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  • Last bite on earth: Fratelli la Bufala or Ristorante L'Europeo in Napoli - eggplant parm, margherita, red wine, coffee, limoncello or Gaetana's (in W Village) penne alla vodka finished off with Frankie's homemade limoncello

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Daily Slice: Amore Pizzeria, Flushing

I'm not here to BS, slicemen - the real Gloria Pizza opened back up last week on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills and I will tell you, straight up - it is a top 5 NYC street slice, NQA (no questions asked, homeboy)....defining NY street slices as gas-oven 16/18" plain pies with aged mozz, I've really had no better and I had Joe's this week as a compare. Patsy's 117st doesn't count b/c it's coal oven. Ask for a plain slice and see what happens - no tip sag, perfect crunch with soft interior dough, a balance of salty aged mozz + sweet but not overwhelming sauce and crust you devour until its time to re-up with another. On and on til tha break a dawn....

Ambiance Is Not a Topping

Right back at ya, Prairie! Haha.

DZ, I think this may be the new beginning of something beautiful (and constructive with respect to our NY/CHI pie-offs). Keep it movin!

JMB and AK - just gonna ease back into the slice game...there'll be drivebys, oh there will be drive bys! But first, I had to put Frank B in check!

Don't send the Real Slim Shady!

Slice and the City: A DJ Bubbles Margherita Drive-By

NYCFG - definitely want to get the rest of Manhattan sliceterias put away this fall and go from there. Obviously, south brooklyn pizza and sam's both look good and i haven't been back to Lucali's in a minute...umm, Covo looked good from what Ed said on slice and if you've got any recommendations, I'd happily take them....peace man

Ginsbera, sorry to hear you were disappointed (vastly?), that's never good to hear....maybe it was the lunchtime rush - what kind of slice(s) did you have on your visit? Their nonna isn't the best....but I still put their plain and margherita slices right there with joe's and certainly better than BSP

Slice and the City: A DJ Bubbles Margherita Drive-By

Kathryn, that is your own call to make - with respect to neapolitan quality, I'd put Luzzo's up against No 28 any day of the week; Arturo's sucks; UPN is damn close to the best I've had in Naples. On the other hand, W Vill has a much better street slice selection. Artichoke is too damn much for me. If you're sitting down, head east; if you're out and about and not much of a teetotaler, go west, young man!

NYCFG, you know you're my man but I'm not talking about their sloppy 3am street slice - give their margherita slice a try - that sauce will knock you on your ace although nothing else is incredibly impressive about the slice - mozz and crust leave something to be desired. but you'll walk away and say that was some san marzano goodness!

Dear Slice: Good Delivery Pizza for Office at 26th and 11th Avenue?

Don't get too excited, Paulie Shore, NYPS is good, as Adam said, not great. It is far from one of the city's 10 best, but it is solid for that side of town. Their sauce is so heavy it'll knock you on your ace. The west side leaves a lot to be desired with respect to good pizza, especially from the 20s through 40s.

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

AK, I think you may be onto something here and I'm not sure what to make of it. Perhaps we should refrain from making any proclamations regarding new pizzerias and let them find their own way.

But, then again, we wouldn't really be doing our job. Hey, its not our fault that Isabella's pimp pizzaoli, Luigi, had to return to Naples (for Cosa Nostra meetings or otherwise) and they immediately saw a decline in quality. And we're not to blame for Artichoke's inconsistent and overtopped pies, either!

I'm grabbing my pen and pad....I've got an article to write!

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

Kudos to you, Lance, on a terrific trip and article detailing it. Hope you get here more often.

One thing seems very clear following your synopsis as well as Dan Z's breakdown: Artichoke has to step up its game pronto or it is going to find itself among the Isabella's of this cutthroat pizza town! If out-of-towners are hating and your line out the door is 90% hipsters, it may be time to put more effort into your plain pie and not worry so much about the crustacean specialty slices....

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

NYCFG, just a plain slice, but there stuff can get pretty stale so if doesn't look fresh, just order a plain in order to give them a fair shake. Certainly not up to par with Vinny's, UPN, or Luzzo's, but a decent alternative for the neighborhood. Stromboli is more of an after-bar, Gigantor slice, although it has always been pretty good when I've been there late night. Also, in ABC City, a place called Gnocco Cafe serves up a decent Margherita - give it a try - I think 10th between A&B or 1&A. peace

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

Dan, come on, man, we're just joshin' around!

Good article, btw, I really enjoyed it.

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

Ah, Dan, but you're missing the point, as people from Chicago are so wont to do. It isn't about how many Friday's or Bennigan's there are in Manhattan or Chicago - it is about how we choose to utilize them. Here, we use them as public bathrooms whereas, in Chicagoland, they are your neighborhood meeting places, where people gather with friends to enjoy that all too important communal dining experience, much like you do with your fun 'party pizzas' at Vito & Nick's.

So let's hear it - what did you think of the other 10 pie joints?

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

Fred (or is it Ted?), and that's my final answer!

Alright, alright, maybe I was itching to pull the trigger on that last comment, but its no secret that I love going toe-to-toe with you, NYCFG! And it is true, my reading comp skills have never been lower....but I digress....I do agree with you on Lil Frankie's 100%.

As far as strong EV slice joints go, I'd put a plain, fresh slice from Five Roses and Stromboli right up there. They aren't made with ingredients as strong as Artichoke's, but at least there open when you expect them to be.

Okay, NYCFG, I apologize (as much my immense ego will let me, anyway), you're right and I'm wrong. Quite possibly a first on Slice......ahhh, there goes that ego again!!

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

@NYC Food Guy - Holy Shet, you gotta be f'ing kidding me, you should auction off your deceptive moniker for charity cuz if there is any FOOD that should be known in NYC, it's pizza. Una Pizza Napoletana is two blocks away from the choke on 12th street between 1av and 2av. It is undoubtedly one of the city's best pizzerias, and I know I'm not alone in saying that. Your ignorance is too great to sustain your title sometimes. And Luzzo's, a very respectable Neapolitan alternative is just down the street on 1av. Come on man, that shet is lame.

I will say, though, that I agree with you and Barbara Hanson (who writes like a saucy little sass! Barbara, please call me for a personal drive-by...) regarding the Choke's gimmicky and, really, erratic way of running a pizzeria. It has been as maddening as, say, your lack of knowledge of the city's best pizzerias! (Shame on you NYCFG, shame shame!)

Everyone needs to step it up a notch around here! And yes, you've been Bubbled (but not you, Barbara, you tangy little tart).

And Dan Z, get outta here, man - you've never had a slice from Artichoke (or have you? Weren't you here recently?). Nevertheless, I like the references to some of the Midwest's top chain restaurants, which you probably know all too well, you Napierville-residing co-ed softball stud!

Lou Malnati's: Home of Flawless Deep Dish

djb runnin free, rappin bout the p:

no question, lou's is badazz chi-pie, i put it right up there with pizano's, if not above....big fan....big fan!

Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago? Yes, and It's Outstanding at Vito & Nick's

Dan, Lombardi's, in my opinion, has really gone down in quality since my visit in 2006. I've been back several times since then and have been very disappointed which is really unfortunate, because it is America's first pizzeria.

I'm a pizza margherita/plain pie guy all the way, so to me, it is essential that crust, sauce, and cheese (and sometimes, basil and olive oil) are all on point and blend well together. Toppings - I can take them or leave them, they aren't essential on NY pies and can sometimes take away from the balance of a truly great pizza.

Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago? Yes, and It's Outstanding at Vito & Nick's

Garv-man, all I want is for you to come to NY, we'll all be pals (for the weekend, after that, the war's back on), and we'll have some great pies. Doesn't get any better than that, old buddy!

Whaddya say?

Listen, I don't want endless chants of how great NY is (I already know that, provincial d*bag that I am), but I do think that a little back-and-forth between NY and Chi never hurt - especially on America's Favorite Pizza Blog.

That said, nobody wants to break out the bats and start wackin em around (well, at least I don't). You've come to the defense of Chicago just as strongly as I rep NY - and that's probably as it should be

Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago? Yes, and It's Outstanding at Vito & Nick's

hey bro, it was your man who said pizzeria bianco was the best thin pie he'd ever had. using PB as the gold standard, there's no question that ny's best are much more closely aligned with bianco in terms of style and quality. chris bianco grew up in the bronx, after all. nothing to really argue about, garvey, so throw down another old style after your third italian beef, house a pack of tums, and call it a night.

da bears!

Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago? Yes, and It's Outstanding at Vito & Nick's

@DZ: Good to hear that you will be visiting NYf'ingC this summer. Now if I can get a guarantee that you won't waste your time at pretenders like Lombardi's and Arturo's, we're in bidness. Of course the best Chicago bar pizza is going to be better than most of our street pie - no argument, there - but I think you're going to find that when you put NY's top pies up against V&N, et al, there won't be much to say after that. If you think that Pizzeria Bianco is the best thin crust pie you've ever had then NY will certainly take thin Chi pie to school - our best pizzerias have a lot in common with PB.

I just want one thing from you when you return to Chicago in July, Dan - be honest with yourself. It takes a man with more chutzpah than even the great Mike Ditka to realize when its time to give another city its props. If you put our top 5 pies up against your top 5 thin Chi pies (as close as you can get to apples to apples between NY/Chi), you will have very little left to say other than "Vito and who's?"

Believe dat!

Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago? Yes, and It's Outstanding at Vito & Nick's

"Party cut"? How about "Party pizza", as in this stuff is something akin to what's served at Chuck E. Cheese at my 9 year old cousin's birthday bash. Yeah, I've had Chicago thin and it's good for what it is, but it does not stack up. I'm sorry, Dan - if you would have hit something other than Arturo's and Lombardi's when you lived in NY, you'd know what I was talking about. Look at that burned, aged mozz. And there is no magic dough being made over there. Here's a magic dough: ground semolina wheat berries, yeast, water, a piece of yesterday's dough, and maybe a pinch of sea salt a la A.W. Mangieri. No secret there, buddies, no need to keep secrets.

I'm not saying it's bad, but it is bush league

Uno's, Chicago's Original Deep-Dish Pizza

you're a trouser trout, simon, but i still love ya!

Uno's, Chicago's Original Deep-Dish Pizza

@holdthemayo: simon can't even get the neapolitan standard right - he's missing basil in his definition of pizza. the dude is a little mixed up. the fact that he makes his own pizza is completely irrelevant - a common theme in his posts, unfortunately.

Uno's, Chicago's Original Deep-Dish Pizza

King Hater strikes again, using questionable and self-defined terms to frame his arguments. simon, if the definition of 'pizza' only includes pies topped lightly with san marzano tomatoes, then there are, maybe, 20-25 restaurants in new york serving 'pizza'. when you walk into your neighborhood slice shop, you most certainly are not getting 'pizza' as you define it. simon, are you sure you really want to define it that narrowly? a very small percentage of new york pizzerias are using all san marzanos - you should know that. you're one step ahead of yourself, chief. no surprises there, though.

Dan, I affectionately refer to chi-pie as 'casserole' because that's what it reminds me of...i do agree that it is pizza, but it is a completely different animal than ny pie - no room for argument there. even the thin, bar pie served up in the chi is a separate breed than our stuff....i would say it is a different approach to making pizza more than anything, ya dig?

Pizzeria Bianco: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

let's forget about simon for the time being, he's no more than a substandard rabble rouser and has nothing of importance to contribute to our PIE-alogue. i do want to thank all my g's out there who stepped up, though. for my next trick, i'm takin my game to intergalactic levels and introducing the first of many episodes of....SLICEWARS!!!

stay tuned, brodies!

Uno's, Chicago's Original Deep-Dish Pizza

i have to admit, i love my chicago 'casserole' as much as the next native midwesterner. it isn't pizza as we know it in ny and it is certainly its own entity, but it is damn good if you're in the mood for it. i was so surprised to find pizzeria uno was known as another mediocre chain restaurant when i moved out the east coast. the original pizzeria uno doesn't have all that applebee's-bootleg garbage on the menu and i agree that they do make a decent chi-pie, but they are certainly no lou malnati's nor pizano's. hey, i heard a dirty rumor that pizano's was now closed. chi guys is this true? oh, and welcome to the team! djb

Pizzeria Bianco: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

My g-strings are definitely not in a bunch, buddy, no worries there. And again, the name calling - I can go all day, it's just an extra feature I want all my readers to experience - all ten of them.

To put the ball back in your court - where do you want to see me/slice/whomever review? You seem like a real sweet dude - have you ever thought of reviewing? Do you have anything substantive to say or you just gonna complain about the articles being posted on Slice?


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