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Enameled Cast Iron: A College Freshman's Dilemma

I have no intention of "seizing" control of the kitchen, or anything like that. I just want to bring in a box of mugs to put in the cupboard, some pots and pans, etc., that's all. And by the way, I think I've decided on a 5-quart Lodge, for now.

Enameled Cast Iron: A College Freshman's Dilemma

Thank you all for the thoughts and advice. Perhaps holding out is the wiser path. I was looking at the Lodge dutch oven, but am looking for a larger size such as a 7-quart, because I don't want to be too short on space. Do you think this is a fairly competent size? Lodge is also up there in my book because they are American-made products. Also, I won't be cramping any "space" necessarily, I will most-likely be providing almost all of the cutlery, cups, dishes, and what not in the kitchen. I am also a very quiet person, so I would avoid contention, naturally.

Enameled Cast Iron: A College Freshman's Dilemma

I understand that the average college roomate isn't the most responsible, but I would definitely be setting some ground rules. I may even just keep the pot in my room under my bed, in all honesty. Also, isn't Le Creuset covered by a lifetime warranty?


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