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A vegetarian + bacon= meltdown

Sounds like this is a well rehearsed act...

Fun fact: I do know a vegetarian (no red meat, no poultry, no fish, etc) who never gave up bacon. I don't blame them ;)

Chicken Cordon Bleu-

Just wanted to update you all that I made the dish and was successful! Took some time as I'm a novice chef, but the results were delicious.

I ended up using prosciutto instead of ham, and while I was worried about the end result being to salty, I was wrong. Lemonfair, I took the advice from your post and rolled the prosciutto/ fontina prior to inserting it into the breast. Made things (a bit) neater.

Thank you all!

Chicken Cordon Bleu-

Thank you both! I'll check the links out and get cooking.

EW! I HATE that!!

As a child, most fruits and veggies. Even now there are some that I haven't tried. I used to be so against sushi and the idea of raw fish, but I LOVE it. Same goes for most fish and seafood.

Stocking the Bar

I would recommend a liqueur called "St. Germain". It takes the "sting" out of some strong cocktails. I don't know how pricey it is (my guess is 25-30 for the bottle), but it will last you as you only need a little for it to work its magic. It would for sure allow you to get creative. I've used it with vodka mostly, but it's most commonly used with gin. Enjoy!

Can you help me name this drink?

Another for Blushing Bride! Would be fun to have another cocktail with a name involving Groom to go with it...

What dish best represents the food of your region?

I'm also from Boston and would agree with shoneyjoe, Chowdah is our thing.

vienna, prague, and berlin SANS PORK

Just got back from Vienna and Prague last night!

Prague:I would highly suggest going to any of the Kampa Park restaurants. Cowboys is a steakhouse (with a Czech flair) nestled into a hill overlooking the city. I had chicken, my mom had salmon, while my sister had tuna. Hergetova Cilhelna is another restaurant of theirs that is right on the river overlooking the Charles Bridge- a beautiful view. I had a burger, but my mom had prawns that she said were delicious. Kampa Park itself is also on the river and is absolutely divine. We also ate at a restaurant called Kolkovna in the Jewish neighborhood that was traditional and Czech. A lot of meats and potatoes, kebabs, a gnocchi dish that was very good. Have huge beers and is really well ventilated- you can barely tell if the person at the table next to you is smoking. Another restaurant we enjoyed was one by the name of "The three pigs", but I don't think that's going to be helpful ;)

Vienna: We spent less time in Vienna than we did in Prague, but still enjoyed the food just as much. I was nervous about everything being sauerkraut and sausage but that wasn't the case. I highly highly recommend the restaurant Le Boheme. Italian esque with a great terrace that's well lit to sit at. I had a chicken special there and it was delicious, dad had fois gras and beef, while mom and sister split the chicken milanese. They have a great Caprese salad. If you go, you have to try the Prosecco! It's on tap and really really good. Vapiano was a place we didn't eat at solely because we didn't have enough time in our stay, but it's almost like an italian Panera. Our hotel didn't recommend it to us because there is no wait staff, so I don't know if yours will. The other place we had a great meal at was Flatschers steak house. Obviously a lot of red meat, but no pork from what I remember. Great dessert sampler too.

While there is a heavy influence of pork, you can navigate around it. There are usually other options that are equally as satisfying. Soups and salads are fairly popular too. If I can think of any other places, I will let you know!

wedding -pre and post receptions - food, drinks?

I am going to have to agree with easy food/ finger food for the guests, especially at the bar.

Some ideas that come to mind- mini quiche, coconut shrimp, cheeseburger sliders (maybe a chicken option?), crab cakes, caprese skewers, and vegetarian alternatives.

Best of luck that weekend!

Favorite Place To Eat In Boston

Though it's not directly in Boston, Delfino in Roslindale is absolutely exquisite. Never had an upsetting dining experience there.

On Washington Street in the South End, Toro is my favorite place for Tapas- you can't beat it. If you go there, get the corn!

Bad Food Anger

The last "bad meal" I had was at my local sushi joint on Valentine's Day. Fortunately, I was just with a friend celebrating both being valentineless and not trying to impress someone.

So the two of us sat down and ordered drinks, looked through the menu, and made mutual decisions about what we would like to eat. Only when the waitress comes over to take our order does she let us know it is a minimum of 1 hour for anything coming from the sushi bar. With every seat in the placed filled, I totally understood why this might be. Certainly, it wasn't the answer I wanted to hear, but fine- they've never let me down and we were both willing to stick it out (not to mention, I felt obligated to because I was already drinking and nibbling edamame).

So we order some apps to pass the time and fill our stomachs before our massive amount of sushi came...45 min rolls on by, restaurant starts to empty out....1 hour, begin to expect sushi and there's nothing...1.5 hours, three tables besides us remain and there's no sign of sushi. 2 hours later, we are the last ones there and our sushi finally comes out. Of course, it's delicious, but I would have rather not waited that long.

Long story short (or maybe longer??), the restaurant closes, the bill comes, and it is IN FULL. Manager is no where to be found. Not once did a person come over to apologize, send anything complimentary over, or subtract anything from our bill. For someone who is a regular here, I was absolutely dumbfounded.

When I tipped accordingly, I watched the hostess laugh and yell to the waitress who then began to scream. The manager finally emerged looking shocked and (wait for it), asked for more money.

I think I had to pick my jaw up off the floor before running out the door.

***disclaimer- I understand wait staff aren't paid well hourly and rely on tips. I normally am an excellent tipper and this is an instance where I tipped less than I normally do, but still left a tip.

Celebration Food

When celebrating, I always like to treat myself. Type of food depends on the type of celebration. I'm graduating from school this May and will be celebrating at a nice restaurant with a friend and her family. Usually for celebrations, there's a trip to a gourmet cupcake bakery involved ;)

European restaurant recommendations

PoorOldMama and ecca31, Thanks! I'll be sure to check out them both. If we end up going to either, I'll be sure to fill you in on our experience.

European restaurant recommendations

@PoorOldMama- Thank you for your response! Is Kampa Park in the Czech Republic or Austria?

Beautiful bottle of local mint vodka... Ideas!?

Over here in the North East, there's a distillery called Bully Boy (based out of Boston)- they make a great vodka and recommend a variety of recipes. They're pretty easy and straightforward. Maybe a web search can help quench your thirst?


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