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22 Supermarket Items You Should Leave on the Shelf (and What to Get Instead)

Preaching to the choir here :)
Although, I have been known to buy a small jar of minced garlic.

These Aren't My Mother's Coconut Macaroons (They're Even Better)

Candide, you act like this is the only food blog on the internet - go find or create one that interests you

These Aren't My Mother's Coconut Macaroons (They're Even Better)

Candide, I look forward to your undoubtably perfect new website where for free you provide flawless recipes and techniques, exhaustively researched, bien sur, of topics that you care about.

Juicy and Tender Swedish Meatballs With Rich Gravy

Trying to make these ahead of time. What if I put together the mixture today or tomorrow, fry the next day and refrigerate, then warm up in the gravy the day after?

Apple Cider Doughnut Cake

I wonder if this holds up for a few days? Would love to make it a day or two ahead of Tday.... Also am I crazy for wanting to swirl in some caramel?

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just made these and they're delicious! I have two recommendations though, if you're not in a rush. One, cream together the butter and sugars first, before adding in the egg and vanilla, and two, chill the dough for at least an hour or two, or even overnight. These spread, a lot.

The 10 Dishes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Georgian Food

I discovered churchkhela in a new Turkish grocery right by the Sheepshead Bay subway stop - the one with the pastries in front and the butcher in the back (ps: fresh lamb on Wednesdays and Fridays) - they keep them in a box right by the register. I tried one out of curiosity and I need to go back and get a whole stash of them. Delicious, not at all bland, and better for energy than a power bar.

Microwave Cooking for One and All: 8 Great Tips Every Home Cook Should Know

Regarding the spaghetti squash - I do this all the time, and you rarely need more than 8 minutes

Why Cookbook Clubs Should Be the New Way We Entertain

@Leang I'm down! Lucky enough have a great place for hosting, with a roofdeck too

Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are delicious, but just two notes: they spread. make sure the dough is very cold and space them out on the sheet. I did a dozen per sheet and they ran together, so you will definitely need at least 3 or 4 sheets total (or, of course, do it in batches)
Also, the sprinkling of salt is not mentioned. I imagine you sprinkle them once they're on the sheet.

Why Jianbing is China's Most Popular Street Breakfast

Has anyone found these in NYC's Chinatown? Manhattan, Flushing, Sunrise Park, any of them?

Mini Pineapple-Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon Burgers With Avocado

and speaking of canned, i wonder if this would work with canned salmon - i have some a friend canned herself up in Alaska...maybe just hit it on both sides in a cast iron pan?

An Illustrated Tour of Ice Cream Styles Around the World

ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM FTW!!! I remember when Dippin Dots came out it was a vending machine at the Route 4 10-plex movie theater in Paramus. Actually, most of the times I remember seeing it other than ball games was a vending machine. Guessing that was the only way to keep it so cold

The Best Desserts in NYC for $3 and Under

I love everything from Moishe's on 2nd Ave near 6th Street, and it's all very reasonable. Also a shoutout to Breads Bakery on 16th and Union Sq West, and if you count candy by the pound, I can't go to the West Village without hitting up Sockerbit on Christopher St

The Secrets to Making the Best Shrimp Cocktail

any notes on how far in advance the shrimp can be made and chilled?

Blueberry Ginger Sorbet

something about this didn't work for me - once chilled the mixture was a gel (which makes sense, since there's probably pectin in blueberries) and the finished product was more like a frozen slushie than a smooth sorbet. Maybe if the blueberries had been cooked down? Anyway, flavor was on point, and it was easy, but something was off about the texture.

Pineapple Jammy Tarts

I haven't baked them off yet, but the jam is delicious! I will say it makes a ton, easily 3 or more cups. You can double or triple the dough amount if you want to use it all up for the tarts. I'm freezing two cups, hope to use it as a filling for something else soon

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

Little note on the math issue. That 8 cup container? doesn't just contain water, it contains the coffee grounds as well. So, 8 cup container, minus about 1.5 cups of coffee, is 6.5 cups. 1.5 (coffee) times 4.5 (the ratio) comes out the 6.75, a little over the 6.5 cups we have left in the container. is it exact? nope. but she also mentioned using approx 1.5 cups, and the fact is that this is a concentrate diluted to your personal tastes. Personally I'd also prefer weight to volume measurements, but the math (sorta) does add up.

Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

Have to say mine weren't firm either, and I baked it longer than suggested. Used a 8x8 pan, which has a bigger area than a 10x6. Oh well, tasted fantastic and is good over ice cream, but the texture was too wet to call brownies

The Rise and Fall of the Lime Rickey, the Soda Fountain Comeback Kid

I used to love getting a cherry lime rickey at PB & Co, it paired perfectly with their peanut butter sandwich creations. Didn't Lee used to contribute here? He might have something fun to say about it

How to Taste (and Fall in Love With) Raw Honey

@kkulper - that generally means it's sugared. I haven't seen it sold like that. If you prefer it like that, I'd say buy from whom you like, and let it age in the cupboard. Or if you're on good terms with the vendor, ask for them to keep a few bottles of honeys that have gone to that texture for you

How to Taste (and Fall in Love With) Raw Honey

@kkulper - do you mean whipped honey? it's regular honey that's been whipped, it's light in color and has a texture from a paste to a firm cheese. It's also much more common in Europe, where honey is more commonly spread than drizzled