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Kitchen Appliance/Gadget Ideas

Get a panini press that opens up to be a griddle, with removeable plates. I use mine A LOT.....sandwiches, pancakes, burgers, other meats....I have a Cuisenart (sp).

Deep Fried Pickles

Ok, here in Texas we love us some fried pickles.....Chips, ridged are the best. The spears are just a pain in the arse. But fried pickles need to be eaten right after being fried....and cooled a little so you don't get burned....when they cool they get soggy. I have tried re-heating in the oven and it does not work well. Have Fun!!

HELP! Grainy/oily deviled eggs filling

olive oil in deviled eggs? Never heard of that. Is that in place of mayo?

Hope you can use the fixes listed here and bring them to the party.

Anyone ever had Meatloaf Cupcakes?

Yup :) Do them all the time. Mine are not dry. It's what you put in your mix that determines if they are dry....and don't overcook.

Need a Good Pate Brisee Recipe

I used Kenji's Recipe and it turned out wonderfully. Thanks so much :)

Need a Good Pate Brisee Recipe

Thanks SOOOOO much.....At what temp and how long to blind bake the crust?

Diet Coke

I use to drink the same amount of Diet Dr. Pepper. I quit cold turkey about 4 years ago. NO carbonated drinks since. I feel SOOO much better.

But this was a personal choice....and it's saving me a TON of money as well.

Pizza Is A Vegetable According To Congress! Any Comments?

This is why my kids take their lunches. I am not EVER going to let my kids eat the crap they serve at school. It's pain in the butt to fix the lunches, but at I know MY kids are eating healthy.

I do let them get ice cream on Fridays. I'm not a total buzzkill ;)

And, we don't go to fast food places unless it is the only choice. And they usually feel sick afterwards.

I have taught my kids to cook with real food. I cook every night, from scratch. I use my grill at least 2 times a week. It's a lifestyle, and it takes work. My life might be easier if I microwaved everything, but we'd be far less healthy.

breakfast or sweet Italian sausage in the dressing?

I get my sausage from the butcher already seasoned very boldly. Not italian, imo.

Ratios: Meatballs and Meatloaf

I make my meatloaf with equal parts of lean beef, veal and ground pork. I add in egg, panko, tomato paste and a myriad of seasonings.

I like mine to be firm but moist so it makes awesome sandwiches the next day.

At the Grocery Store, Do you Take It Back? Plus A Horror Story!

Having worked in grocery stores and Wal-Mart (hey gotta do what ya gotta do) for 3 months....I have seen some NASTY stuff. You don't even wanna know.

I put stuff back or give to the cashier. But if you give cold stuff to the cashier, most likely it will not get put back because they don't have the staff and it will go off temp or thaw and be written off. I know this from experience.

An entertaining website about cheeseburgers

I love that website....found it about a year ago....makes me REALLY hungry to look at all those burgers......glad you shared the link. I had forgotten about it.

Cookie recipes to win a guy's heart?

In highschool I made a guy Eclairs for his birthday. To this day ( nearly 30 years later) he STILL calls me on HIS birthday and asks where his 'Doughnuts' are :) Now THAT is the way to make an impression.

I used the recipe in an old Betty Crocker Cookbook....the 3 ring binder one...Still use it to this day. Filled with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate I gotta make some ;)

What to do with Buttermilk Powder

I did read that you cannot reconstitute it. Which is fine.

So if a recipe calls for butter milk I can add this powder plus water for the actual butter milk, right? Is there a certain ratio I need to use. No instruction n the bag.

Sounds like I need a buttermilk pancake mix recipe ;)

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms :)

@ Glenda...I am TOTALLY making those this weekend... AND going back to Wally World to get more bags!!LOL

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms :)

Thanks boobird.....that's them....I will taste them tomorrow and report back :)

What a dumb argument

Some of the best eggs I have had were from a diner in Durango Colorado. This guy sound sounds like an idiot. I am a big fan of ordering what you like....and I might like something you don't....I might suggest things that I find good but making a flat statement like that about eggs is stupid.

Being from Texas, I'd NEVER order chili from a diner....ever. It takes hours to make good chili and that ain't happening at a diner.

What "normal" food have you never had?

I think defining 'normal' would make this easier to! Normal to us Southerners might not be normal for West Coasters or Northerners....just saying ;)

What "normal" food have you never had?

I think defining 'normal' would make this easier to! Normal to us Southerners might not be normal for West Coasters or Northerners....just saying ;)

On a serious note . . .

And the horrendous wildfires here in Texas.....make sure you have all your important papers in one place so you can grab and go when the fire is "hang on a minute" it's life or death here.

To those all over the country affect by the flooding, fires or other natural disasters....stay safe and we are praying for you.

Ice Cream Topping Debate: SHOTS (or sprinkles? HUH?)

Either sprinkles or jimmies.....but for goodness sake don't ruin good ice cream with them.....only folks raised in a f*cking barn would do that (LOL).

They are for cookies or cupcakes if you must use them at all...they are foul tasting things, IMO.

Now, I think I will have a shot :)


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