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Cook the Book: 'Coco'

Kind of partial to David Chang, but Gabrielle Hamilton deserves a lot of exposure.

Who Makes the Best Buffalo Wings in New York?

Brother Jimmy's UWS has great wings. Also a big fan of Blind Tiger Ale house in west village and Dinosaur

New York City Wine and Food Festival: Ticket Giveaway, 'Pulse of the Wine World'

2004 Lavradores dei Feitoria Tres Bagos Douro, Portugal

Should A Service Charge Be Included at Restaurants So That Servers Can Have Benefits?

One could disagree with the premise of the question itself: "How can restaurants attract more professional, committed and inspired workers and how can they persuade current waiters to be proud of their work?"

I would argue that the American tip culture provides fantastic professional service. While NYC service culture may be transient (wanna be actors, models, etc.) for the most part, they are very professional and take great pride in their work.

New York City Wine and Food Festival: Ticket Giveaway, 'Breakfast of Champions'

Bloody Mary's with leftover meatloaf and scrambled eggs.

New York City Wine and Food Festival: Ticket Giveaway, 'Pairing Like A Pro'

Breakfast of Champions: Momofuku Milk Bar Pork and Egg Bun

One of my favorite dishes in NYC. Probably one of the reasons I also will create the MomofukuAtHome website as a 'Cook the Book' when it comes out on Oct 27th...

Momofuku Milk Bar Ice Cream Cake

Just waiting for the pork bun and poached fried egg ice cream.
It's bound to happen...

Curious purple vegetable in my CSA box

What does everyone think kohlrabi taste like?

The farmer suggested it was like a crispy apple. Gf and I thought it was similar to a soft broccoli stem. Curious about other opinions.

Summer reading and food: Anyone read these two or suggestions?

Wine books are more interesting these days with the glut of food books on the market. As others have mentioned, you can't go wrong with Heat or any of the Ruhlman books. Bourdain deserves more recognition because he made food writing look so easy and most of the later tell-alls just don't hit the mark.

If you like wine, I highly recommend George Taber's "Judgement of Paris". It gives a good history of some key players in Napa Valley and pends a decent amount of time on the wine industry and trends in general. The movie Bottle Shock was loosely based on the events, very loosely as in most of what in the movie never really happened!

Another good wine book is Billionaires Vinegar. Some good stories of the wine world and the excesses of the 80s and trophy wines.


@bessfour: it sounds suspiciously like this guy

Cook the Book: 'Modern Spice'

Indian food, definitely. It would be a great way to incorporate more veggies and less animal protein which China Study, Michael Pollan and Bittman's Food Matters recommends.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It ...

@donnie: click through the link to get to Ruhlman's blog, he outlines the process there.

'Top Chef Masters' Host Kelly Choi: 'Food Bloggers Are Mean'

Her points seem very straight forward and valid. Anonymous criticism that is either malicious or personal (i.e.: not constructive) is cowardly whether it occurs in a owners blog, through comments, or in reviews such as Menupages, Yelp, etc.

I wonder what the participation of comments would be on Serious Eats if they could not be anonymous...

Weekend Giveaway: Tickets to NYC Food Film Festival Opening Night

Leave the gun, take the cannoli's...

Win a $1,200 Street Food Dinner for Two to the Citymeals-on-Wheels Fundraiser

Do you know the secret of the water in which you cook your pasta

Does anyone else collect the steam from their boiling water? I set up an upside down wok to capture it, it condenses in the wok and drips off into a cup like a distilled liquor.

Adding that to the sauce: penne vodka squared...

Win Tickets to the New Taste of the Upper West Side Event

Salumeria Rosi

Favorite place for a bite, and a must pop-in to pickup meats and beans before visiting Mom during the holidays.

Turkey Meatballs

Two secrets to great turkey meatballs: soak bread in milk (not breadcrumbs) and pecorino cheese (rather than parm). For some reason, pecorino and turkey just goes much better.

Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzas in the U.S.

Is the entire 109 list posted anywhere?

Tapas Restaurant for a Group of 10

NYC's Burger of the Month Club (BOTM)

Slightly more appalled by Spotted Pig ranking at 41. Maybe they don't like the roqueforte, or maybe its an anti Pat La Frieda bias...

Best Slice in the East Village

Luzzo's is my favorite in the EV.

@cybercita: I'm with you on UPN, but we seem to be in the minority here. It is the most over rated pizza in the NYC, a little soupy, not flavorful and definitely not worth the price.

Quintessential NYC Eats

Barney Greengrass is a great recommendation... Often overlooked.

Maybe it's time SE: NY developed a recommendation section, by Neighborhood and/or by cuisine type. The Guide is a nice start, but would like to see something User Generated and fluid...

Quintessential NYC Eats

Grimaldi's Pizza, Brooklyn Ice Cream, and a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge... doesn't get more NYC than that.

Pastrami is a good recommendation, not my favorite, but definitely Katz or Carnegie.

I'm a fan of the jazz at Blue Water Grill for a good tourist experience.

Nduja ideas?

Picked up some the other night from Murray's in Grand Central. It's phenomenal! Spreadable hot salami.

Great over bread, but wondering if there is another use for it.

Whats happening to your CSA ? Questions on Ed Levine's tweet

Ed Levine's tweet last night:

farmers getting killed in the NE this year: too much rain, now "late blight" is killing the tomatoes and potatoes. they need our support.

Two questions:
1) What is the best way to support the local farmers (besides a Willie Nelson concert). The obvious answer is to purchase more, but in this case, the farmers may be short on crops to sell.

2) What happens to your CSA shares if your farm's tomato and potato crops are wiped out? I would assume it's part of the risk associated with a CSA, but curious what actually happens.

Serious Cooking: What to do with dried chiles?

My lovely girlfriend just returned from the southwest with dried chiles (whats the plural of chile?). Let me be clear though, a lot of dried chili's. Big bags of them. Throwing a couple into a stir fry would make the bags last a year!

Need some help from the community... What can I do with all of them?

Bags include:
- Arbol chili pods
- Arbol chili whole (which look exactly like the pods)
- Japanese chile pods
- Chile habanero

Favorite Food Block in Manhattan

What are some of your favorite blocks to enjoy some Serious Eats? I'm looking for one block, not multiple blocks along a street (heading off the EV friends...)

I'm getting partial to Christopher St bw Hudson and Bleeker. With Baoguette now to go along with Pinto (great Thai), and some decent Peruvian, Indian, and Cuban, it's getting up there as a great place to wonder for variety...

The 20 Dishes you need to know

If you were going to cook regularly for friends and/or family, 5 nights a week, you would basically need 20 recipes to get your through a month.
This allows for dining out, and pizza night once a week as an example.

What 20 dishes, should every home cook know? i have some thoughts here, with a decided italian slant. In no particular order, but am struggling to complete 20 dishes that most people would not mind having 12 times a year.

- hotdogs and hamburgers (should have a good hamburger recipe, such as a mix of cuts of meat. Not just store bought ground beef).
- spaghetti and meatballs (any kind of meatballs for variety)
- chicken parmesan
- Risotto (any kind)
- Stir fry vegetables and protein over rice
- Lasagna
- Grilled tuna
- Chili
- Tacos (braise your own meat).
- Roast chicken
- Pork chops
- Muscles (i like them steamed with white wine and some dice tomato with a finely minced serrano pepper).
- Green curry chicken with vegetables. If you've never made this at home, it is so easy...
- Mac n cheese

Any suggestions on what else can be made that most people won't mind eating once a month?

Where are the best Indian Recipes for a home cook?

Does anyone have a good recommendation for Indian recipes. I'm looking for a website or book that has good recipes for the most common dishes: Tandoori chicken, Tikka Masal, Rogan Josh, Vindaloo, curries, etc. The dishes you would see on almost any Indian restaurant menu.

Not looking to get into a debate over what is an authentic dish or not. I'm just want to buy some of the essential spices at the specialty store that will be versatile enough to have home cooked curries a couple times a month.

NYC East Village Recommendations?

Anyone have thoughts on good places to try in this neighborhood? (aside from the Momofuku, Una Pizza, and Caracas). There seems to be a lot of places closing these days. Help me fill out the wish list:

Best Burger:
Best Italian:
Best Thai:
Best Korean:
Best Indian:
Best Sushi:
Best Mexican:

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