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Make These Moist and Tender Sweet Potato Pancakes With Your Leftovers

I make huge batches of mashed sweet potatoes to take to work -- specifically because they reheat so well in the microwave.

Ginger Beer

I do the same as Cakeloveo8 -- made the syrup and mix with sodawater. With my roommate's soda stream, it's a simple process.

8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Come on -- "it's basically the only thing making these dog days of summer a little more bearable". And the disclaimer in the seventh slide. This is a disgusting example of a shill.

8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

The shilling in this piece is over-the-top.

The Food Lab Rapido: Pico de Gallo

JKLT, thanks for the salting tip. My pice de gallo has always turned to soup after an hour or so. Now I see why.

Green Risotto With Mushrooms (Vegan)

Is the reserve 3.5 cups liquid an error? I'm guessing it is. And I think I've toasted the rice too long.

International Serious Eats Day 2013

I'm in Baltimore and went to one in DC last year. I might plan one in Bmore this year.

The Serious Eats Guide To Pizza In Naples

I ejaculated when I saw "ejaculated" in that comment. I didn't know I ejaculated until I looked up "ejaculated" on

A Sandwich A Day: The Awesome Banh Mí From Ba Le in Dorchester, MA

Is this Ba Le the same as the similarly named places in Philadelphia and Chicago?

Taste Test: Olo's Chipotle Paste Vs. Canned Chipotle Chilies

"Ah, I didn't know that, sorry! But it does seem strange to accuse Amazon of "squeezing money out of people," when it's the cheapest marketplace anywhere, and of all the places I shop, offers the best customer support and easiest return policies to boot!"

I hope Amazon pays its shills well.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Recipes

just looking at those jerusalem artichokes makes me gassy.

Austin: We Eat Everything on the Menu at East Side King

Ha, if you ordered everything on the menu, it probably took five hours to get your food. It's usually a 45 min wait for two buns.

A Taste of the Menu at 'Pork Slope,' Dale Talde's New Park Slope Bar

Ha, (1) pork, whiskey, and shot-and-a-beer specials are completely hipster right now, and (2) hipsters hate hipsters.

Pork Slope is obviously a hipster bar.

We Eat Everything at Hot Doug's

Acckk, those pale, slimy onions are absolutely not caramelized!!

Reality Check: Cheese Krystal

+1 on the reality check looking a lot better. Makes me hungry for some white castle!

Hey, Pizza Joints, Why You Gotta Bust My Meatballs?

That was an overwhelming amount of 13 year-old humor.

7 Brunches We Love in Washington, D.C.

Abbey is definitely my favorite serious eats writer!!


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