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NYC Food Events for the Weekend and Beyond

The New Amsterdam event should read P&H Soda, not P&H Spoon...

Madison Square Eats: The Madison Square Park Food Market

P&H Soda Co. is going to start doing vanilla egg creams with their Cream Soda Syrup! Looking forward to that and the Lemon Sugar crepe from Bar Suzette.

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (And Beyond)

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (And Beyond)

Cook the Book: 'Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods'

I would love to see my husband, Anton Nocito, featured in Edible Queens! He produces small batches of soda syrup from locally sourced produce, herbs and organic sugar. He was featured in the NYT Style section's blog just last week:

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (And Beyond)

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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $15

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NYC Food Events For the Weekend (and Beyond)

Don't forget about the Greenpoint Food Market! There's a full house this weekend!

Where To Eat Out On Thanksgiving In New York: The Restaurants

@NYminknit if you associate great food with a high price tag you're probably not a "foodie" in the first place.

BTW, I despise the word "foodie."

And I agree, let's here some of the other options out there!

Happy Halloween From Serious Eats: New York!

Best Pumpkin whoopie pie: Baked in Red Hook

Tried One Girl Cookies and was beyond disappointed. Overbaked or stale. Decide for yourself.

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (and Beyond)

Greenpoint Food Market! It's indoors, perfect for this wintry weather we've been having.

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (and Beyond)

Thank you Robyn! Keep up all of your great work! Love SE!

NYC Food Events For the Weekend (and Beyond)

The Dessert Files: The Top 5 Pumpkin Sweets to Kick Off Autumn

The pumpkin whoopie pies from Baked blow One Girl's out of the water. Not impressed with them at all! One Girl's chocolate whoopie pie was even worse. I still can't figure out if it was over cooked or just stale.

Sugar Rush: Whoopie Pie From Milk & Cookies

My favorites can be found at Baked in Red Hook. The ones I had from One Girl Cookies were dreadful. They shouldn't have been serving them. I still can't figure out if they were stale or just way overbaked.

TGI Friday's and Tim Hortons Come To Union Square

Ugh is right! Welcome to McHattan!

What one food mag should I get?

I love Saveur for ideas and destination eating. I recently got a subscription on Ebay for 3 years/$18. Search under "magazine gift certificate". I had my first issue in about 5 weeks.

Anyone else sad about Guss'

Nalega, I so miss Ratners! I know in the end the food and service had slipped tremendously but it was still better than nothing.

As a kid we used to go for dinner with my parents and grandparents. And my dad would sometimes bring home their blintzes, pierogen, potato soup and onion rolls. My mother would fry everything up and we would feast!

looking for a good food book or cookbook to read

Have you read Gastropolis Edited by Annie Hauck-Lawson and Jonathan Deutsch? Highly recommend!

Dear Murray's Bagels: Get a Toaster, Please

Ed, I completely agree! While I prefer a fresh, untoasted bagel, a bialy is so much better toasted and the only way I'll eat one. My husband and I recently had this discussion as I toasted the last Kossar's bialy I had in the freezer.

Is the fish and chips at A Salt and Battery worth seeking out?

I also prefer A Salt and Battery to Chip Shop. In fact the last time I dined at Chip Shop will most likely be my last time. It's a shame really because I enjoy the atmosphere of the Atlantic Avenue location. The food just isn't up to snuff.

Keep in mind that at A Salt and Battery you order at the register and then hope there's some space at the counter to either perch yourself on a stool or stand to eat your fish and chips.

Greenpoint Food Market

I received an email about the GFM today and I'm wondering if anyone has the inside scoop? Their site is a bit vague.


A Look at New Amsterdam Market

We'll let the photos speak for themselves, but aside from the excellent array of foodstuffs, the New Amsterdam market was a pleasure to peruse: few long lines, plenty of space, and a sheltered space to keep out the sun. Not that we don't love all outdoor markets here at Serious Eats, but compared to some of the chaos out there, this is certainly a pleasant way to eat your way through through your Sunday afternoon. More

Food Artisans: D.P. Chutney Collective

New York City has a long history with pickled fruit, dating back to its earliest European inhabitants. "The Dutch were huge fans of anything pickled," says Drake Page of D.P. Chutney Collective, pointing out that 18th- and 19th-century cookbooks had "pages and pages of recipes for pickling all kinds of fruit. Pickled peaches, pickled plums. I like that historical connection." More

'Playin' in the Sprinkler' T-Shirt

There are sprinklers that shoot out jets of water, and there are sprinklers that shoot out...sprinkles. Playin' In The Sprinkler is a new t-shirt from Threadless featuring a soft serve cone and a doughnut happily frolicking through a sprinkler of the decorative sort. Related Serious Eats Gift Guide: Food You Can Wear Serious Eats and Neighborhoodies Think Ups T-Shirt #1 Serious Eats Gift Guide: Apparel... More