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How to Cut and Grill Carrots for Deep, Sweet Flavor

Could one steam and shock them prior to grilling to cut down the cook time, or would that screw up the texture? This looks great, but the long cooking time (and the expenditure of a bunch of charcoal) kind of makes me leery.

Cook-and-Serve Flour Tortillas From TortillaLand Are as Close as You'll Get to Homemade

These are amazing when grilled over charcoal; just takes about thirty seconds per side over a medium flame.

Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Zucchini slices, pan-fried until black, then tossed with penne and far too much romano.

Gadgets: Use a BNTO to Pack Your Lunch in a Canning Jar

As inclined as I am to mock this kind of thing, it's actually sort of brilliant. Have to say that $4.50 is pretty expensive for a little screw-on plastic cup, though.

From the Archives: The Best Grilled Pork Chops

I'm okay with brining pork chops, but personally, I'd go with the, uhm, "dry-brine" method Kenji used in some thanksgiving turkey post. Basically, salt heavily with kosher salt on both sides, and let it sit in the fridge for about six hours. Won't be QUITE as moist as with a wet-brine, but the juice tastes like PIG, rather than brine.

Cheese 101: All About Bloomy Cheese (AKA Brie and Its Brothers)

Quick addendum, I always forget something--

Any recommendations for a soft-rind cheese with a rind that's actually tasty? While I'll eat a bit of the rind when I try a new cheese, it's usually reminiscent of eating the worm in a bottle of mescal; technically edible, but not pleasant.

Cheese 101: All About Bloomy Cheese (AKA Brie and Its Brothers)

Damned fine article, and I'm glad to hear it's going to be a series (looking forward to the Washed Rind article! Fat may be flavor, but stank is, too). Mild, boring-ass brie has been the go-to party cheese for so long, people forget there are tasty alternatives out there. Good call on the Humbolt fog; Cypress Grove makes a fine cheese.

Any favorite ways to cook with the stuff? I usually end up with a few chunks in the fridge after parties, and it often ends up going south before I remember to eat it. Think I might be able to avoid that in the future if I had an option other than "put it on crackers".

Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

Frozen then fried tofu-tots, peanut dipping sauce.

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Something called simply "Chicken Noodle" at Dara Thai in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Can Yeast Really Keep You From Getting Drunk?

This CLEARLY calls for an in-office test. Preferably with video. Pay-per-view, if you want. I'm pretty sure we'd all pay five bucks a head to watch Kenji get hammered... Twice, since we need a control. For science.

Personally, it sounds like mostly-bunk; as in, might reduce inebriation slightly. Can't say I'd recommend it to anyone, unless their alternate "consume this to be able to drink longer" substance was cocaine. Might make a good slogan-- "Fleischman's; we're safer than cocaine!"

Does Seasoning in Stages Make a Difference?

Thanks for the article, it'll help settle an argument I was having a day or two ago. Then again, I was WRONG, so maybe I should pretend I didn't see it...

Quick question-- Friend of mine, cooks for a living, says he was taught that when cooking a large piece of meat (beef roast, leg of lamb), it's important to actually salt it SEVERAL times during cooking; something about how each addition (say, every half hour) of salt drew out more moisture, making it self-basting. Is this complete crap? It sounds like complete crap.

Get Smart About Your Pasta Shapes

Nifty, and may help step up my policy of "buy whatever looks nifty, regardless of how I'm using it". Love this site, but it makes it harder for me to cook lazy.

@freckle-- Jeez, you okay? Was that your restaurant? Seems like you took it a bit personal.

How Salty Should Pasta Water Be?

I generally throw in a fat four-finger pinch of kosher salt (probably about a tablespoon) into my pasta water, but honestly, I have no idea why. Is salting the pasta in the colander/on the plate somehow less effective than salting the water?

Anyway, solid article. I appreciate how SE does the legwork so we lazy schmoes don't have to.

Cook the Book: 'Coi' by Daniel Patterson

No baby vegetables? Scallops in burritos? Wasabi crackers? Am I on the right track here?

The 7 Best Budget Tequilas

For my money, Camarena every time. And @BoltFan, while I adore Cazadores, I can almost never find it for under thirty bucks. But when I do, I stock up.

What will you make for Easter?

Gefilte fish, and apologizing to my Christian friends.

Make Homemade Mozzarella, Pair Cheese and Spirits and More Cooking Classes to Take This Week

The name of the jerky course is "Jerkin' around with Ted".

So... There's that.

What Cut to use for home ground meatball mix

Personally, I'd go with the least-fatty cut of veal you can find, and put in more pork fat. "Add more pork fat" is the solution to most of life's problems. Alternately, swap the veal for lamb. I find that when you mix it with beef and pork, the veal gets overpowered; that doesn't happen with lamb.

Good luck! And for the remaining 1%, I'd go with something magical and talking. Griffin, maybe.


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