1 on always from a vessel.

How Japanese-Style Slow-Drip Coffee Brewers Work

Got to love South Korea. These types of brewers are in every coffee shop, regardless of the size. There are even some cafes that have only "Dutch Coffee". I don't know why they chose to call coffee made in this way "Dutch" (maybe by way of Japan?), but it is good. Since I like to save money, I'll usually just get Americanos, but on special ocassions I'll spring or a Dutch cup.

Williamsburg's Bakeri Has the Bread Pudding of Your Dreams

My canale has bread pudding in it!

Video: Inside Roberta's Pizza

Roberta's is my kind of place. There is nothing wrong with High Standards as long as you maintain them in your own vacuum, and NOT hold everyone accountable. I suppose that is the problem. They are defining "pizza americana".

Open Thread: Which Burgers Are On Your Bucket List?

Minetta Tavern's Black Label
David Burke's Primehouse
The Brindle Room
Holeman & Finch
I live on the west coast so I have been lucky enough to try most of the burgers in SF, SD, and LA. Chicago and New York City still pretty much elude my belly.

We Try the Diner Double Beef, a '50s-Themed Burger From McDonald's Japan

As for fast food in real life, I would say either Japanese MOS Burger or Korean Kraze Burge do the most justice to their advertisements. The Wagyu Burger from MOS is great!

Game-Changing Cheeseburgers in New Orleans at The Company Burger

This is exactly the kind of place I would love to open myself.

Just in Time for Valentine's Day, Lotteria Debuts a Burger With Chocolate Sauce

Sounds gross. Lotteria are really big in Korea too, the founder is actually a Korean-Japanese guy. Ghana is a Korean brand chocolate, much like Meiji in Japan. I will look for it at my local Lotteria.

Biang! Makes a Bang with Spicy Xi'an Noodles Near Seattle

I know some one could argue this point with me, but I think authentic Xinjiang food are Halal. I lived in a part of China that was full of the Muslim ethnic group native to the Xinjiang province, and all of their food was Halal. A lot of goat and beef was used in their food, and it was delicious! Their lamb skewers was some of the best "drunk" food I have ever eaten (ironically). Just wait until you can get some authentic DaPanJi in NYC!!! Where I lived, the locals had hybridized it with the province's specialty, numbing pepper, into something magical.

Tasty Burgers and Terrible Service at Gordon Ramsay BurGR in Las Vegas

Brits don't know squat about meat.

Paris Baguette's Unconventional Canele Still Satisfies

What! They don't have those here in Korea!!! Well, maybe they have just released them...I will check one out on my way home from work tonight.

All the Ramen at Ippudo's New Midtown Location

Too expensive! The portions look scrawny.

A Salt & Battery, New York's Top Fish and Chip Shop

Thanks Nick! I was wondering, would you call this restaurant a "Chippy" or is it nicer than your average Chip Shop in England?

Game Dev Wants Pizza Instead of Money

Yeah. Sorry to disappoint, but I did not mean to SPAM. I just thought people would enjoy reading about a pizza related article.

Ask a Bartender: What Are Your Favorite Tequilas?

Gran Centenario Anejo. Done.

Hot Kitchen Does Standout Sichuan in the East Village

Those seemed like an interesting riff on Sichuan dishes.

A Sandwich a Day: Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit at The Roost Food Truck

Those are the correct proportions.

Baohaus & Eddie Huang

I recently finished an epic marathon of VICE and Eddie Huang's web series, FRESH OFF THE BOAT. Firstly, for those who have eaten or heard about his restaurant, Baohaus, is it very good? Secondly, Huang portrays himself somewhat as a street hustling everyman, but it seems more like he is just playing this character up. I know from the show he went to Law School and had a very short career in Law, but does anyone know if he really "came up from the streets"?

Love Recipe by Clazziquai

The South Korean band called Clazziquai Project recently made this music video for their song "Love Recipe". It features some very cool food shots and loads of coffee paraphernalia from Korean coffee shops. The song is soft and melodic. I just wanted to post it for the awesome food shots and editing. Hopefully, you'll find it enjoyable too.

Where Has This Burger Been My Whole Life?

Perusing for a new lens for my camera, I came across this video testing said lens. The video is of a roadside stand in Malaysia featuring what look to be one helluva burger. Check it out! The bun is buttered then toasted atop the griddle, the burger, which is also griddled, and is where the really exciting part is, the cook cracks an egg, stirs it, places the patty in the middle of the egg, and then flips the "skirt" over so the whole thing envelops the patty. Fresh lettuce, onion seems to be the condiments, with what looks like Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, or maybe Hoisin sauce used in copious amounts. He also cooks something that might be sausage or a fish cake or a pork patty. Anyways, I have never seen anything like this, it looks so good. Perfect drunk food. Apparently, this Malaysian creation is called a "Ramly Burger". The lens didn't look half bad either...

Serious Eats' Site Slowdown

Has recently undergone some kind of server change or something that would cause it to require more memory (RAM) usage? I have recently been having some drastic slow down of my internet whenever I have tried to load any page on I have been a regular to for over two years now, and have previously never encountered this kind of issue. I am using the newest Firefox update, so maybe that has something to do with it. Is anyone else experiencing slow downs on Does anyone know how to fix this type of problem?

The New Griddle @ Elevation Burger

Has anyone else seen this article about Elevation Burger's new griddle? It looks like a cast-iron conveyor belt of hamburger goodness! Or at least very unique! Apparently, it was created out of necessity as wait times at some locations have become a bit long. I have personally not seen anything like this in all my burger travels. Does anyone else have thoughts about this new innovation in hamburger cookery?

Link to the article:

Heston Blumenthal, a BMW M5, a Cucumber, and a Samurai Knife

The car website,, has an interesting piece on Three-star chef Heston Blumenthal, while he was on the British car show, Fifth Gear. Heston tries to learn how to perform a power slide with his car, then attempts to slice a cucumber with one of his Japanese knifes taped to the hood of his BMW M5. Entertaining and informative! Check the link for the article and the video of Heston Blumenthal's attempt at the ridiculous. Ridiculously cool that is.

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