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Flee The Pizza: Spike Mendelsohn's "We, The Pizza" in Washington D.C. Still No Good

Thanks for following up on my original review, Kenji. Glad to hear you agreed, but sorry to hear it hasn't really improved.

I couldn't even get my kids to eat the stuff, and that's saying something.

Washington, D.C.: Il Canale Is Georgetown's First True Neapolitan Pizza

jakethemate -- Search the site using "DC pizza" and you'll find a lot more Washington reviews.

Costco, a Pizza Chain Hiding in Plain Sight

No question -- they make a very decent pie in a very unlikely setting at a fantastic price.

How To Start a Pizzeria

Funny that it leaves out the part where you need at least $100,000.

Expectations Fizzle at Arlington, Virginia's Fire Works

pizzablogger --

Excellent and well-informed observations! I have a conflict of interest so can't say anything negative about the oven, but you make some very salient points.

My main disappointment was with the dreary and leaden crust -- just unforgivable.