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Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

These look delicious! Although my house is not a chocolate house - can anyone suggest how I would go about making these as blondies?

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji)

Would the dish be substantially affected if you used boneless chicken thighs?

Chinese Cooking 101: How to Marinate Meat for Stir Fries

I really like this series! It's incredibly helpful to have these home cooking building block techniques for a cuisine I'm not familiar with.

Macaroni and Cheese Waffles

I made these, and they were really, really good. The only thing is that my waffle maker is not a belgian waffle maker, so I had a little trouble fitting everything in. I wish I had spread my mac and cheese a little thinner.

Mexican Potato, Kale, and Chicken Casserole

When you say discard the chicken skin, you mean eat it as a cooks reward, right?

Equipment: The Kitchen Starter Kit

edit: I've had the knife for almost 10 years.

Stupid fingers.

Equipment: The Kitchen Starter Kit


I have had an 8 inch Henckels chef's knife that's one model up from the one you have shown there, and I LOVE it. My mom bought it for me when I moved into my first university apartment, and it's been my main knife ever since. I use it at least once a day and it's like part of my hand now.

My roommate threw it in the sink once, and I almost cried. Then I got out my steel and gave her dirty looks while I put the edge back on.

Round vs. Oval Stewpots

I know I'm a bit late to the game, but I own that Emile Henry pot, and I really like it. People are right that it can fit longer objects, and I have cooked lots of batches of stock it in at the same time as my round le creuset and I have never noticed a difference.

Hoisin Sauce

I know I'm late to party here, but this recipe is very handy. Normally I'd just use bottled, but tonight we are out of hoisin sauce and are nowhere near a store. But I have all the ingredients, so I can just make my own. Which is great! Because it means I get hoisin glazed brussel sprouts tonight.

Marinating Question

@FatBaztard are you suggesting just a couple of hours or just for the day?

Thanks for the answers everyone!

Wanted - Quality Vegetarian Cookbook

I second Plenty, but I'd also recommend the Rebar cookbook. Rebar is a vegetarian restaurant in Victorian, BC and the book has some great stuff that I've used for meat free meals and vegetable components. They have these strangely amazing sweet potato quesadillas that I really love.

I need help with menu planning!

You could do French Peas (cooked with bacon and lettuce in a buttery sauce) if you wanted to max out the richness factor.

Otherwise, I'm on board with asparagus, and I also like Amandarama's fennel suggestion. Maybe a fennel slaw with a honey based dressing?

Spinach and Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops

How long should the chops be in the oven for? Approximately.

Real French Onion Dip

I really liked this. It was a bit sweet, so I added some extra Worcestershire and lemon juice, and it evened things out.

Missing out for a lifetime thanks to one innocent mistake.

When I was in my last year of my undergrad, the Norwalk virus ran through our program like the plague. I have never been so sick. After three days, of nothing but water and gatorade, I was finally ready to eat something, so I made some Ichiban Ramon. It promptly came back up, and I've never been able to eat it again. I've tried! But I just can't face the smell.

DAMN I cut my finger again!

Oh and everyone with your mandoline stories? Those things TERRIFY me.

DAMN I cut my finger again!

@ onepercent99 It was a high school job, and I was the only girl in a group of high school boys. This was not an environment that encouraged good decision making. If I could go back, I would knock all their heads together (including my own) and say, "Wear the damn glove! Missing fingers = not cool!"

DAMN I cut my finger again!

@Vinya the cutting off of the nail on my left hand happens to me all. the. time. I also burn myself frequently.

But my best cutting myself story was when I worked in the produce department of a grocery story in high school. We sold cut up fruit prepared in the back, and we were supposed to wear a mesh glove while we cut. No one ever did, because the glove was lame/for pussies/etc. I was cutting up watermelon one day with a dull knife and it slipped and cut a chunk off the tip of my index finger and went down into my ring finger through flesh and nail quite deep.

I was standing over an empty box checking to see the damage when the manager walked in. He turned white, then green, and did some dry heaving into the garbage after seeing all the blood running down the back of my hand and into the box.

My mom had to come and get me and drive me to the hospital for stitches.

Why did I even bother asking?

I went to Vegas with my friend and her parents. I was looking forward to trying some of the restaurants down there, but I forgot about her family. Her father only potatoes and iceberg lettuce (under duress) and my friend thinks she's a pretty adventurous eater because she orders her steak medium instead of well done.

Anyway, I took them to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. We all had burgers, and her father sent his back because there was 'too much stuff on it.'

When we left, my friend said to me, "Thanks for trying to expand our horizons. We didn't like it."

I say take the veggie platter and an extra dish (I second the jalopeno poppers) but don't stress out over it. Not everyone is into 'gourmet' food.

Wedding Food HELP!

Mini quiches or frittatas ftw!

They're great if people are walking around, and you can gussy them up with gorgeous cheeses and herbs. Asparagus and mushrooms are my current favourite combo.

Cook the Book: Bloody Mary Flank Steak

I'm tempted to try this with Clamato. Can anyone think of a reason not to?

Help Me Feed My Father-In-Law

Thank you everyone for the wonderful responses. And I really appreciate the support. I've been reading Serious Eats for a while, but I'm new to the community, and this is a lovely welcome. Please keep the suggestions coming. They're all extremely helpful.

I know he likes fish, so I'm certainly going to start making more of that. I don't think he'd be open to meatless meals, unfortunately. But I'm going to make sure there's always fresh fruit and vegetables available. Also, it's finally bbq season here, so we can make excellent use of that.

Has anyone ever tried cabbage rolls with brown rice? That's on my list of things to try.

@maom - he likes food like fried chicken, anything with gravy, and corned beef. Breaded things are also always welcome.

@dbcurrie - thanks for explaining about creamed corn. I had no idea that's how real creamed corn is made. It sounds delicious. And yes, canned creamed corn is loaded with salt.

Help Me Feed My Father-In-Law

@dbcurrie - I totally agree that eating not so healthy is better than not eating at all. He's going through a lot of change in his life, and I feel terrible taking all the food that he likes away from him and make that a stress too. Pureed soups are a great idea, especially ones that I can leave him to heat up while we're at work during the day. I also didn't think about his medications changing the way things taste.

@Sharona Zamboni - if you know of a creamed corn recipe that doesn't include any cream, could you please post it? When I made it for him, I simmered some corn in half cream, half milk with a touch of salt and a reasonable amount of pepper. Then I stuck my immersion blender in it for a few passes. Most of the corn stayed whole, but it had that smooth texture.