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The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Kenji, I've been told by my reliable West Coast source that you may have missed one (minor) menu option: it appears you can order the burgers "no salt", which will spare you from them adding it during the grilling.

Apparently, though, it doesn't make a significant difference in the taste.

Great article!

Condiments in ... Puerto Rico: Mayoketchup

I see I am two minutes too late to make a "fancy sauce" reference. Drat!

Doughnut Burger from Rub BBQ

The irony with Krispy Kreme availability is that there used to be one just down the block from where Rub BBQ is located. Sad it closed!

'Slice' Poll: Pineapple Pizza - Way or No Way?

"I like it, but I wouldn't call it pizza. Real pizza is tomato sauce, cheese, and a topping or two of your choice. Can't get my head around any pizza with a white sauce, which is how most pineapple and ham pizza is made. It's good, but it's NOT PIZZA."

I have never in my life seen a white ham/pineapple pizza. That does sound a bit much.

Arguing over the definition of what "real pizza" is strikes me as taking this too far. A pizza has to include tomato sauce? You've excluded the Stracciatella at Motorino. It has to include cheese? That disqualifies the Rosa pie at Co. There are plenty of good no-cheese or no-tomato pies in the world.

I hate mushrooms, but I'm not going to tell someone who wants it on their pizza that they are no longer eating pizza.

'Big America' Burgers Coming to McDonald's in Japan Next Year

Is this the first time in history that there has been a sandwich that was named after California but did not contain avocado?

Forno Italia, Astoria, Queens

Oh Adam, how you're making me miss the old neighborhood. I think I need to make a trip back.

The sausage pie is seriously good - I've always had a deep love for the Aglio E Olio as well, since Cruz (pictured at the oven) throws a lot more mozzarella on that one. And as you mentioned very briefly, the focaccia / bread basket is one of the hidden gems here - just the right amount of herbs on top so that the bread is properly accented.

Burger King's 'Whopper Virgins' Documentary Takes Whoppers to Remote Places

Does one of the "virgins" spit out both burgers and then slap the taste out of the mouths of the film crew for trying to feed them fast food? Because that would be fantastic.

Filet Mignon vs. Skirt Steak: Which is Better?

It's less about the cut of meat and more about how it's prepared. I've had some great filets as well as some great skirt steak over the years.

(For whatever it's worth, I've been coking a lot of flank lately...)

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

I'm most excited to make the cranberry sauce, oddly enough.

Domino's Analyzes Republican, Democratic Pizza Habits

I've heard a lot of talk that Papa John has been pallin' around with terrorists, but this site is obviously too afraid to mention it. When will Slice stop it's liberal bias and let us know the truth about "Papa" John Hussein Schnatter?

The Hamburger Fatty Melt

I must insist that this article get tagged with "Adam Kuban Is Trying To Kill Us". It's only fitting.

Super Thin-Crust Pizza at Michael Angelo's II

Ha - thanks for the love, Adam. I saw the pictures appear on your Flickr account and wondered if you were going to finally give them the review they deserved!

I didn't eat at Michael Angelo's as much as I would've liked before leaving Astoria, but I will miss it being an option. More consistent than Forno Italia, undoubtedly.

They also had a pretty amazing antipasto plate when we at in the restaurant last, but that was a few years back.

(And for whatever it's worth, the train tracks over the Ditmars station are Amtrak's, not the LIRR's.)

C.R.U.S.T.™: 'Clear Resolution Upskirt Scanning Technology'

Always happy to help the cause of inappropriate uses of technology for food related purposes!

Gordon Ramsay Is Not a Jerk; He Just Plays One on American TV

I actually had a chance to meet Gordon not long after his NYC restaurant opened; The London was offering kitchen tours after the meals, and he was working at the pass.

Needless to say, he was polite, appreciative, and actually fairly chatty for someone who was in the middle of dinner service. So I can completely agree with Koppelman's elegy.

omg! u can txt ordr pza hut!

I'm sorry, "pizza playlist"? Who greenlighted THAT?

Morimoto's Cookbook Can Be Yours This Weekend

Chen Kenichi, for his classic reaction when the ingredient was revealed during Battle Yogurt. I've never seen a chef look so dumbfounded.

Fage & Kashi

While I love regular Fage (especially the one with the cherry sidecar), the no-fat plain version is to be avoided like the plague.

Of course, the regular stuff is full of delicious fats, so I guess there's tradeoffs everywhere.

You Sure That's Trans Fat Free?

I fear a lot of people are taking "Trans fat free" to mean "fat free" or "reduced fat".

No, silly, they've just moved it all into other fats.

(I inadvertently ate a McDonald's meal while in Maryland a month ago - where there is no such ban - and can I just say how much more platable the fries are with trans fats?)

I top my pancakes & waffles with_______

Butter and powdered sugar, with a touch of syrup.

Who went to the burgerfest @ the water Taxi?

Definitely the Onion Burger.

I had high hopes for the Butter Burger, but by the time I got to sit and eat it, the butter had soaked through the bun. And the plate. Blech.

Pimento Burger was better than I expected but didn't dazzle me.

There's Some SERIOUS Calories at PF Changs!

Those are, of course, family size portions...