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I am an English major in the Masters Department at Kutztown University and live with my parents because of health issues I have. But I enjoy life-rubber stamping, reading, music, and of course cooking and eating!

  • Location: Allentown, PA
  • Favorite foods: Thai, Indian, Greek, seafood, Italian- basically anything that isn't raw. I'll try just about anything.
  • Last bite on earth: A lobster dinner or a gourmet dinner at Penthouse 808 in New York.

Desperate for cookware advice

They didn't immigrate to the U.S. and we actually wash most of our pans because our dishwasher is always on the blink. They, don't have arthritis and we have an electric stove.

They just want a refreshing set of cookware- ours is dented with mismatched lids. They keep saying about wanting to pick up a few pieces but never get the chance.

I am definitely not against American made, but I know they would like something a little different. As for copper, I definitely would not buy a whole set --just one or two speciality pieces.

Desperate for cookware advice

I've read many of your posts on choosing cookware and I am in the midst of purchasing some myself for my parents.

However, I was wondering what is thought of BergHoff, Cristel, Centurion, Le Cuivre, or any of the Italian brands such as Paderno?

I like what I've read about Tramotina, but am obsessed with thorough research.

Also, what have you heard of the Engele-Reviere brand or I think it is the Baumalau brand??

My plan is to buy maybe one or two good copper pieces and maybe a small set in an all ply brand.

I realize I've probably missed some of these answers, but I only recently caught up with December:)

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