The Broiler on My Gas Oven Died- Advice?

Thanks! It's still safe to use my oven regularly until it's fixed, right? I don't smell gas leaking or anything.

Snapshots from Mexico: The Best Things I Ate and Drank in Nayarit

Question: How do you manage to eat all this food that's full of water and not get sick? Or is "Don;t drink the water in Mexico" just a myth?

Barbecue Royalty Heads to Chinatown: Scenes From Last Night's Brisket King of NYC

What a waste of money. Jimmy Carbone chose the worst venue possible, a rabbit warren of tiny rooms, and he oversold tickets with no regard for the safety or comfort of guests. It was impossible to enjoy food when crammed in like a crowded subway car.

Mexico City Eats?

The 10 Best Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

That "USA Today" article was actually done by the Daily Meal and just republished there. Also, yes the duck and sauternes sausage counts as a hot dog.

Good Bread: Il Fornaretto Bakery Does Classic Italian Loaves and Peerless Semolina Bread

This is where Zito's gets their bread. Goooooood stuff.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Hoping to eventually be able to grind my own!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

The one from Peter Luger. And while we're at it, one with a slab of foie gras on it.

Bronx Eats: Finding Garifuna At The Edge of Crotona Park

You could have at least mentioned what the hell country this food originated in!

Date Night: Silk Rd Tavern

Hate to add another voice to the growing choir.. You guys are just trying way too hard, and it comes off as twee and pseudo-pretentious.

Burger City Guides: George Motz's Favorite Burgers in Brooklyn

Reheating Pizza

Skillet does sound like the way to go for one slice at a time, but if I need to reheat more than will fit in the pan- oven is the way to go!

Market Tours: House-Smoked Polish Kielbasa and 2,300 Beers at Eagle Provisions

So no photos of the actual kielbasy? I know what beer looks like.

Also, yeah. Stocking the beer warm: not a good idea.

Date Night: Kiwiana, New Zealander Cooking from 'Top Chef's' Marc Simmons

@DG381 Hoary means "aged," so they probably mean like it's been around a while. Cliched might have been a better word to use.

Date Night: Kiwiana, New Zealander Cooking from 'Top Chef's' Marc Simmons

Interesting writing, but I agree that this place is amazing. A real hidden gem in a neighborhood full of good restaurants.

Mexican Eats: Barrio Chino's Impenetrable Mole

Yet another potentially great dish ruined by the scourge of shredded iceberg lettuce.

Comment of the Day: How to Make A Good Waffle Burger

Adam needs to lay off the blow.

Top This: Pepperoni and Homemade Pickled Banana Peppers

So what exactly is the difference between banana peppers and pepperoncini?

A Sandwich a Day: Hot Cajun Roast Beef at M & O Market & Deli

So.. a bodega sandwich.

We Try Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, Guy Fieri's New Times Square Restaurant

Went there because I had some time to kill before a show last week, and this place is absolutely ridiculous. That said, margarita was palatable and the wings with the Asian sesame sauce were downright tasty. And because there was a problem with the POS a duplicate order came out and he gave it to us for free.

Sandwiched: Pork Patty Melts

Surprised there's no mention of the porky melt at Pork Slope. a cheese-stuffed sausage patty topped with mustard and caramelized onions on Texas toast. Truly a wonder to behold.

Hangover Helper: Pho With Roast Chili Oil from Pho Sate in Falls Church, VA

Is that meat? What the hell is that veiny crap in there?

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches, the International Edition

You guys left off the Bake and Shark!

@jzohny The origins of the falafel are still hotly contested, with many different countries claiming to have been the first. Not everything is an affront.

Best Single Bite in NYC

Cornmeal fried oysters with slaw and BBQ sauce from Cornelius on Vanderbilt Ave. Also the lamb burger at the Breslin.

Chocoholic: Chocolate Blancmange

I can't hear the word "blancmange" without thinking of that Monty Python sketch where they invade and turn Englishmen into Scots in order to win Wimbledon.

The Broiler on My Gas Oven Died- Advice?

Went to turn on the broiler on my GE gas oven tonight and nothing happened. Seems like the top heating element is dead, but the bottom one still works when I turn the oven on. Ideas for how to fix, or should I call the repairman?

Mexico City Eats?

I'll be traveling to Mexico City later this week and will be staying near the Zocalo. I won't have too much time to myself but am wondering if anyone has any tips for cheap eats in the area, street food-style stuff.

Reheating Pizza

So after years of trial and error, I think I've discovered the right way to reheat cold pizza.

My main issue has always been with the crust: after reheating in the oven, microwave, toaster oven, etc, it's always been limp and saggy (ok for rolling up into a pizzarito, but not much else).

So my solution to that? Put a baking sheet into a cold oven. Turn it up to 400, let it come up to temperature. Put pizza on pan, let it go for about 10 minutes. Take the pan out of the oven, let it sit for a couple minutes. Remove to plate. Crispy bottom, melted cheese.

Perfect reheated pizza.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

So after hearing all my friends rave about the Starbucks Pumpkin Spike Latte (there's a FIERCE fanbase) I caved and tried one yesterday. My God, that was the sweetest beverage I've ever had, period. Sweeter than pumpkin pie. Tasted even sweeter than regular Coke too, it seemed. I can't even imagine how many packets of sugar even a small would have the equivalent of, and how many calories must be in it. Does anyone else feel this way? Why are people so obsessed with this thing?

What to do with pork cheeks?

I bought some pork cheeks on a whim last weekend and didn't realize until I started looking at recipes that they require HOURS AND HOURS of slow cooking, something I'm unable to do. Is there any way to save them, ie slicing them thinly and cooking fast? I'm at a loss and can't spend a whole day making a meal out of them.

How to order my very particular type of eggs?

So, I prefer my eggs in a very specific way, one which basically prevents me from ordering them in a restaurant because they always seem to come out wrong.

It's eggs cracked into a pan, cooked to well, then flipped over and cooked through on the other side, but making sure not to break the yolk. That way when they come out I can take the intact yolks out myself, as I'm not a fan of yolk but don't like just straight scrambled egg whites.

My question is, is there some proper restaurant lingo for that: fried eggs, yolk cooked through and unbroken? It doesn't appear to be over hard- I still have no idea what that means.

Great Mardi Gras Recipe?

I want to do some cooking for Mardi Gras tomorrow, but have been having trouble tracking down a killer recipe for something authentic other than jambalaya or gumbo. I'm thinking something like a blackened chicken with pasta, but all those recipes are loaded with cream and butter. It may be a lost cause, but are there any good recipes out there that scream "Mardi Gras!" but won't be a total diet buster?

The Two Fat Ladies Rap

Has anyone else noticed The Two Fat Ladies Rap on the Cooking Channel? Their show, which I watched obsessively back when I was a kid in the 90s, is being re-aired on the channel and obviously someone randomly dug up this old promo and the programming department has brilliantly decided to air it multiple times daily, in its minute-long entirety! It makes me so happy, and it's hilariously 90s. Here's a sample lyric:

They blast the duck
Then cook it up
Then come to your house
And say "What up?!"

Love it!

David Chang Strikes Back at Kenji!

After Kenji got charged 5 bucks for a bottle of Mexican Coke at David Chang's new place and blogged about it yesterday, the Changster bit back! Here are his tweets at our man Kenji:

kenji please stick to catering. mexican coke = hard to obtain in nyc + costs $.

maybe if @momofuku & @momomilkbar get sponsored by the terrible National Pork Board as @seriouseats once did we can subsidize our costs?

i see but, @seriouseats essentially attacks on one of my kids, he knows how pricing runs in restaurants, he knows better.

would love to see list of sponsors that have paid @seriouseats, lots of smiles to your face and knives in your back. watch ur back chefs.

funny all this time @seriouseats wants @momofuku @momomilkbar to contribute to their sandwich & cookie hall of fame party this

The ball is in your court, Kenji!

Super-authentic Sauerbraten recipe?

I'm looking for a real traditional, possibly-several-hundred-year-old recipe for Sauerbraten. Not sure if one that involves ginger snaps is the way to go, but all the recipes I found seem to have them in it.

Anyone have any old family recipes?

Slow roasted pork belly... plus nipples?

While eating a slow roasted pork belly sandwich in Chinatown today I picked out a little of the excess fat.. and there was a nipple on it. I told the owner, and he replied that because it's the belly, you're bound to get nipples in there too. I was horrified! Is this standard practice?

Other uses for tandoori paste?

I bought some tandoori paste but discovered that it's WAY too spicy when rubbed on chicken before roasting in the oven.

Is there any way I can salvage it? Like combine it with yogurt to make a marinade/ sauce or something?

Best red for mulled wine?

So snowy here in NYC, so I'm thinking about making a mulled wine tonight. Would prefer to use something other than boxed "burgundy." Any thoughts as to a cheap bottle that'd complement the spices nicely?


Okay here's another old Jewish bread for y'all that my mom's been telling me about: Bubbeh. It was a super-dense potato bread, but the recipe's been lost and it's been impossible to track down any info on it on the internets. Anyone ever hear of this?

Old- Fashioned Jewish Corn Rye

My mom was telling me a couple days ago about a bread that her grandfather used to buy in Brooklyn in the 40s and 50s. He called it corn rye, and it was dense and unlike any rye bread made nowadays. With a little research, I've found that it may have been called shissel. Anyone have any authentic recipes? Or ideas of where in Brooklyn it could have been found back then? I'd like to bake a couple of loaves for her for Yom Kippur.

Thanks a lot!

A half roast chicken has 1500 calories?!?!

While browsing the menu at Capital Grille (who stupidly has to post calorie counts- shouldn't they draw the line at EXPENSIVE chains? anyway) I noticed that the strip steak has about 600 calories (understandable), but the roast chicken has FIFTEEN HUNDRED! It's been my weekend standby because I assumed it was just some chicken. Um, guess not. I guess that skin is a real killer.

Anyway, just a warning, I suppose. I'll be sticking with the boneless skinless breast from now on I guess.

Fridge/ Freezer keeps turning on and off

The fridge/ freezer that came with my apartment seems to be on a cycle where it'll be "on" for a couple hours, then shut off for a little while, then turn back on. While it's off, the stuff in the freezer defrosts slightly (moreso if I open the door), which makes freezing meat basically impossible. Is this common in refrigerators? I've never really noticed it before this. It's your run-of-the mill GE. Is there some hack to keep it on all the time, or will that just make my energy bill go thru the roof?

What to do with 2 bone-in rib eyes?!

Got two gorgeous bone-in rib eyes for Valentine's Day. I'm not used to cooking big, fatty, bone-in steaks- usually I cook just sirloins.

Anyone have any special tips and/ or recipes? I'd prefer not to screw this up, for obvious reasons.


Crispy Buffalo Legs

Not to repeat myself, but anyone looking for a slightly lighter alternative to wings this weekend should strongly consider skinless Buffalo Legs. They're not greasy at all, and are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, with a lot more meat than the average wing.

Marinate the legs for a few hours in Franks, then dry them off and toss them in a plastic bag with flour, salt, oregano, paprika, and garlic and onion powder. Let that rest for a couple hours.

Shake off as much of the flour/ seasoning as possible and drop them into hot oil for about 20 minutes, until they're golden brown.

Drain them on some paper towels, then toss them in a bowl with a 3-1 ratio of Frank's Red Hot to butter.

I'm tellin you, these are damn good. The skinless aspect makes them uniformly crispy, without any pockets of fat, and the flour is absorbed by the meat so it forms a shell which soaks up the sauce but doesn't get soggy.

I hope someone attempts these.

Gui Fieri's REAL name?!

It's Guy FERRY!

There's nothing Italian about it, and the fact that he's so adamant about pronouncing it "properly" (rolling the R to make it sound like "Fieddi" just rubs me the wrong way. I love his shows but he strikes me as a self-important ass.

Food for when it's REALLY Cold

Up here in NYC it's about 20 degrees right now. Just writing that sentence made me gag a little. On nights like this we tend to just order a pizza or something, but I think standing over a hot stove stirring something delicious might just do the trick to warm my spirits (and soul) a little bit.

Anyone have any simple favorites for a cold and blustery evening?

Secrets to Beer Bread?

I recently decided to start baking my own bread, and thought a good way to start out would be with beer bread. My first attempt wasn't exactly awful, but it turned out with the texture more of a banana bread: dense and rich. Any ideas as to how to bake a beer bread that's somewhat light? And while we're on the subject, anyone have any good recipes for a whole wheat/ whole grain beer bread, and which beers are good for different varieties?

WTF was that Good Eats last night?

Was anybody else a little disturbed by the Good Eats special last night? It was basically just Alton and Ted Allen on stage in a massive auditorium, doing schtick and setting up clips. But something about it just struck me as off. Maybe it was the size of the audience, and their overjoyed response to basically every word that the guys said.

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