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Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

Dangit, when I saw everyone posting things on fb my heart sank...I never met her but we spent many an hour making each other laugh. She will be missed!

Food paper box printing full color printing box.

Finally a recipe for a printing box! I know what I'm making for dinner.

Missing the how-to posts

The cooking in/eating out sort would be great.

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

True story, gadgets are usually kind of silly anyway...

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Yeah it does look like it could be a pain to clean.

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If you used wheat english muffins, sliced turkey and skipped the butter (possibly cheese) this wouldn't be a calorie bomb.

Missing the how-to posts

Never mind, I can't find the helpful cooking basics column, never mind I guess. There really used to be a column about knife skills and stuff.

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Obviously the picture is the one put out by Hamilton Beach, that's why she credits it that way. Also, OBVIOUSLY it's thrown together like that because if all the things were busy cooking, the gadget would be closed and you wouldn't be able to see everything. It's a visual aid, calm down. She also says that it's not for everybody, she didn't say it was the best thing ever, or that everyone should get one.

Missing the how-to posts

There used to be a column about knife skills and the Food Lab is always helpful...otherwise I guess it's 14 Wittily-named Milkshakes in Austin. I like your color-coded timeline idea though.

Beards as a restaurant trend...

Yeah, beards are kind of a "thing" right now, in restaurants and out. Supposedly they've peaked, but I think that was according to Gawker so who knows.

Bake the Book: Say It With Cake!

Does cheesecake count? Probably not huh? Well, then I'll go for marble cake with ice cream.

Unctuous Rant

Scrummy, yummy & delish drive me crazy, use the whole word or don't say anything at all. For some reason I hate when people use the word fresh. There's nothing wrong with it, so I think bristling whenever I hear the word, "fresh" is just me being weird about words.

Your menu ordering style?

If I look at a menu for too long I keep changing my mind, so I skim, see what looks interesting and try to decide quickly so I can close my menu and look like I know what I want. I have done that last minute mind change though....

Your Favorite Slut Food

Given the question, "Guilty Pleasure Food" would have sufficed...Although a guy could be a slut too. It's like the word "blond" it doesn't necessarily have to be referring to a woman.


Kitchenista, I was just thinking the same thing, but I just saw this now and it's crickets on here....

Special Occasion Drinking

I like that drinking celebratory drinks is reason enough for celebration, what not? Sounds reasonable to me.

Special Occasion Drinking

Ok, I'll go first since that's only fair, really I'm a pretty low-maintenance drinker, but I'm also a chronic under-buyer, so if I buy myself more than a 6 pack of something, you know that I plan on being quite festive. Now that I think about it, the last time I bought more than a 6 pack for myself was when I was driving my way through a blizzard that kicked up during the time it took me to get from the package store to my friends house. Then of course I was stuck there, so why not drink a bunch of beer and watch bad movies? Troll 2 was even more hilarious and I think we stopped our movie binge to go push someone's car out of a yard.

Help! Incapable of thinking or decision making.

The water or the meatloaf? Strain the meatloaf, serve the water.