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Damon Gambuto's 14 Most Memorable Burgers in Los Angeles and Beyond

@iheartcheese - Thank you for all the support and heart'ing.

@adamkuban - Thanks AK... I'm gonna come find you to catch up and try one of your pizzas soon!

@rlic80 - Thank you so, so much. I really do appreciate the kind words. It's been a majestic burger run.

@rhonda90402 - Evan is no longer at Rustic Canyon, but the burger memory lives on!

@nicksolares - Thank you, mate. I look forward to a reunion.

@expensiveeats - While it troubles me your having spent $20 on any kind of bomb, I have never been to Gruner (let alone reviewed its burger). That said, I do tend to wax on. Mayhap.. wax off?

@Justineats - Thank you so much!

@Yellow Bellied Butt Smoker - Already I am behind the times on the LA burger scene. Thanks for the info.

Los Angeles: Fusion Burger Done Right at Rosewood Tavern

@flitcroft - I too have been running into this of late. I think there might be a little bit of fear about the cooler temps and illness amongst the restaurant community. :(

Los Angeles: A First Look and Taste at Built Custom Burgers

@pongored - These patties are cooked to order, but the default temp is medium-well, i.e., overcooked. I did see a few people with medium patties.

@Erin Jackson - It's definitely a faster version of the Counter's customization system so there's that.

Scottsdale, AZ: Skeptical Chymist Has An Unbelievable Burger Deal

@Hungry Dan - Thanks for the kind words. As for Rasher question - the SE'ers beat me to it!

@dontsaynuthin - I'll check it out next time I'm in Phoenix

@Bak-LOVE-a - Jimmy G's peanut butter burger is on the list!

Los Angeles, CA: Granville Is Making a Good, Not Great Burger

@PommeDG - Thanks for the catch. It's a $10 burger. Corrected! Thanks!

Kona, HI: A Cheeseburger in Paradise at the Four Season's Beach Tree

That is a tasty burger.

Los Angeles: More is Less for the Burger at The Morrison

@HerbyN - Thank you! I love that you picked up on that. Hope the East coast is treating you well!

Newport Beach, CA: Happily Eating Crow Burger Kitchen

@saltmanz - Thanks. Glad these pictures make the burgers look as good as they are.

@Burger365 - Agreed. The prices here are really fair for the quality. The one exception - to @millions point - seems a little high.

@texasblues - I say get off the diet ;)

@JadyAngel - Yes - that's the reason behind the price jump, but I'd say the Green Label didn't seem worth the extra cash.

@Erin Jackson - No one wants to see this aging burger reviewer flopping around in a wetsuit... not pretty.

@Hey Rico - It's on the list!

@dorek - Not exactly sure which one you mean.

Los Angeles: Affordable Burger Greatness at Abby's Diner

@texas blues - Thanks! Exactly right - a no nonsense burger is one of life's great pleasures. I like the mustard angle. I had one with mustard at Burger Lounge here in LA that was really tasty.

Los Angeles: After the Fall at Eden Burger Bar

@texas blues - thanks, as always, for the kind words. This is one of those places that you leave with a big sigh.

@RIDEBIRD - Agreed. There was little doubt when I saw it.

@Jadydangel - Sad indeed!

@chanterelle - Yes, not a good sign at all.

@burgerdogboy - I agree - The only brioche buns that work are brioche in name only.

Los Angeles: An Un-American Cheeseburger at Kings Row in Pasadena

@Osomatic - I thought the fish and chips were pretty darn good. I think they have a burger the happy hour menu for considerably less money. Might be just how to try the burger here.

Los Angeles: An Un-American Cheeseburger at Kings Row in Pasadena

@humperdink - Whoops - That's my bad. Everything updated to reflect proper information.

@popcorn - Glad to hear that they cooked it properly.

Los Angeles: Attack of the Clones at Fusion Burgers

@rlic80 - updated!

@Seeker and @shermanhelms - Well @Donnelle addressed this pretty well. There are A LOT of similarities (down to graphics and font), but I didn't want to spend the whole review detailing them. They know how to make a really good burger. I'd love to see them come up with a more original menu.

@HerbyN - Good question. I don't know what if any action Umami has or will take. As for prices, Fusion is pretty expensive (like Umami). These guys know how to cook up a great patty and have picked a great bun - I hope they develop their restaurant to be more of an expression of their point of view.

Los Angeles: Good Ingredients Don't Add Up to a Good Burger at Cooks County

@theotherworldly - I imagine I'd just point to the lack of cohesiveness that I mention. There is synergy of flavors that come together in a great burger that this one lacked. As for the bun - it was a big failing on this burger. @texas blues gives a great example of how a burger can be undermined by the wrong bun.

@texas blues - thanks for sharing. I agree - bun issues can be a fatal flaw.

@sdfishtaco - I get the sticker shock. Sometimes I can forgive a high-priced burger and fries, but in this case it seemed unwarranted.

@Humberto - You're points are well-taken. In this case, the bigger patty made the burger worse as it contributed to the thing just falling to pieces (perhaps I should have shown a pic of just how big of a mess it became after one bite). I don't want to overstate the expense. As you point out - I am totally willing to praise a pricey burger. This one just didn't come together for me. Glad you liked the photos and thanks for the comments!!!

Los Angeles: The Delicious and Fun Street Burger

@alifromcali4 - Susan does make a pretty burger. Glad you like the photos.

@Donnelle - You are spot on. Street makes sharing a tasty, fun adventure without being too expensive.

@Yum! Yum! Yum! - Agreed!

@DavidPD - Thanks for the comment!

@Rodzilla - Glad you liked the write up. Thanks!

@Humberto - I totally get your reservations and your concern from the photos, but I think this burger really stands up. The grind issue you point out is managed by a loose packing so it's not an overly tight patty. Anyway - thanks for the comment and kind words!

Los Angeles: Big Time Burgers at Little Bear

@Lara Bowman - get after this one!

Los Angeles: Big Time Burgers at Little Bear

@DavidPD- Thanks for the shout out. I can hardly believe it's been nearly four years of burgers! As for the Belgian fry... They should be skinless, fresh cut to a medium thickness. What gives them their distinct advantage (in my view) is the twice frying technique. Kenji has talked about the advantages of this (even McDonalds get twice cooked). It gives the fries both a rich flavor and nearly perfect balance of crisp exterior to creamy interior. The Belgians love their fries so much that they have shops - "friteries"- dedicated to them.

@Starfoxx28 - The above is a start of an explanation... More to come!

@Frip88 - I understand your questions, but I'm not always checking of every characteristic of the sear, temperature, what-have-you. In this case it was the unexpected synergy of the toppings that struck. That said, the grind was medium coarse and the sear hefty. The warm pink middle was a nice example of my preferred medium rare.

Los Angeles: Big Time Burgers at Little Bear

@Donelle - Totally agree on the Oinkster happy hour deal. It really is tremendous. As for Little Bear's price difference - at least when it comes to the Little Bear Burger - I didn't feel like it was that overpriced considering the high-end extras.

@SAKSc- This is definitely a worthy downtown burger destination.

Los Angeles: Big Time Burgers at Little Bear

@millions - You got it. Toy Factory Lofts in the Arts District.

Newark, NJ: A Genuinely Good Airport Burger at Garden State Diner

@ratbuddy and @charlesr19 - Ha! Yes, without flame or flair. Fixed.

Los Angeles: A Burger Double at North Shore Burgers

@Toddlessness - Ahhh, that's my bad. It was a miscommunication with the server on my second (un-photographed) visit. Updated!

Los Angeles: A Fast Food Find at Patra's Burgers

@texas blues - Thanks so much for the kind words! I love a solid, cheap burger. I feel like Oliver might have made this place a better burger joint all-around, but can't be sure as I didn't ever try it before the makeover.

El Paso, TX: A Burger Saved By Green Chile at Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey's

@Burger365- I'm in agreement on the Mexican joint for a burger. Yuca's in Los Feliz is excellent.

@texas blues - Now you are talking! I'm happy to be educated on the proper use of queso.

@sdfishtaco- Any SD recommendations for a Mexican burger?

Comme Ça in LA Starting Burger Night This Tuesday

Look at that sexy beast!

Los Angeles: A New Year Brings A Delicious New Burger from Rush Street

@coody - Lemon!

@jakethemate - fries here are solid, freshly cut. Truffle fries are surprisingly good.

@Osomatic - I have tried it. Review coming soon... though I'd say you've given a pretty good summation.

@sdfishtaco - OId is the new new. ; )

@Burger365 - Carnitas aren't a bad New Year's Day choice.

@Kelly Bone - I defer to you on all things vegetarian and I haven't had the falafel "sliders", but I thought the flavors on the falafel "burger" definitely held up.

@saltmanz - An earthly delight.

@scatteredsong - Can't speak for the rest of SE, but I'm not a truffle fanboy. Definitely a time and a place and often the truffle fries (flavored with truffle oil) leave me cold. This Rush Street version does work for me.


Grass Fed: The Case for Veggie Burgers

I recently set out to try all manner of veggie burgers. I tried the store-bought kind that dot frozen food aisles. I tried gourmet outlets that cater to the well-heeled and body-proud. I even made my way to the strict vegetarian and vegan eateries that feed the throngs of wan-looking healthy people throughout my metropolis. What I found amazed me: I realized that veggie burgers are, in fact, better than beef burgers. More