Any love for soggy fries?

Put them in a blender with any veggie or spices you like..( I like green onions). Blend it up till smooth/pulsed then make a pancake and fry.

I'll take Salsa on mine please.

With a over-easy egg on top.

Gas vs charcoal grilling in a gas grill

It is not hard to do. Just place a cookie sheet on top of the gas jets.. ( cover the gas jets with a piece of foil if you desire) Place coals on cookie sheet..light them up and cook away.

Honing Steels for 15 and 20 degree edge?

I still like my old Arkansas sharpening stones for sharpening.

Honing Steels for 15 and 20 degree edge?

Here is some intelligent info.

Keep in mind that razor blades are at about 12 degrees. And we know that the blades do not last long for us guys shaving. So the wider the angle the longer lasting.

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

Two wooden ones plainly marked. "Meat" and one "Veggies". Both get cleaned with identical procedure. Smoking hot water and soap. Even my kids can figure this one out.

People still only have one cutting board?

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas? could talk to your local jewler and have 3 mounted on a ring. Your girlfriend/wife would love it!!

A 3 carrot ring!!... :-)

In my quest to find healthier grilled meat I found this. Turmeri

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

Ahem......everyones attention. I see some bacon crying its eyes out in the corner because it did not get mentioned.

Somebody do something!

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

Why are there rules for what is forbreakast anyway??

Best Ways to Save At High Quality Restaurants

I still like my spam off the grill with some real maple syrup.

Deviled eggs

I like to use just a straight up pesto instead of mayo or miracle whip. Fun to toss in some cajun like seasonings into the pesto also for a switch.

Basically...put whatever you like in your omlette into your deviled eggs and have some fun with them.

Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

When I have to travel with a dish. I just make my recipe as planned. And when it is done I just pop in a preheated/warmed up crockpot. The stoneware keeps it nice and toasty until I get there. Once I am there...just plug it in to maintain.

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?

@ Teachtalk thank you. I have been reading everthing I can find about this.

Marinating and lower temps seem to be the key.

I called my professor from college about this and he is looking into it also.

The flavor of char/bark is awesome. But my kids are young.

And my sister is a cancer survivor. So it is on my radar.

Culinary land mines

Boiled hominy. It is like eating erasers.

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?

@ canihavesome Great article. Thank you.

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?


Not for my children though.

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?

horseradish root??

Btw...I just scub them like a carrot.

And if you plant them...they will take over anything and produce more than you, your neighbors an the local grocery store can handle. Easy to grow your own!!

horseradish root??

It is better than the stuff you get out of a jar. (though Toule Lake comes close).

I agree...make sure you do it outside. The stuff will gas/fume you right out of your house. Great stuff though...while shredding I add some vineger to one batch....yogurt/sour cream to another..sometimes all together. Who needs mayo?

Surf & Turf Broth?

About the only time I cook with straight water is to make stock, boil eggs, and make coffee.

Everything else..even noodles....gets cooked with stock.

There is no set rules on making stock. Let your creative mind roll. Stay outside the box. It is funner.

Crazy delicious and creative hot dog creations?

I always take store bought hotdogs then freeze thm.. When I start up the smoker for other stuff I thaw a pack or two out and pop them in too. After that it is anything goes.

Oh My Spaghetti Pie

Looks great. And now I am hungry!

What is your favourite kosher food?

How come SE is not showing up on Facebook?

I dunno if this helps or not but I do know that to keep my newsfeed stocked with stuff I like (even family and friends) I must like and sometimes share stuff I do not even like.


How come SE is not showing up on Facebook?

Thank you for the heads up.

Marinating meat in beer reduces cancer risk?

I came across this video

Is there any value to this? If true or has any validity I shall be changing the way I grill. I have young children and would like to keep their risk of cancer as low as possible. We practically live off the grill/barbecue.

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?

I came across this video

Is there any value to this? If true or has any validity I shall be changing the way I grill. I have young children and would like to keep their risk of cancer as low as possible. We practically live off the grill/barbecue.

Cajun Injectors

I have the kids this weekend (btw the asparugus recipes are going great!!). and my 11 year old boy was helping me knock out the dishes and as he was putting the silverware away, he found the injector....asked me what it was for. So I told him what it was for and I have not used it in years.

On my end...I used the original stuff that came with it...was not impressed and forgot about, it then went back to brining.

My dilema is now my son wants to use it and there is not a single recipe on this site for injecting.

Dads are supposed to know everything...yet, this one has me

Any ideas? He came up with the Ranch Bacon Dressing that is in the fridge. He loves that stuff.

Maybe this might be a good one for the Food Lab?


Asparagus stems revisited.

It that time of year again where bounties of asparagus are about for the taking. (Not here in Montana. It is snowing as I write this). Anyways, I bought a mess of the stuff at $1.49 a pound and would like some ideas what to do with the stems besides soup that is plastered all over the net or just saving them for stock or compost.

Any ideas?

How do you upload a picture here or photo grazing?

I'm on mobile. And my 11 year old is after "B"Kenjis job. Would love to share some photo's of what he comes up with (standing on a kitchen chair).

I know this isn't Reddit or Instagram.

Should be a way though. I saw Mr. Nick share a pic here in the talk section where most of us like to hang out anyhow.


I'm Hidden Valley Ranch kind of fella.
Instead of using traditional tomato based pizza sauce..I dumped half of large bottle of Ranch dressing on the crust...then the rest of the goodies on top. It came out incredible.

So there is your million dollar idea.

And what is the craziest thing you've put on your pizza?

Grilled cheese sandwiches

I've looked around this website and these sandwiches have been done to death. Yet, they (in my opinion) are fried...not grilled on a grill.

I've looked around on the web and found a few and then tried them, of which I wasn't happy with them.

Anybody have any ideas on how to pull this one off on a actual grill?

Winter is coming and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches are serious comfort food when coming in out of the cold.

Poisonous foods.

I recently came across this article about poisonous foods.

Any merit to it?

Break time.

Instead of all these hard questions and helpful answers around here.

Try this with your stove.

Anybody know how to grill a cucumber?

I have 40 jars of pickles put up. Now I would like to expand my culinary horizons on what to do with the rest of this bountiful year of cucumbers. I have tried roasting, frying, and grilling.

Yet, they always come out mushy. Any ideas?

Facebook sharing from SE.

Anybody know how to share from the SE site to Facebook? To my friends and family? I know I can copy and paste the URL. That does not seem enough. I am here on the mobile version and it is almost impossible for a cell phone to handle the main site. The screen is clouded and overlayed with other stuff I cannot see. Mobile side works great. No ability to share though that I can find.

I am here on a newer Samsung with the latest Android.

Bromelain...meat tenderizer

I recently bought about 200 dollars in Ribeyes... that the package/meat was tenderized in Bromelain. Took me to later to read the fine print. I did some research at howstuffworks.
Nothing on here.

And they are melt in your mouth.
Has anyone here used this stuff??

Leaving condiments out.

I see resaurants always leaving their condiments out on the tables. Day or night. Yet, it says right on the label " Refridgerate after opening". I don't leave my mustard and ketchup etc. out on my counter for days on end at room temp.

Is this stuff at the restaurants still safe to eat?

Secret Menu's

Has anyone been seeing this lately?

I found about it here...

Of course I had to try the local Mcdonalds...they at looked me like I was Yet, they made the Monster Mac for me anyways......with a supervisor shaking his head,walking away.....and me smiling cuz I got it for 8 bucks.....wonder what I am going to do with leftovers as I want to spread this cholestrol out over a

What to do with leftover fast food french fries. bad...don't have time to cook, so, grab some fast food...and I have all these leftover french fries. I don't care to waste've tried microwaving...(they come out like as hard as hockey pucks).
Put them in stews and soups....they come out like glue.

At least for me......these things are a puzzle.

Any suggestions besides the parking lot for the birds?

Thank you SE community!!

Is it safe to cut mold off of cheese?

I recently obtained some Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese. I open it up for a taste....liked busy on some stock and broth recipes...and kinda forgot about it for a few it is about pure green. If I cut the mold it still safe to eat?