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Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Raw Root Vegetable Salad From 'Joy of Kosher'

@nachum, right after I posted I googled it, which i guess is what I should have done first... @aliza, try tamari if you don't care for passover soy sauce, unless you're staying away from beans entirely

Raw Root Vegetable Salad From 'Joy of Kosher'

wait - sesame seeds aren't kosher for Passover? I understand about the soy sauce, but sesame seeds are a new one for me

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

I had a friend bring a bottle of Dolin blanc vermouth to a party - never even heard of it before, now I'm a convert and I always try to have it on hand. Bottom line - bring something different. All respect to you, and kudos to bringing something your father in law will enjoy, but next time bring something that won't even cause this conundrum to be a case... Also, if I'm having a dinner party, I already know what wine I want to serve, having one bottle of another might mess up what i've planned.

Market Tour: Sockerbit is New York's Sweetest Smörgåsbord

i have been such a happy little former exchange student in sweden since this place opened. Ikea was fine and all, but sockarbitar (the square pillows) skum, dumle cola, the cheese, the bread, the fiskbullar (try them, really). oh, so happy

Ed Cotton's Favorite Long Island City Restaurants

@jeffsayyes if you mean the Chimney Cake bakery on Jackson it closed down months ago :(

Secret Tools and Tricks of the Ice Cream Pros: How to Make Creamy Ice Cream

has anyone in Sweden played around with using ljus or mörksirap? it's light or dark beet sugar syrup, used in baking. You can find it once in a while at Ikea and Sockerbit here in the city carries it

Ed Cotton's Favorite Long Island City Restaurants

^^ Seconding Tournesol. And Alewife has great pub style food as well

Behind the Scenes in Max's Home Kitchen

it's so... clean!! and hey! nice ibrik. have you used it yet?

Manner Matters: The Knife-and-Fork of It

so, let me ask something. half the table has finished, half is still eating. what's better, clear the plates of the finished diners or leave it until everyone is done? my mother believes the latter, so that's what i've been brought up to believe too, but i've seen both all the time

The Serious Eats Guide to Whole Grains

Whole Foods carries a free pamphlet on cooking all sorts of grains - it's become a mainstay in my kitchen. Nice to have this to add to the collection

Epic Wait at Momofuku Noodle Bar? Where to Eat Instead

Second Menkui Tei - and the monkfish liver app is amazing. Cash only, for the record

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recipes for Entertaining

you mean a hundred pounds of latkes, don't you Max?

The Vegan Experience: How to Cook Crispy Tofu Worth Eating

There's a tofu dish i make often, i call it my fake popcorn shrimp. not vegan, not vegetarian if you don't eat fish, but it's pretty adaptable
cube and dry a block of firm or extra firm tofu, dredge in salted and peppered flour (now thinking of using corn starch instead), dip in beaten egg seasoned well with fish sauce, then toss in panko seasoned again with salt and pepper. heat a few tablespoons of a neutral oil in a pan and pan fry until lightly browned on all sides. salty, crunchy, with a smooth inside... so damned good

Cacio e Pepe Crackers

whoops, 1 part butter, 2 parts cheese, 3 parts flour. my bad

Cacio e Pepe Crackers

these turned out great - it's a basic ratio: 1 part butter, 1 part cheese, 1.5 parts flour. season, cold water to form dough - but the saltiness of the cheese goes well with the pepper, and the dough was easy to handle

5 Great Oyster Joints in New Orleans

Drago's!! Love that place. I had total misgivings when my friend brought me there, but after having those oysters, I made us go back twice

We Try Every Flavor of Pasta Chips

Anyone else keep reading his name as Berry Jello? Poor guy

Pok Pok and Xi'an Famous Foods Ring in the Lunar New Year

lol, we just adopted two cats - probably going to name them Mochi and Musubi - but if we followed our true habits it would be George Dickel and Knob Creek. Thanks, have a drink for me!

Pok Pok and Xi'an Famous Foods Ring in the Lunar New Year

ah, sorry. i have the flu and i'm in the middle of a 4 day argument about something going on at my college - i should probably bar myself from commenting at all :)

Pok Pok and Xi'an Famous Foods Ring in the Lunar New Year

yes, i'm sure people go to these special event dinners just to get blitzed

Pok Pok and Xi'an Famous Foods Ring in the Lunar New Year

I agree, these dinners have gotten out of control. It's one thing if it supports a charity or if there are 30 restaurants doing tastings, but I could have 25 dishes at Xi'an, or at least 8 or 9 from Pok Pok for the price... I'm not saying it's not a unique event, but c'mon, a bit more reasonable, please

Win Two Tickets to Choice Eats, March 25th

brooklyn koalache - i've never tried one

Watch Yiddish Banter and 100 Years of Herring in the Russ & Daughters Documentary Trailer

aw, can't wait to see this! if it's available to stream i'll go to Russ & Daughters and lay in a whole movie watching feast

The Degenerate's Juice Cleanse: A Guide to Better Juicing With Booze

a man after my own heart

Help me name this dish!

I don't know if anyone has ever made this before, and please feel free to steal the idea. I made yellow corn grits, using half milk and half water, added in sugar, a little butter, some maple syrup and cinnamon. Poured it into a baking dish and let it set overnight, cut into sticks, browned them in butter and served with powdered sugar and maple syrup. I can't think of a short pithy name though! Southern French Toast? French Toast Polenta Sticks? Someone please help me come up with a good name.

Caramel fail - help!

happy new years eve everyone! usually i don't have too much trouble making candy, but last night was an epic fail and i'm here in search of advice. I made Dan Lepard's treacle pecan caramelst last night. My digital thermometer wouldn't go above 165, so i put in my other digital thermometer, just to see. It rocketed about 255, so i pulled the caramel off the heat, added some pretzels and bacon (LemonPi's idea) and poured it into the pan to set. Which it didn't. I put it into the fridge overnight, and this morning, it's still very soft.
Do you think I can reboil it? I'm worried about killing the add-ins, or ruining it all together. I mean, i could scrape it into a jar and eat it with a spoon :) but I'd rather cut and serve them. Maybe it was an ingredient thing, i used blackstrap molasses instead of treacle, Ikea's light syrup (a beet syrup I've used instead of corn syrup successfully) instead of golden syrup, dark brown sugar instead of moscavado - but these all seem like logical and okay substitutions.

Dangerously overripe pineapple

So, my parents went to Hawaii for two weeks (I had to work, sniff) and brought FIVE pineapples that they picked themselves from the Dole plantation. And they picked them a week ago.

Other than cubing them and tossing them in the freezer, anyone have any great ideas on what to do with them? And the idea of serving them for Thanksgiving has been nixed.

And since I live in a teensy NYC apartment, and, well, my mom just doesn't want to, we don't have canning equipment.

Thanks, and hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Challah Recipe?

Has anyone tried the challah recipe from Beard on Bread? Or do you have a fave? I'm making challah again this year, and I'd like to try out a new recipe...

Eats around Yankee Stadium?

My dad and I have been going to the Court Diner up by Yankee Stadium for over 30 years now, and we're looking for something different. Yes, I know there's deliciousness to be had inside the new ballpark, but it's a tradition to sit down (ie, no take out only places) and have lunch or early dinner beforehand. We're catching the 1:05 game tomorrow, anyone have any suggestions?

What to do with fresh garlic?

I am so easily seduced by farmer's market offerings. Bought a bunch of fresh garlic - no papery skins on the cloves, with stems that resemble scallions, or leeks, perhaps.
Other than chopping them up and sauteing them (like I plan to do with leftover multigrain rice tonight) - anyone have any good ideas on something to do with them?

Freezing Bone Marrow?

Well, I went for a fantastic dinner at Prune last night, ordered the sweetbreads and the roasted marrow, two things they're known for. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I only ate a third of the bone marrow. I brought the leftovers home, but I have dinner plans and travel plans for the next week.
Any suggestions on how to freeze? In the bone, or should I scoop it out and freeze it that way? I absolutely cannot let this deliciousness go to waste! :)


Hi All,
A friend of mine has bought one of those counter-top deep fryers, and tomorrow night we're having a bring-yer-own item to deep fry. Now, I'm also trying to keep Passover.
I was hoping you'd have some great ideas of what to bring. My usual suspects are all things I can't eat during the holiday. I did get matzo meal to use as breading.
Any ideas??

Substitute for powdered soy milk?

Hello all!
So, I found a recipe for make-yer-own candy corn, which happens to be my all time favorite candy in the universe, other than Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and it was written by a vegan. No disrespect to vegans, but I have little reason to keep a box or bag of powdered soy milk taking up room in my teensy Manhattan kitchen. Can I use powdered non-fat milk instead? That, for reasons I can't remember, I happen to have a few pouches of.
Oh, for those wondering, the recipe was found in Bust Magazine, October/November 09 issue. Page 23.

Babette's Feast at Per Se

Wow. Never have I been so excited to see an email, then crushed because never in my life would I spend that amount of money. I'm sure many have heard of this, but on Friday Per Se is screening one of my favorite film's Babette's Feast, then recreates the meal from the film, with wine pairings. The cost? $3500.00 for one, $6k for two. You can check out for the deets, I couldn't cut and paste to show you the menu.

Sigh, any really generous person out there want to sponsor me? I speak Swedish, and could help translate! :) (Ok, ok, I know it's in Danish, but the languages are really really similar)

Apologies if this isn't the place to post this kind of info, but I just had to share with those that would totally get it...

Dear SE: Amazing Dim Sum in Toronto

Note: I just received this email from one of the most serious eaters I know, Steve Trost. Steve was in Toronto and had some serious dim sum. Tell us, Torontonians, did Steve find a winner? He certainly had me salivating. Did he miss anything? —EL In Toronto—see below. At Lai Wah Heen. No carts. All made fresh to order. Add to the list below (after the jump) an amazing sticky rice dumpling with crab meat and equally awesome steamed lobster dumpling stuffed with shrimp and finely diced veg with garlic and butter.There is nothing close in NYC in my eating experience. They also have a gourmet dim sum tasting but only for two at $45 per head, but I managed... More

Skittles-Infused Vodka, Taste the Alcoholic Rainbow

Forget apple-tinis and wow your cocktail-loving friends with the bright colors and fruity flavor of Skittle-infused vodka. I know, you haven't concocted strange liquors since you were a teenager hiding a bottle of Kahlua from your parents so you could secretly make milkshakes with it. Oh, wait, that was just me. These colorful bottles of alcohol are sure to be the life of the party when you follow these instructions to make your own Skittle-flavored vodka and dish out neon yellow vodka sodas, ruby red Cape Cods, or cobalt blue martinis to your friends. And, it's a whole lot cheaper than buying that fancy flavored stuff. [via Neatorama]... More

Ikea Groceries: Some Assembly Required

Food is an integral part of the Ikea experience. For many people, myself included, the trip begins with a helping of steam-table meatballs and ends with a 50¢ hot dog. Somehow, though, the little grocery store just past the checkout never gets much love. The lure of the wiener stand, presumably, is too great. But I was curious. Since everything else in my kitchen comes from the Scandinavian megastore, it seemed logical to slap some Ikea food on my Ikea plates. So, with the Swedish Chef as my muse, I decided to see what I could assemble from Ikea's grocery offerings.... More