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Craig Cavallo

Craig Cavallo

After 16 Years, Lucien French Bistro Still Has Plenty to Say

Lucien is the sort of place you can go when you know what you want to eat, so long as what you want to eat is classic bistro fare. There's risk in running a restaurant so traditional—the food needs to be articulate and speak to guests in special, intimate ways, less the whole concept prove hollow and soulless. Lucien opened in 1998. After 16 years, the restaurant's got a way with words. More

Inside the Wonderful Restaurant Stuck in a Tiny Coffee Shop

@EBT84 They do! Limited selection of reds, whites, and bubbles, most of which are available BTG. Beers (mostly domestic) are available in bottle and can, with a pils and cider on draft on my visit. No hard stuff.

Meet the Tiny Lunch Counter Tucked in a Midtown Loading Dock

@wingding Eureka! Thanks so much for sharing, Meredith. How I wish I were present for the charm of old New York..

Cobble Hill is Lucky to Have Brucie

Guilty as charged, Erin. Though it was more like devoured..

Tamales, not Turkey: New York Immigrants' Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanks for the note, @gluttonygal. All fixed! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.